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İnci siker affetmez

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Wow! It was a long pause but we are together again! Where are those two retards who were abusing their admin powers for their lack of career and sex life? I missed those two chaps also.

Those two faggot admins were breaking half of the ED admin rules; reverting back to months old versions on pages that I wrote (along with other users' edits), vandalizing and locking my userpage and discussion page, banning me for a week for LULZ, vandalizing and locking my articles indefinitely; just to spite me for absolutely no fucking reason. A few other ED admins downright ignored my calls for help; and worse, even one of them who was ailed with GOTIS openly supported them. LULZ, memes, shenanigans are one thing and breaking rules to abuse admin powers to bully users is another thing. Anyways, since the site got nuked back to stone age I have no quarrels with anybody anymore. I don't believe in God, however how can I say there is no divine justice after what happened to ED a short time after this unfair incident? :-))) Jokes aside, I'm happy to be with you guys <3 <3 Don't cry over spilled milk, 2 years loss is nothing compared to our friendship. ;-)

By the way, I'd like to thank OtterWhiskers from the bottom of my heart. He is the only admin who cared about my call for help, and opened a title in TJC to talk about the incident. You are a real human being Otter and a good person in heart.