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Hopefully the only creation of its kind on the planet, the Vagina Bike is the result of abnormal psych, and riding one is - if not impossible and/or improbable - retarded. Like a hooker's vagoo, Vagina Bike is actually a taxi. Potential fares are cautioned to beware of centipedes.

Finnish artist Mimosa Pale invites her fellow citizens to climb into her vagina-themed bike taxi. Her intention is to protest the world’s fascination with phallic objects, and so three times a week she hits the streets of Helsinki.

Internet Reaction

Why does it have a nose? Do vaginas come with noses now?



Vervain: That's a clitoris.



I realize it's supposed to be the clitoris. I just don't get why the clit is shaped like a nose. It has nostrils, for fuck's sake. That just creeps me out.



At last a real vagina! Not one of those plastic surgery chopped off ones that porn stars have or ones that are ‘trimmed’ or ‘cicrumsized’ and ‘neaten up’ by photoshop in glossy men’s mags to fit the censorship candidates!! HOORAY!!!!!



I am a virgin and you don't see me making 50-foot papiér mâche cock


—ED sysop Mungbean

Well, at least she didn't put a hose near it's noselitoris



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