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Good thing you'll never get laid anyway, because this might be waiting for you.
Make sure to scan your raep victims for Cock Gobbler edition vadge.
Vagina Dentata... What a wonderful phrase!

Vagina Dentata... ain't no passin' craze! It means no wiener for the rest of your days! It's a penis-free girl cavity! Vagina Dentata!


Vagina Dentata is the belief, shared by many men on the internets, that a woman's cunt has teeth which can deprive them of their delicious manhood.

In reality, most women have no interest in keeping a real penis for themselves -after all, that's what vibrators are for- but men who've never seen a vagoo in their lives are still terrified of the fictional power women hold in their ladyparts. Since most men on the internets can only feel superior by measuring their e-penises (ITS TOTLALY 9 INCHES LOLZ), it stands to reason that they'd be scared of anything that might emasculate them.


To de-fang the horrific vag, just go on Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, or some similar site, and call a woman a slut or a whore. This will protect you by ensuring that you will never, ever get near one of those nasty scary cunts again, no matter how much you might want to.


Movie that explains all the details and wonders of Vagina Dentata. Follows around a young stupid mormon cunt as she preaches her sexual purity and has awkward relations with a guy who ends up raeping her in a cave. Like the rattles upon the diamondback snakes of old, the defensive mutation that Dawn O'Keefe has been presented with allows her to consume her raper's penis. The movie ends with Dawn intently fucking men to consume their cocks, assumably part of her world domination plot. Also a crab carries away her dead ex-boyfriend's penis.


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