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VCL, shorthand for Vixen Controlled Library, is a furry art archive operated by the fine and upstanding Ch'marr, much of which is adult (and very gay). Among many such sickeningly amateurish artists are Spydar and Wookiee. A link to any one particular artist's archive can be found by using the URL followed by the artists' name.

Only accepted applicants can post to the VCL. To be accepted, one must confidently draw any other act of furry gay activity with the skill of your average six year old except fanart. They explicitly disallow fanwankery of any kind. (However, recently the 'artistic maturity' rule for new applicants seems to have been dissolved.)

Now the only prerequisite to joining the VCL is for your images to have acceptable image compression and spotlessly clean backgrounds. If the background of the image is color, it is exempt from the latter of those two rules.

Also, the VCL's rules state that uploads of photographs (of any kind), regular animal art, humans, cat girls, or elves are strictly forbidden; only anthropomorphic art with shitting dick nipples is to be displayed on the VCL.

However, this rule is laughably enforced due to a loophole rule that says archive owners may display this kind of artwork "occasionally" (yeah, right). There is a provisional policy on the VCL that says there shall be "no depictions of sexually immature characters in sexual situations". This is violated on a regular basis by many artists, particularly Inuki, whose art isn't that bad if you're into that stuff. One has to ask oneself why there needs to be a six month discussion over whether or not pedophilia is acceptable, but then again, these guys are already sick fucks.

Not to be confused with VLC, a crappy ass media player that lets Mac users finally watch XVIDs. Woo hoo.

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