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Example of typical VCL horror material

Lj-favicon.png vcl_horrors was a furry-on-furry hate LiveJournal community wherein users were encouraged to re-post images from the infamous furry art archive VCL and bash them publicly. The overblown outcry of the archive's membership over the existence of VCL Horrors prompted its owner and operator Ch'marr to halt linking from the community for a time.

Numerous flame-fests have occured in various posts in the community, though most have to date been deleted. Additionally, various furries in VCL have seen fit to take the mantle of the noble crusader upon themselves through the creation of various pieces of hate art directed back at the community, often drawing a comparison to either Nazism or the Bush administration.

The majority of the work re-posted was as shit as one could possibly find (and one suspects that the reason most of the community's users are furries was because they secretly enjoyed viewing what they bash) and featured various repeating 'favorites' such as Sherwood and PinkFairyLotus.

VCL Horrors also had three sister communities, Lj-favicon.png da_horrors, Lj-favicon.png sa_horrors, and Lj-favicon.png fa_horrors, all of which have died.

Those who dwell in such a site can be considered among those that fit into a widespread group, known simply as AFT (Abusers of Free Time).

Currently, after a recent fit of being a Nazi mod, BigBadMod has deleted the community. The only reason being that the idea of furry art and the same stupid joke are no longer funny.

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