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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: An Introduction

There is probably not a person ever to frequent Paganism:1(please note: Heather has not yet achieved reg status and therefore only loosely be associated with Paganism:1) more dramatic than Heather. She is supposedly vampire otherkin, has been known to present herself as a man when she is in fact, a woman. She ceaselessly prattles on about "dark paganism". She also is good for emo martyrdom claymation, which is her other topic of conversation, when not stuck on "dark paganism". We will now move onto Heather's various archetypes, in order to more fully understand her.

This is Heather, The Subject of our Inquiry in her Natural State

The Rockstar Archetype

First, we are going to investigate Heather's Rockstar Archetype. The Rockstar Archetype is Heather's most extroverted/promiscuous Persona. This archetype is most markedly noticeable in the chat setting by her self-importance, willingness to entertain, and again, her promiscuousness. Heather greets everyone upon entry in an effort to receive private conversations, preferably with females, in order to have cyber sex with them. This behavior is incredibly annoying, and is not generally well received by Paganism:1's other patrons. One other manifestation of the Rockstar Archetype is wanton drug use(let's hope she doesn't die of an overdose while online like ripper did)and being an attention whore.

This is the physical manifestation of the Rockstar Archetype, Heather takes on the Likeness of Billy Joe Armstrong Frontman:Green Day in this Persona

The Male Archetype

Secondly, we are going to examine Heather's Male Archetype (Persona being named Caine, possibly the most disturbing, this is a manifestation of Heather's faggotry. Since Heather is a self-proclaimed lesbian, she feels it apropos to dupe the world into thinking her a man while trolling the internets, searching for people to victimize. Although she has been considering surgery, she has thus far been unable to grow a penis. When checked on her gender, she will either concede that she is in fact a female, or will try to change the subject.

This is the physical manifestation of Heather's Male Archetype, Named "Caine", Note the contrived goatee and low image quality implemented in an attempt to conceal her gender

The Emotional Vampire Archetype

Lastly, we are going to determine the characteristics of Heather's Emotional Vampire Archetype. By Far the most dangerous of all her Personas, this persona manifests itself in a myriad of ways. Most remarkably, a fixation with "dark paganism" (a form of paganism that is her own creation, and not accepted by anyone with any amount of brain cells), her endless prattling about being a "vampire", "a being not of this earth" and other various otherkin iconoclasts, and also a drawing in of victims by depicting herself as a martyr to her causes. Seemingly benign, (which is in fact the most visible trait of this threat) she feeds off of the intellect of others. Conversation with Heather will lower ones I.Q. significantly and should be avoided at all costs. Those who realize the danger generally react vehemently against this behavior and try to educate others of the peril apparent.

This is the physical manifestation of the Emotional Vampire persona, please note the malevolence inherent, under the guise of artistic expression

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