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The shopped face of evil.
The true face of evil failure, minus the Photoshopped hair, reducing of the flab and perfected makeup.
Looks like Tracerella lost some weight and got a nose job, if that's even her.
Her newest pic from dA.
No overlaying necessary (left=trace, right=original).
Tracing this must have taken effort. Look at how the bloom effect obstructs the lineart in the original screenshot!
Her current signature on DA sums it up pretty well

Vampirella87 on DevianTART, is an attention whore from Germany who traces from animu screenshots.

Normally a tartlet truly becomes unpopular after they have received an ED article about them, undoubtedly to show the rest of the internet what utter fucktards they are. Vampirella87 stands out in the tartlet hall of fame, because thanks to her wonderful drawing skills the majority of DA hated her already.

Being one of the most infamous tracers of all, she either inspired some DevianTARTlets to abandon creativity and take up vector art or inspired other Tartlets to start anti-tracing clubs and groups, hoping to stamp out tracing from DevianTART. However, the latter's efforts are in vain and does nothing more than making Vampirella87's e-clit harder, due to the fact that DevianTART themselves have allowed tracing.

Tracerella is a testament to how deviantArt stopped caring about art, got lazy and turned a blind eye towards violations to their own policies especially if they're subscribers.

The Tracerbitch

She left the background out because it's too HARD. Whoever did everything from scratch must have been superhuman!

Vampirella87 is best known for her very talented skills in perfectly replicating an animu screenshots. The first step in this very hard process is googling a screenshot. Or in Tracerella's case, Google some screenshots from Naruto or Bleach because everyone knows that they'll snag in a bunch of pageviews!

File:Tutorial How I make linearts by Oc.jpg
How to trace like Vampirella87. Originally this tutorial was done by another tracerfag, Oceancalm, who ran off like the cunt she is.

Each and every "fanart" she draws are submitted in a way with vague details about it's creation. She will never mention how they're drawn or what methods she used. She blocks users from posting a comment on all of her deviations so that people either can't ask about her "artwork" or to prevent others from exposing her plagiarism.

Her supporters consists of weeaboos and morons who knew that she traces but supports her "art" anyway because supposedly "tracing is difficult". Even though vectoring is really difficult work, she does not want anybody to mention that on her page. At all. In fact any comment that has the word, "traced" in it will simply be hidden, because everyone knows that tracing vectoring is super hard! Especially when adding a detailed gradient background takes hours to do. How does she do it?

However, before popularity came to her, she actually mentioned that she had indeed traced screenshots.

"I don't mind people knowing I trace. I write in my descriptions it's a trace :XD: I just don't like bad comments. They're misshaping my pretty dA page"


— Vampirella87 Someone haets free speech :()

After gaining a fanbase of brainless twits, she went through her gallery and tried to change her descriptions that mentioned that she traced.

Go ahead. I dare you.

Among the people watching her gallery, there are those who love her "fanart" but are unaware that she traces them from screenshots and she prefers to keep it that way.

If anyone goes into her gallery and posts a message with the word "trace" in it, regardless whether they're a fanboy or a troll, their messages will end up hidden and they will be blocked from posting in her gallery. The same goes if a random TARTlet drops in and asked if she traces out of curiosity. To prevent from being blocked, the correct word is "vector", not "trace". She also hides and blocks anyone who dares to encourage her to do her own drawings.

Not even your own artworks are safe from Vampirella87's "vector treatment"!

And if screenshots weren't enough, she also thinks that she has some sort of right to trace YOUR fanart. According to DevianTART's policy on tracing:

"A report of this sort of thing which is filed by the original artist will be given more weight as a complaint than a report filed from an interested third party who simply noticed the resemblance."


— RealitySquared, blissfully unaware that a third party report is just as important as anyone else's.)

In other words tracing will only be removed if the original owner of the artwork files the report. The Kira artwork shown here is the only traced artwork from Vampirella87 that the dA mods ever removed.

Not unless you're the same person, my dear.

One day, Vampirella87 got pissed when someone put one of her Naruto tracing vector into his wallpaper without her permission. When asked if the creators of Naruto gave her permission to trace their works, she replied:

"Copying and reusing are two different things my dear."


— Vampirella87, not making any sense whatsoever.)

Double standard for the win.

And speaking of double standard, it's pretty obvious that she never got any permission from the creators or owners of the artworks & screenshots she traced. To make herself look less guilty, she will point out that at least she credits the creators in all of her works.

Remember kids,

Vampirella87 Hypocrasy.gif

Yes! Merely crediting someone isn't enough! You need to ask for their permission as well! By the way, she did say that. It's in this journal about art theft. What a motherfucking hypocrite.

As of September 24, 2009 Vampirella87 is now banned from DeviantART. The joy! The story here! Unsurprisingly, the journal was submitted by one of her well-known enemies. Even after an admin told Cunty that vectoring shit was now against the rules, Vampy tried to submit her shit on an even gayer site known as MiniTokyo. Nobody there gave a flying fuck about her, and therefore she was unhappy after receiving zero attention. Then she returned to DeviantART, and submitted some original, but shitty, artwork. Shortly after, she submitted another trace, and a violation report was then rejected. Having her ego boost, she found certain "gray areas" and kept uploading vectors. Along came Chix0r, who got pissed off at her, and then kicked her off of DeviantART. Ever since her cancer was banned, animu fags and tartlets were rejoicing with one another.

DeviantART's Policy on Tracing

It's awwwright with this cunt!

Although it's a widly known fact that nobody on Deviantart has any artistic skills to show to the world, this does not stop tartlets stealing a popular piece of art and landing themselves in a shitstorm of drama. As if DeviantART doesn't have enough art theft and plagiarism already, they one day decided that "screenshot tracing is perfectly fine". Undoubtedly they have seen that no girl on their site has or will ever have even an ounce of talent.

When pointing out the flaws of tracing on admin's dA page, expect a nice block from them, and every comment you left to be hidden/flagged. They don't care about what you think.
"Essentially this means that if someone copies or traces a screenshot from their favorite cartoon the staff will be more forgiving; especially if you are the one to file the official complaint."


— RealitySquared, simply giving up.)

This sudden breaking news confused the fuck out of everybody because a page in DevianTART's own Help & FAQ section said differently about tracing.

"A referenced, copied or inspired work which shows evidence of being directly traced, re-colored, 'painted-over', vector traced or which reproduces the original in exacting detail will be at increased risk of being removed by staff.

If you believe that a deviation or scrapbook addition is an "edit", manipulation, direct trace over, or is a fairly precise copy of your work then you should report it as a potential violation. "


—Like that's gonna help.

The latter part about "reporting it as a potential violation" is absolute bullshit because even if one provided the screenshot or illustration that a tracer traced from as evidence while reporting the violation, the report will come back as "invalid" and "no action taken".

Way to confuse people, contradict yourself and forgetting the very basics of art etiquette, dA. Now thanks to these wonderful mods, the tartlet community is caught in a civil war between the retards who simply splatter screenshot and have their asses patted for all their "hard work", and the retards desperately trying to salvage deviantart from going any further downhill.

Meanwhile, Vampirella87 assures us that DeviantART is a "professional community" and they know what they're doing.

Vampirella87 Doesn't Give A Fuck About Your Friendly Advice

Seriously, this bitch could really use a ballgag.

Ever wondered what will happen to your comment? Will you get a response? Will they read it? Will they take it into consideration? For Vampirella, your comment has a great chance of getting hidden and will earn you a well-deserved block. In fact, more than half of the comments she receives is a flame, a question about her awesome vectoring skillz, why she vectors or something simpler than that. Even after one comment, you'll get your ass blocked faster than Baby Fuck! As the attention whore she is, you HAVE to treat like some sort of god, and if not, she will smite you with her no-talent hands.

Just read how friendly the comments were before they were hidden and the user posting it was blocked. She doesn't give a fuck about your friendly advice, so don't bother.

Of course, if she really didn't care about what anyone else has to say, she wouldn't have hidden their comments, lol.

Infamous Encounters


Vampirella87's number one white knight is a seventeen year old teenage boy who looks like a 13 year old girl.

Deviantart-favicon.png Lithiumchaos is Vampirella87's number one bitch. When you criticize Vampirella87, be on the lookout for her him barging in like the white knight/bitch she he is, doing all the arguments for Vampirella87 while she sits back and relax.

In the same thread where Vampirella87 "did it for pageviews", Lithiumchaos came out and defended Vampirella87's tracer ways and wonders when he's going to finally be rewarded with sex.

Here, Lithiumchaos gets trounced in an argument. When you're defending a plagiarist's way of life who traces other people's artworks for popularity and doesn't care about learning to do her own drawings, don't expect to win.

As mentioned in the epic win argument above, Lithiumchaos is just another talentless fag. He uploads photos that were merely taken off some stock photo website and applied some shitty filter, probably thinking it will make them look prettier. Well, at least they're prettier than his 13 year old girl face.

I guess talentless people support one another.

Disregarding the facts up there, he recently logged back in and started flagging comments on his page after Genkishonen logged in and did the same thing, he uses the same emoticons and types exactly the same as Vamp, he comments wherever she is mentioned negatively prior to the time she finds out about it, but she is blocked from said area, so she resorts to her alt, it's just Vampirella87 pretending she has friends.


SailorCrystalPhoenix does not want to get involved. Does not want to get involved. Does not want to get involved...

Deviantart-favicon.png SailorCrystalPhoenix is yet another dumb shit willing to kill her own mother to lick Vampirella's e-clit. Doing so she considers her as one of her friends and tries to be another (failed) Vamp clone. She's one of the morons who knew Vampirella87 traces but continues supporting her because "her drawings are pretty". She thinks flaming someone because they fucking steal people's idea and rip-off from screenshots is "stupid and very pathetic" when pissing on entire crowd is perfectly tolerable.

Being the rip-off she is, she constantly thinks that the world cares about her lovely traces and should be treated at a higher level treating her friends as scum. Of course, her status in life is right behind dirt and Snapesnogger so she begs for money from other people on dA.

She's also a fucking broken record because she repeats herself like one:

Vampirella87 SCP Reply2.gif

Despite stating several times that she doesn't support Vampy's actions (i.e. faving news articles that support petitions to get her banned), she attempted to vandalize this article. TWICE. What a loyal friend! And to thank her for her asshattery send her some love or use her shitty traced bases without following her godly rules.

Other shits willing to please her

...Except the side by side comparisons in this article, and the numerous times she admitted she traces.
Of course, don't question her about art. As she knows more than you do!
Another blind white knight, who gained her fame with her comments on Vampirella's news article. Like many fans of Vamp, she actually believes Vamp drew the traced images herself. And she thinks copying and vector tracing anime is art just because devianTART allows it. Intelligence at it's best amirite? Then again, someone who copies official anime art as well as our Blazing-Fag here HAS to be educated on the subject. Not surprising coming from somebody who thinks cartoons don't need anatomy.TEH SKILLZ I POSESSES!
KingBaelTheMalformed, for great justice
Possibly the only white knight and lulz cow hybrid of all those mentioned above. Her idea of defending Vamp would be to post a brave comment wherever she is mentioned in a negative way. Then, at the moment she is face to face with a reasonable argument, she drops it, and refuses to talk anymore, due to her apparent lack of decent comebacks.

She's also afraid she'll get an article!!11!

She makes a news about her being b& by the Vampirella.


Vampirella vs. Psyconorikan

On December 6, another very talented artist was blocked from Tracezilla's page due to one question. Due to immense butthurt she made a ranting journal with the great mad emoticon which means that she is srs bsnss.

"If you don't care about drawing, why are you on an art site?"


—Psyconorikan's question on Tracezilla's page... until it was hidden. OH SNAP!

Psyconorikan has kept Tracezilla's identity in her journal as an anonymous but well known person. Of course with such an epic journal, it was on the today page which made extra lulz. Alot of the comments agreed with Psyconorikan and often displayed their burning hatred for Vampy's ego. Hours after the journal was posted, the crowd was ripe enough to go and attempt to rape Tracezilla and an attack was on Vampirella's page by a bunch of her haters.

Since people loved trolling the great vector God, Tracerella, a troll account called Deviantart-favicon.png elweegee was created. The account has made over 1,000 pageviews in one day. However, like Vampy's talent, the amount of win spawned by that account is 0%. Basically, what they did was go to popular artist's pages (usually someone with over 1 million pageviews), such as Behindinfinity, and post a comment in bold (which is VERY srs) and says to ban Psyconorikan because anyone who insults Vampy MUST be punished because she is famous!

Instead, people reported elweegee for spamming. What a backfire
People! Please report :iconpsyconorikan:

because she is harassing a famous vector artist on her journal!


—Elweegee/the troll's failed attempt at trolling[1]

It seems that according to the great vector God, the writer of the journal that has NEVER mentioned her name MUST be punished. Even when regardless of how Vampirella87 broke the rules, including the rule on troll accounts. People from Psyconorikan's journal also attcked the troll account with many epic. In addition, Deviantart-favicon.png Daikinbakuju, another tartlet made a journal about the attacks. In fact, way before the attack, Vampy called him a sexist because he enjoys drawing girls getting tied up. This is coming from someone who enjoys tracing pictures of underage girls flashing their panties or receiving moneyshots. So basically, it's awwwright for Vampy to leave a comment that explains her negative opinion on anybody's page, but not awwwright to leave your negative opinion on her page.

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As of Saturday February 7 of 2009, Vampirella87 had declared her leaving as a result of the new dA policies. Although deviantTARTs rejoiced with excitement, some of her fans remained faithful because of her mad lulz-worthy skills. When questioned about her sudden leave, the bitch only replied that it was because of the reason that deviantArt no longer allowed "direct" traces. Of course, this can simply be just bullshit since it is quite possible that the minority of the intelligent people in deviantArt may have finally gotten to her dense head that tracing is shit.

Vampirella87 is currently permanently banned from DeviantART, resulting in her page baing spammed by several Tartlets. She may still return if her fans petion the staff.

So out of pure kindness, Tracerbitch was even nice enough to leave her flamers a gorgeous link to where she will feast upon teh souls of animutards in her minitokyo. Fortunately for her, minitokyo also has its own set of policies which reads that YOU CANNOT SUBMIT UNORIGINAL UNMODIFIED/ RIPPED ARTWORK. Yet, somehow there is a section with regards that Vector Art is allowed, so similarly to 99% of all site terms and policies, who the fuck knows what the policy really implies? As for now Vector Art is there to remain even if it is obvious to note that screenshot vectors are unoriginal and ripped.

Despite the fact that Vampirella87 had claimed that she's leaving and have bluntly replied to her fantards "NO." when asked if she'll ever return, there are still doubts. As legend goes, thieves will always be liars--- especially those who are teh interwebz cock sucking celebriteezz who fucktardedly claim to leave again, and again, and again, and again but never seems to do so.

She's Baaaaack!

After two years of being banned from DevianTart, Bitcherella finally makes a return, now under the name Morrow-X, to showcase her shitty art traces. Though not as e-famous as she was before, not many are aware this is her. Please troll or report the shit out of her.

Vampirella87's Tracing Vector Gallery

No talent required! About missing Pics
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  • Deviantart-favicon.png Lynneblue Her newest account, report her and get her banned. DEACTIVATED.
  • Her Pixiv account. Anybody who can type in Moonspeak, please report the shit out of her. Registration required.

*Tracing gallery Some of her recent traces with side-by-side comparisons. LOCKED!

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