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A dedicated vaginatarian enjoying breakfast rape.

A vaginatarian is a heterosexual male who has a little dick and has to resort to eating pussy to please women, or a lesbian who has a diet consisting entirely of vagina.

When feminine women do it, they do it for attention HOT. When men do it, they do it poorly. When dykes do it, they do it well, but it's not something you'd want to see.

Vaginatarians usually die before they hit 30, because vaginas lack the essential nutrients needed for survival. However, it's all worth it, because being a vaginatarian means you're totally badass.

The taste of a pussy depends on the kind of woman it belongs to. Here are some examples:

  • Black woman's pussy: KFC and watermelon
  • Chinese woman's pussy: rice
  • Russian woman's pussy: beets, snow
  • White woman's pussy: comic books, pimples, and fan art
  • Old woman's pussy: cheese

Cooking a pussy in garlic with a nice mixture of herbs and spices leads to a very satisfying meal, though it can put you in prison.

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