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---- ---- ---- ---- ==<center><big>'''Welcome to my talk page.'''</big></center>== <p> I'm brand new to wiki markup, and coding in general, so I'll be using this as a sandbox / place to save bits and pieces of code I find useful while I'm getting to grips with it, so that's why you'll see loads of weird shit here. It also means I'll be checking this page a lot, so I will definitely see any messages left for me. Feel free to post advice / comment / random bits of code you think I might enjoy ...</p> ---- ---- ---- ---- {{Merge|faggotry}} ==Reminder list of things I want to know== *I'ver written some delicious new OC, and want an image to help make it even more hilarious. Is there a way I can visually browse the ED image archive to find one to link to? *How to use [[Template:Infobox]] *How to make this work properly: [[/b/|Sound familiar?]] *Is it possible to justify text in different ways within sections, ie. left, right, I know about <center> brb </center>, but what about <left> sometext </left> or <right> somemoretext </right> *How to mess with text sizes / colours / fonts etc etc ==Pages I might create== *Viz comic - A failed IRL foreshadowing of the graetness that is ED, shat out in the grim North East of England where it should have been decently buried in an unmarked grave at midnight before it was a day old, but which, despite its very specific humour, only ever truly understood by the human / gorilla hybrids of the said North East (anyone south of York buying a copy is either away from home or a pretentious idiot trying to appear "edgy"), managed to do well and become popular. For about ten minutes, after which it just became full of the same tired old characters, jokes and memes, rehashed and overdone, published and republished, until xxxxxxxxx. [[b|Sound familiar?]] ==DNA== DNA, or [[Drug|Lysergic Acid Diethylamide]] is the equivalent of machine code which runs on the current model of Life On Earth<sup>TM</sup>, created [[last thursday]] by Almighty God<sup>''citation needed''</sup>. It is compiled by programs called Chromosomes, which in turn are programmed by ==Begin.== <div style="border: 10px solid cyan; padding: 50px;"> <span style="color:red">span style coloured text</span> This is how to link to an external website: [ with text] Without text [] [] ===Sub-title=== {{Notice|This is an infobox template}} Use this to show coding in rendered pages: <nowiki><nowiki>[[category:YouTube]]</nowiki>

{{tinyquote|'''This is a quote template.'''|Says who? [[with links]] and [[masked|links]]}} Template:Quote From Encyclopedia Dramatica Jump to: navigation, search <nowiki>“ {{{1}}} „

Template structure



— 2, 3

Template usage - add template thingies -

{{Squote|Quote Text|Person|Source|color=silver|size=360%|textSize=85%|textColor=red|textSize=200%|sourceColor=green|sourceSize=100%}}

The "color" and "size" parameters refer to the quotation marks—not the text.

The "textColor" and "textSize" parameters refer to the text.

The "sourceColor" and "sourceSize" parameters refer to the text for the quoted persons or source.

If you want to change the color and size variables, you must declare the parameter explicitly (i.e. you must include "color=" or "size=").

If you want to change the size parameter, then you must include a unit of measurement (e.g. %, px, pt).

If a parameter value contains an equals sign, the parameter name must be declared explicitly." This means that if you want to include a URL in your quote, and if that URL contains an equals sign, then you must explicitly declare the parameter. All that means is that you should add "1=", "2=", or "3=", as appropriate, ahead of your quote text, speaker, or source, like this:

TTquote|1=Quote text|2=Person|3=Source|color=silver|size=360%TT

Do not add , or

tags inside the quote, the only acceptabe tags are "pre" and
all others screw up the formatting. And makes Admins angry, you wont like them when they are angry.

<s>strikethrough text</s> Sometext<ref>citation needed/</ref> Sometext<ref>paste web address here</ref> {{lowercase}} {{Infobox | company_name | company_slogan}} * Square * Bullet * Points {{Needsmore}} {{rainbowsmall|X}} {{Nazis}} {{Timeline|Featured article December 21, [[2012]]|[[George W. Bush|Peace]]|[[User talk:Antoine]]|[[Japan Crisis of 2011|Destruction]]}} ==Facebook Raepists== Facebook Raepists are [[You|people]] who feel the need to [[Unwarranted Self Importance|continually]] raep the profiles of [[Over 9000|every single one]] of their [[Forever Alone|"friends"]] (including the seven foot tall Jewish trap they met on a drunken weekend in New York) with their hueg Facebook Cocks. This involves making sure ''everyone'' knows about ''every'' single life enhancing [[Lies|new possession / experience / partner / sexual conquest / whatever]], on a rolling news channel basis. This serves to improve your life in ways you never expected so much, that you will wonder [[IRC|how]] you never [[An hero|killed yourself]] before Facebook came around. People like this often consider why they never get comments or likes on their posts, with some even [[Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?|going as far]] as [[Desperate|sending private messages]] to make people aware of just how expensive their new pile of bullshit was - what they don't realise is that everyone else long ago clicked "hide all posts from this user", thus practising a humane and painless form of social castration, leaving the OP publicising his accomplishments to literally nobody... Spoiler: GTFO of ma FB bitch, this isn't fucking twitter This is some sort of quote box which can show many quotes: <center> {{morphquote|Fanboi Quotes|background-color: #1589FF; width:65%; height:250px|font-weight: bold;|'''LUCARIO''' IS NOTHING LIKE [[Mewtwo|MEWTWO]], AND HE IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT, '''LUCARIO''' [[69|SUCKS]], MEWTWO [[ftw|FTW]]!|[[retard|Freak_255]], Gamespot Forums |First things first; one is [[insane|Psychic]] the other is [[bitch|Steel-fighting]]. One is [[uber]], the other is BL (dont quote me on that). Finally '''Lucario''' and [[Mewtwo]] are semi-competent fighters <b>when</b> used correctly.|[[lulz|L33TSPEAK]], [[Gamespot]] Forums, explaining how they're [[Gay|different]], and how they both [[fail|are good fighter]]. |there both pretty damn [[crap]] overall, as weak as a point that is, there both more individual representatives for the [[pokémon]] [[animu|series]], it does feel like '''Lucario''' fights a lot like [[mewtwo]] when I have to play as him, aside from mewtwo's [[shit|second jump]] and etc.etc|[[nintendo|nintensoldier]], Gamespot Forums, Telling the absolute [[truth]]. |That's because it is. '''Lucario''' is just an [[lolcat|"improved" Mewtwo]] with a few different [[sex moves|moves]]. [[truth|Doesn't change the fact that he sucks in Brawl]].|[[LOL WUT|Jormungandr]], Gametrailers forums. |'''lucario''' makes [[murder|sudden death]] even more [[now|sudden]] then it already is.Lucario is sort of a [[longcat|new mewtwo]],except he's newer he's [[no|more powerful]] and [[underwear|he wears shorts]]|Etherealfrog, Gametrailers forums |I don't understand how anyone can play as '''Lucario'''. by choosing and by [[brawl|batling]] with him, seriously, it's a [[pokémon]] who got [[SHOOP DA WHOOP|"mewtwo best special"]], a counter, [[Shit nobody cares about|a special hit that varies between distance between players and a not bad recover]]. His [[special]]s aren't nothing, [[lie|they're original(in a way) and powerful]]. Plus, he's [[shit|quick]] on attack and has some [[ass|range]]. Don't forget about his [[gay|aura]] capacity which [[Dragonball Z|upgrade his power]] when de got more damages If these things don't qualify him as a good fighter, what would?|[[game]]-zerox, Gametrailers forums}}</center> ==Planking== {{An hero}} {{Needsmore|Lulz}} ==The Meme== [[Image:TheGuyWhoDied.jpg|thumb|250px|Shocked onlookers gaze at the body of Acting, seconds after he fell]] Planking is the latest [[Old|new]] brand of faggotry to float to the surface of the slick of unprocessed sewage which is social media on the Internet, which involves nothing more interesting or creative than having a person lay down in, on, around, on top of, below or generally in the vicinity of, anything at all, taking a picture of the laid out person and then posting the picture to as many lame social networking sites as you have accounts for. It is currently being popularised in the [[Old Media|Old Media]] due to the [[an hero|accidental]] death of a [[dickhead|man]] in Austria, Acting Beef, who, after huffing several gallons of [[Aboriginal|gasoline]] and becoming a little tired, decided to take a quick [[fap|nap]] on the railing of his apartment balcony. Unfortunately for him, he started dreaming he could fly and promptly fell off, ending his life somewhat prematurely seven floors later. ==History== The meme was started in about 1066 when a couple of Frenchfags created [ "A plat ventre"], in which they thought it would be "artistic" to have people pose in positions on the ground as if they had fallen to their deaths. [[Win|Oh the irony!]] This was then picked up on a relatively small scale by [[Facebook|Cockblock]] users, among others, but failed to take off in any big way. This is typical, and to be expected of any venture attempted by anyone French, anywhere in the world, at all, ever. Several hundred thousand years later, in 2006, it was developed into what is essentially it's present form by two Britfags, who decided to steal it primarily to annoy the original creators, for the only reason that they are French. This in no way indicates Britain's superiority over the French, instead, it merely shows both races up as being idiots for managing to sustain the longest running historical enmity in the whole of Europe. Said Britfags created "The Lying Down Game", where, instead of the participants assuming a "death pose", they are now encouraged to lay as straight and as flat as possible on a variety of unusual objects or in unusual situations. They started out this time on Shitbook, and instead of dying quietly in the night as it should have done, it managed to go viral, at the same time exposing just how fundamentally flawed modern society is, by showing the levels people are now willing to descend to in order to enrich their vacant and insipid lives. The Faecesbook group spawned the website [], and the rest is history... ==The Death== And so it happened, that, on or about sometime in the early morning of May 15, 2011, approximately, a young feller-me-lad going by the name of "Acting Beef", being in the fucking wasted state that all Austrians are at that time, tried to go to sleep on a metal railing two inches wide. <s>Un</s>happily, due to his extreme inebriation, he managed to forget he was some 100ft up, despite having crawled up several flights of stairs to get home, [[Retarded|and to his friend's extreme surprise]] fell seven floors in a downward direction, until he hit the ground at the bottom of the apartment block. He did not survive the fall, and is not recorded as having left any last words or requests - it is certainly possible that he would have liked to have done something of that nature, however, as he was not very telepathic, there was, in the end, no way of finding out for sure. After his mortal remains were scraped up from the tarmac, the usual divisive controversy arose - people on one side hailed him as a national hero, to be martyred and praised for ever and ever as a saint of extreme sports, while others, more accurately, dismissed him as just another craze following hipster type who well deserved to die for his stupidity. And, as is also to be expected, the death of young Mr Beef has only served to increase the popularity of [[The Game|the game]], and we can only hope that the collective gene pool of humanity will be improved by further deaths, hopefully in the lulziest ways possible. {{squote|<b>Everybody likes a bit of fun, but focus has to be on keeping yourself safe first.</b>|Julia Gillard, King of Austria, outlining his reaction to the planking death, as well as Austria's position on Internet censorship|color=blue|size=360%|textSize=85%|textColor=black|textSize=200%}} {{squote|<b>Think of what could happen if it went wrong</b>|A random Facebook user, after the event, illustrating the general intelligence level of regular users|color=blue|size=360%|textSize=85%|textColor=black|textSize=200%}} {{squote|<b>Planking could be dangerous, and practitioners may find themselves charged with "unauthorised high risk activity"</b>|Sergeant Matthew Russell, of Gladstone police, Queensland, making up laws as he goes along|color=blue|size=360%|textSize=85%|textColor=black|textSize=200%}} ==The Aftermath== The guy died.<sup>[citation needed]</sup> Funeral will be held soon. People will cry. <s>Memorial pages will be set up for trolls to deface and vandalise, after which the pages will be taken down.</s> Already happened within 24hrs of his death. Later, others will attempt to commemorate him by doing even more extreme planking. More deaths will occur. And so the cycle continues... ==Gallery== <gallery> Image:TheFirstOne.jpg|It begins... Image:TheApartmentBlockReal.jpg|The launch site Image:LaunchPad.jpg|The view from the launch pad Image:Fatality!.jpg|Fatality! Image:FacebookPredictable.jpg|When will they ever learn? Image:GooglePlanking.jpeg|Google, doing it wrong </gallery> {{memes}} [[random text<sup>citation needed</sup>]]

The Casey

Hey, Antoine! I saw what you did with The Casey.
I just wanted to say keep up the good work.
had it not been for your perseverance, this article might have been lost. -hipcrime Emote Pop tart cat.gif 01:38, 10 December 2011 (CET)