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Do you enjoy vandalizing Wikipedia or Wikia as much as the next EDiot? Are you looking to further your vandalism to be more disruptive and cause more anger among the developmentally-impaired admins? In that case this page is probably for you. Categorized here are the tricks that the majority of successful vandals have used for years to disrupt Wikipedia and annihilate Wikia and related smaller sites.


General purpose tips for Tor using vandals

If you like using Tor to vandalize, here's a handy tip to vandalize with Tor if the wiki you want to fuck over has blocked certain IPs: keep cycling IP addresses.

Wiki software can block IP addresses, but only the ones they are configured to block. If you try to set up a vandal account or edit and you see an IP block, simply click the "Use a new identity" button on the Tor control panel and refresh the page until you find an address that is not blocked (you should be able to edit or set up an account if so). Alternatively you can hit Ctrl + Shift + L to reroute Tor traffic which refreshes your page automatically, doesn't close window and lets you cycle through exit nodes faster.

Also, don't be scared of Torblock (on MediaWiki) or wiki owners who say they are using a public blocklist on Tor exit nodes. Exit nodes change constantly, and most wiki admins are stupid enough to upload a public blacklist of Tor exit nodes and not check to see if it updated from time to time, so they can only block a selected portion of exit node addresses.

It is possible they have blocked almost all known exit nodes on sites like Wikipedia, where the anti-lulzy faggots are smart enough to constantly block proxies and Tor nodes around the clock, but most smaller, non-Wikimedia wikis shouldn't be as difficult to fuck with.

If you want to anonymously vandalize Wikipedia, use IPfuck. This will give Wikipedia or other Wikimedia wikis a totally BS IP address in place of your real one.

CSS Vandalism

Insert some code somewhere on the page that will screw up the formatting for the whole page. For example <div style="display:none">.

On some wiki-like websites CSS editor can pop up as a separate window rendered on top of the page. In this case, the best approach would be to open Inspector (Ctrl + Shift + C), select window and choose "Copy unique selector" from context menu. Adding .selectorclasshere { display: none } will effectively disable CSS editing window for any retard who is unable to modify rules in browser's inspector.

While this trick is possible only on some wiki projects, it brings metric tons of excitement from staff and editors.

Vandal Scripts

See: the trollforge wiki directory.


WikiaRape™ was originally the NCF's script that completely wrecked Wikia. It creates massive spam/vandalism from proxy lists, which means hundreds of edits pumped out in less than two minues. The GNAA later used it to its full potential, so the only solution was Wikia staff temporary locking down every wiki that was hit for six hours. They also shut off the API thinking that would solve the problem, which did not and only made life slightly difficult for the Autistic fanboys of Wikia. Best of all, Wikia has done nothing else to combat this script, thus it is still vulnerable to massive spam attacks.

Direct Admin Attack

This guy must get this a lot.

For some epic lulz on Wikipedia, follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste the picture of man tits with the caption "Persian Poet Gal's Rack". Persian Poet Gal is, of course, the closet lesbian Wikipedia admin that spends all of her day reverting vandalism while raping herself with multiple cucumbers, which pickle on contact with her toxic vaj.
  2. Go to Wikipedia and paste it on as many articles as possible.
  3. You will get blocked, but if you do it enough, you get a ridiculously lulzy angry letter from the cucumberphile lezbo herself. Enjoy!

Hide vandalism

The best way to encourage vandalism to go around vandal hunting and when you spot vandalism, do a tiny, minor edit over the vandalism. This keeps it from being the top edit so it's harder for people to spot or remove. You also pretty much get away with this without being banned. Not only that, but the vandals get banned slower and often the vandalism never gets cleaned up.

    • A variation of this technique can be used on wikis where minor edits often go unnoticed or unpatrolled, but major ones are patrolled frequently. For this, have open your web browser for one account, and Tor or some other proxy vandal account open on another for the same webpage. Edit three or four articles on the "real" account, putting a subtle vandal edit on one article, then doing benign, helpful edits on two or three others. Then, with the proxy account on the proxy browser, blank or severely vandalize the page you subtly vandalized with the other account. Most of the time, the severe vandal edit with the troll account will be reverted back to your more subtle vandalism, leaving the real vandalism up while deflecting suspicion the proxy and actual account are used by the same person.

Gain Access to an Admin's Account

History shows that people are stupid, especially wiki admins. It is most likely their password is something they are interested in or involved with (also likely that it has something to do with their wiki). Go to their profile, and make a word list of their interests, name/personal info, etc. A dictionary attack should provide you with their password.

How to make Wikipedia vandalize itself

Make an account and while it's new...

  1. For your first bunch of edits (20 or so) revert vandalism, but instead of "Reverted blah blah identified as vandalism" make the edit summary vague so it might be vandalism, or it might not--if you're unsure what to do, just use a single cuss word as the edit summary. Don't revert vandalism that's too obvious like blanking or replacing the whole article.
  2. For your second bunch of edits (20 or so), use the same type of edit summaries as the first bunch, but this time do vandalism. It's best to do sneaky vandalism, but if that's too hard then pasting Mediawiki Goatse never grows old.


  • Vandal fighters will revert your first batch of edits, thus reverting vandalism back in. Then when people will see that the last edit was an admin reverting vandalism, they will leave it alone.
  • Your earlier vandal fighting will confuse people and so your vandalism in your second batch of edits will stay.
  • Although probable, you are less likely to be banned.


  • Requires a lot of time, scheming, and overall effort.

Proof it works: This account did a bit of vandalism and then reverted vandalism with blank edit summaries and then administrator Metros undid the vandalism reverts.

Get a Wiki's Images Removed or Blocked

Find a legitimate image on a wiki. Then use that image (and nothing else) to vandalize the wiki. The admin will either restrict use of it or remove it entirely. Either way, you win.

Page Flood

Flood the wiki with at least 100 new articles. They don't even have to have any content, just start spamming articles with names such as "NIGGER" or "THIS WIKI SUCKS ASS". Users can't do anything until their beloved admins come to save the day, and removing all those articles is a time consuming process for them. There are several good bots written for this purpose, making your job easier.

Note that this only works on Wikia, as Wikipedia has admins working always to assure nothing lulzy slips in.

Blatant vandalism

Most people don't know how to properly vandalize Wikipedia. They just go and randomly mention someone is gay and think they won. But they get reverted and the past revisions of the article get compressed together so they won't even have made any impact on the database and their vandalism is forgotten. Here's how to do a proper vandalism:

  1. Make a new account so they can't wikistalk your past vandalism.
  2. Copy the text here: [DEAD LINK] (or make your own shock image in table form)
  3. Paste it somewhere random people will see
  4. Change IP and repeat.


  • Requires very little effort.
  • Encompasses a large portion of Wikipedia, i.e. more people will witness it.


  • Requires a dynamic IP address.
  • Your edits will quickly be reverted.

The Book Report

It is a well known fact that lazy high school students enjoy using Wikipedia to put together book/whatever other reports at the last minute. Why not troll them as well? Make an account on Wikipedia and use it to make subtle (yet dramatic) changes every few days. You could change the plot of a lesser known book completely and it will go unnoticed for months.

  • Works for TV Tropes as well -- the mistakes will stay even longer as the Troper community is semi-literate at best.
  • If you insist on hitting TV Tropes with this sort of vandalism, check the edit history first. They are much less likely to notice this sort of vandalism if the page is pretty much a stub, hasn't been edited in months, and your edits look legit enough they wouldn't have a fucking clue it was bullshit unless they checked out whatever the page was about.

The Page Bloater

Google Books

Some pages use Google Books as citations, sometimes many times.[1] Add lots of useless URL parameters to bloat the page:


Find links to sites such as YouTube where there's potential for a lot of useless crap in the URL. For example, look at this fucking thing:

Now, whenever you see a plain old YouTube link, add all that useless crap on at the end. Things after the first video code don't even have to parse into a real video, so you can bloat the article a few characters more by adding more crap. Do this with every single YouTube link you see to add a couple more kilobytes to all their articles and cost them more money.


  • Unlikely to be detected since it still links to the proper video and not Rick Astley. They'd have to recognize it as useless bloat on the code level.


  • It takes a long time.
  • Your damages to the site will total in the realm of pennies.
  • It's a gigantic fucking waste of your time.

Take Away Privileges From Users

Start abusing tools on a wiki (such as creating new articles, moving articles, etc.). If you persistently continue to do so, the admins will take away this privilege from regular users.

  • Does not work well with most parts of TV Tropes, since many functions can be disabled selectively on a user to user basis. Instead, abuse certain types of wiki markup. Alternatively, sock and proxy quite a bit and keep abusing the same features over and over again until they are locked down globally or otherwise restricted.

Deep Infiltration Sock-puppet vandalizing

Create a phony sock-puppet account every 7-14 days using proxies, and provide them with some kind of decent cover (e.g. minor edit for one article and info about self). After maybe 10+ puppets, wait a week and erase browser cookies, occasionally checking to see if there is a response. After the week, use a already pre-exposed proxy to log on for all your profiles and then begin pulling major bullshit. After all your puppets are banned, clear cookies and go back to the proxy sites you were previously using and create new puppets.

Fun with "Old Media"

This technique exploits Wikipedia's fetishism for citations and sources, whilst also exploiting most Wikipedos aversion to (and lack of access of) Old Media, such as books. Admittedly, this vandalism technique will be easier for college students or academics with access to a decent research library.

  1. Select any not-too-watched topic, such as biographies of obscure Roman or early Medieval kings, popes, or nobles. Don't use anyone too famous, like Charlemagne, but someone lesser known, like "Aethelred of Mercia," or someone like this Pope Martin I that nobody gives a damn about anymore. Or pick your own target out of the List of Popes or Monarchs of Wessex. Of course, your target doesn't have to be a king or pope, or even a person, just any concept will do as long as it is sufficiently historical and obscure. The key here, if you haven't guessed it, is going to be a lack of internet sources.
  2. Once you select your target article to vandalize, go to the biggest library you can find and look up some old, relatively obscure books on the topic. (But not too old, as a lot of stuff written before the 1800's tends to be unreliable.) Select two or three that you feel are the most reputable about your topic. Then cross-reference the titles on the "internets" to verify that these books are 1) out of print, and (this is very important) 2) have not been scanned in "google books" or anything similar. Bonus points for finding an obscure primary source written by the subject himself. In short, you want legitimate, reputable historical books and sources that actually exist, but you want to make it impossible for your average Wikipedo to verify the contents of these sources on the internet.
  3. Now comes the fun part. Once you have selected a topic, found real life sources, and verified that the contents of said sources are not available on-line, then just dream up the craziest shit you can, insert it into the target article, and you guessed it, cite the real-life historical book as your source (using proper academic style of course), and pick a random page number of the book and use that for your citation. Be sure to make your hoax edit well-written and at least semi-plausible given the context of the article. (The reason that late Roman/early Medieval topics work so well for this technique is that so much "crazy batshit" actually went on during that era).

This method is just about foolproof, as everyone will be impressed that someone took the time to dig up some old historical books on a topic, and will not dare remove a cited entry. If a curious "do gooder" Wikipedo is suspicious of the seemingly far-fetched material and wishes to investigate further, he's shit out of luck, since the sources are not only unavailable on line, but really unavailable anywhere except for the best university and research libraries.


  • This sort of "vandalism" lasts for a long time, e.g., years.
  • Since you'd be hitting serious, scholarly topics with ridiculous edits and anecdotes that will likely remain for years, you can have a good lulz about how "unreliable" Wikipedia is.


  • This method takes an above-average amount of legwork and investigation.
  • This method requires access to a large research or university library.

Replace Images

The welcoming image replaced on Wikipedia, this stayed up for more than an hour.

Go to the file page for an image and click "upload new version of this file". Replace it with Tubgirl, Goatse, or anything lulzy. Just make sure it is the same file type as the original image. This works great for replacing logos/banners on Wikia, as well as images in highly visible templates on Wikipedia.

Use their own anti-vandalization rules to vandalize them

Way, way more powerful a method of trolling and vandalism than most of the points on this list is to instead join the OCD cabal that is Wikipedia. LOL WUT?

It's really quite simple how this works: you are going to throw Wikipedia rules left and right to prevent anything from happening. Go into controversial articles and delete all mentions of controversy because of "NPOV." Declare anything that isn't a major newspaper as "not a reliable source" and delete absolutely everything that links to it. If users complain about this, find one of the hundreds of little rules they have broken and demand they be banned. Delete fucking everything that you possibly can in the name of creating a better encyclopedia.

The beautiful part of this is if you do a good enough job, you'll be made into an admin and can start abusing the powers that gives you. Lock every single goddamned page you possibly can. Ban every last user that so much as even typos a single word. Be that fucking bureaucrat you hate so much. There is no better trolling method than this.

And if the realization that you are now The Man ever makes you consider an heroic actions, just keep saying "I did it for the lulz" over and over until you feel better.

Account Creation Vandalism

  1. Create a new account with a name such as "AdminX touches children"
  2. Switch proxy
  3. Repeat

For extra lulz, get on IRC and watch the admins talk amongst themselves about the abusive user names directed at them.

Sneaky vandalism

  1. Hit "random article" until you find a small article nobody watches.
  2. Change something (e.g. a number) and make it look like you're correcting an inaccuracy. Claim in the edit summary that the website/source/references/etc says it's this and the article was wrong and do it in a pompous way of a regular wikipedo so they'll believe you.
  3. Continue again using a different IP if editing on IP or username if logged in so they can't revert your work all at once.


Make sure you're editing Wikipedia as an IP, not as a logged in user. Have an account ready to log into. Choose an obscure article, and vandalize it with something that is potentially libelous to the biography of a living person, and add a reference (which should really be a goatse link). Then quickly do another edit like adding "Yeah", save it, then log in to an account and revert the second edit, with an edit summary of "Reverting vandalism". The first edit with the really critical vandalism will remain intact, as admins will assume good faith on your part. Then Google, and and a million other web domains will scrape the content and it'll stay on the page for months on end. Daniel Brandt suggested this, and it works! Massive lulz can be achieved from seeing this vandalism stay on these pages for this long.


  • Will take longer before your edits are reverted.
  • Websites that scraped Wikipedia articles will expand your longer-lasting vandalism across the internets.


  • Requires a lot of time, patience, and persistence.

Shotgun Blast

  1. Create a user account, or simply use your existing IP address.
  2. Bombard random articles (preferably less-known articles) with both vandalism and beneficial edits.
  3. Keep going and do not falter. The more articles you affect, the better.


  • Your vandalism will be seen by many, in a short period of time, across the website.
  • It will waste an administrator's or patroller's time in reverting all of your edits.
  • Some confusion will ensue if at least half of your edits were not vandalism.


  • You will get banned. (But collateral damage from a ban is always a positive.)
  • Your vandalism will have a short lifespan.

Imitate WordBomb

Go to [2] and read his stuff. Read about Gary Weiss here. Then start spewing it onto Wikipedia. But, don't act like a fan. Rather, act like you're really him:

  1. Mention that Gary Weiss edits his own Wikipedia article with secret sockpuppets like Mantanmoreland and Samiharris
  2. Out the IPs of wikipedia admins and do about any and all outing.
  3. Edit articles about, Gary Weiss, Naked Short Selling, Patrick Byrne, etc. how WordBomb would do. Wikipedia has an unwritten rule that these four articles and some others are not allowed to be edited by anyone but Gary_Weiss's socks and The Hasbara Fellowships due to bribes to Jimbo.

The Wikipedia Jews really hate WordBomb. Really. Acting like a WordBomb sock produces no end of lulz. You achieve victory when you get your ISP banned from Wikipedia so then complaints will pour in from innocents affected.


  • It really drives the admins insane! They are so nuts about keeping anyone like WordBomb off the site that they will ban entire ISPs! Yes, you can get everyone in your city to flood Wikipedia with complaints! They really do routinely ban whole IP ranges for life associated with WordBomb and have even banned's entire IP range even though WordBomb no longer works there (they banned that range a year after WordBomb stopped working there, ironically).
  • If you have a way to dial long distance free or cheaply then you can get an entire country banned! David Gerard admitting to banning the entire country of Qatar


  • This is more trolling than vandalism

Note: Don't diss Mormons when doing this. WordBomb lives in Utah supposedly and is likely a lucky Mormon having buttsecks with 10 hot wives as well as one nubile young adolescent boy in drag.

Signature Vandalism

One great method for any kind of TOW troll is creative use of the signature. For instance, there's a lot of grey area in the signature guidelines, so one can easily get away with making a signature all-too-similar to that of an admin's (try HJ Mitchell) or anything obviously obnoxious that is still technically ok according to TOW guidelines.*

Blatant vandals can have even more fun abusing the signature. For instance, the user space allows a lot of shit the main space does not - floating objects for example. Clever vandals would create their userpage with something like, <div style="position:fixed;left:0;top:0;background-color:black;font-color:red;font-size:100px;">JIMBO<br>SUCKS<br>DICK</div> or even <div style="position:fixed;left:0;top:0;font-color:black;font-size:3000px;">██████████████</div> and then proceed to create a signature with {{:User:USERNAMEHERE}}. This allows the vandal to avoid the edit filter by only inserting ~~~ in order to create a vandalism shrine (it is best when done on templates). MediaWiki is currently looking into a possible way to fix this, however it is likely they will only end up revoking even more privileges from regular users which in turn feeds the trolls and allows them to find new ways of disrupting Jimbo's oh-so-great encyclopedia.

*Don't be a dick. Be a dick

The subtle method

Subtlety is an awesome way to create ongoing pseudo-vandalism and wild inaccuracies throughout Wikipedia. The method is easy, and if you do it well it's quite fun too.

Hit random article and look for articles that won't be getting a large amount of focus. Any articles with editing disputes should be kept clear of, so people don't look at your past edits if you write something that pisses them off. Then, find somewhere in the article where you can add a weasel phrase, a small inaccuracy, a lie, or a softly-softly pisstake. These edits are long term remember - the result is not in the editors getting pissed off but in the users of Wikipedia reading shitty articles. For example "as a matter of fact," "contrary to popular belief," "as an interesting aside," "actually..." and many other phrases are all good to enter wherever the hell you can fit them to make the sentence seem on any second glance completely ridiculous. Fake statistics can be entered where no-one will be checking, fake plot turns can be added into articles on lesser known books etc etc. Be creative, but be subtle.

One thing is to beware if anyone reverts more than once, replies to you on a talk page, and hasn't been to that article before. Beware especially if they do it more than once, especially if it's over a long period of time. Many wikipedians are batshit insane stalkers, for instance, Oli Filth claims to stalk many many people on Wikipedia over the long term once he thinks their edits are bad.

Username rotator

Even if you're on a static IP that doesn't change, one easy way to avoid being banned is to create a new user account for every piece of vandalism you carry out. You're unlikely to get caught unless you vandalize the same page or add the same type of content. Avoid imitating any user listed on WP:Long term abuse and don't do page move vandalism. What you should really be seeking is glorification in creating inappropriate pages and trying to get as many of them protected against creation as possible, but you have to be stealthy about it.

Edit summary vandalism

Register a new account and make lots of small, positive or neutral edits either fixing mistakes or slightly changing sentences etc. But write edit summaries which are lulzy, obscene, embarrassing to WP or potentially libelous, of Wikipedia admins or third parties. You will eventually get banned, but you can protest that every edit you made was positive. The best thing about this tactic is that it's a lot more effort by admins to change edit summaries than it is to revert normal vandalism. So if you say something lulzy it will probably stay there, and if you say something offensive about an admin or libelous they will get their panties in a bunch and have to remove it.

  • On MediaWiki wikis (especially on Wikia) they have the ability to remove some edit revision summaries while only leaving others behind, so a good way to make sure something stays up is to use a sock account as a decoy (or vice versa) and have one account make really vague/neutral sounding edit reasons with some lulzy vandalism, while have the other account leave the lulzy edit summaries. On a wiki with a paranoid admin who checks their recent changes list like a hawk, this is a good way to ensure something stays up.
  • TV Tropes is slightly different. Though they are far less attentive due to having less admins, well watched pages will have your edits suppressed quick and your edit reasons edited out by an automated system account, so having a few proxy accounts that have been legitimized ahead of time to vandalize other pages (make sure they don't have overlapping edits with your other socks), is a good way to slip something past their radar.

Reverse DOS

MediaWiki uses something called an "autoblocker," every ip address used by a banned account is also blocked at the moment the banhammer hits. The autoblocker timer lasts 24 hours and resets every time you try to edit from the pwned account. Meant to halt persistent vandals, this in fact can play directly into your hands. If you are lucky to be on an ISP that routes everyone through a single shared ip address, such as in a university or a small country, potentially thousands of people could be blocked from editing within a heartbeat. If you are ever on vacation in Qatar make sure to vandalize from the hotel, there a million people share the ip, and this can happen again.

Despite Jimbo insisting that the story was untrue, here's David Gerard admitting to banning the entire country of Qatar on the cyber-stalking mailing list.

From the Qatar blocklog:

05:56, 28 November 2007 Jmlk17 (Talk | contribs) blocked " (Talk)" (anon. only, account creation blocked) with an expiry time of 10 days ‎ (Vandalism) 03:28, 30 November 2007 John Reaves (Talk contribs) unblocked (Talk) ‎ (This is Qatar.)


Moving pages is a great way to vandalize random wikis. The only thing is you need to create an account four days before your spree (and then make ten inconspicuous edits). After that, you just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to a randompage and click on move on top.
  2. Choose a funny title.
  3. Then, go back to the bare page, and replace that page with Lulz.
  4. Repeat

In the end, it'll end up with administrators with activity logs full of things like:

  • AdminX moved 'AdminX's real name is John Smith' to 'horses'
  • AdminX deleted 'AdminX's real name is John Smith'

Willy on Wheels and Grawp have become famous names in the pagemove vandalism world. Unfortunately, Wikipedia's Abuse filter places heavy restrictions on page moves.

Wikia Pagemove Vandalism

On Wikia, all users have a public watchlist on their userpage. When a page on Wikia is moved, the watchlist will change to include the updated title, but will not change again if the page is moved back. So by moving Page X to "Niggershit", you have allowed that word to be publicly displayed on all user's pages who are watching that, and it will stay even when the page is moved back. This is a great way to vandalize the pages of the admins who took it upon themselves to protect their own pages.

Redirect vandalism

Redirect vandalism is a great way of destroying Wikipedia because of its shock effect on the reader.

  1. Go to a religious or political page.
  2. Find a redirect to that page. For example: something redirects to Jahiliyyah.
  3. Replace the words between the square brackets with the word "penis" or "anus". If you vandalize an Islamic article, "pig" is great too.
  4. Write "typo" or "tidyup" in the edit summary. Or preferably something smarter.
  5. Do not start another vandalism too quickly. You'll get pwnt

The chances are that your vandalism will last relatively long, because redirect pages are rarely watched.

Template Vandalism

Hagger's vandalised Template:EditionPoints on Wikipedia. The screenshot is of the FA of the day, which remained like that for 17 minutes

PROTIP: Goatse no longer works.

This shit stayed on uncyclopedia for over 2 hours

Template vandalism provides a more readily concealable way of vandalizing. The best article to choose is Wikipedia's Today's Featured Article. Click edit at the top of the page and then scroll down past the edit box and there will be a list of all the templates used in that article. About 90% of them will be protected or semi-protected. Pick one, which isn't protected; delete its content; insert vandalism; write "fixed typo" in the edit summary; hit Save Page. This will usually go unseen for two to twenty minutes, before they figure out what's going on. Only vandalize one template per account/IP address, because the more edits you make, the greater your chance is of getting caught via the recent changes page. The FA of the day is seen by hundreds of thousands of Wikipedos and members of the public each day, so this is a great choice for mass vandalism! For even more epic lulz try copy and pasting the template dozens or even hundreds of times, which will cause the computer to lag or if they're using Firefox... crash. The limit on Wikipedia is 2 MB per article, but if templates are too big they won't show up on the article they're included in. For extra sneakiness put the vandalism in include only tag, so the template will look untouched, therefore wikipedos will get confused. Another great thing to do is vandalize a template, get banned, switch out proxies, and revert back to your version. This will make it much less noticeable.


  • Gets seen by thousands of people
  • Quick and easy (only one edit required)


  • You will get blocked without question, but don't forget to post it on your talk page afterwards!
  • Goatse and most other ASCII is caught by the Abuse Filter

Triggering the Abuse Filter

Wikipedia's abuse filter not only prevents use of words such as "nigger" or "HAGGER???", it notifies the admins every time somebody trips it off. While your account may not last long, a great way to piss them off is to intentionally trigger it as much as you can. It is likely you will become unblocked if you explain that you were simply a new user and did not know what you were doing.

Huge text vandalism


Simply breaking the format can be effective.

Huge text vandalism is simple: place about 15 "big" tags on a word near the top of a page. For a super effective attack, edit a box containing text(usually listing info). The result is that the layout ends up totally fucked. Most of the text also ends up being unreadable.


  • Fucks up format


  • Very noticeable
  • Huggle still works
  • Fixed quick

The Video Killer

Find links to various YouTube or other user-uploaded videos. Now, download the video and re-upload it under a new account. Edit the wiki to point to this new, identical version with a comment saying "dead link, updated video" or something similar. You're more likely to get away with this if you use a video editing program to force a higher resolution upload and claim "higher resolution video".

Let it sit for a while, then delete the video from your YouTube account. Let that broken link sit for a while as well, then go back to the wiki and delete the link altogether with a comment saying "bad link".

Provided the other users only check to make sure the updated video is relevant and that you really are deleting a dead link, you can get away with deleting videos left and right. This works best if used in conjunction with gaming the system.


  • It's unlikely the users will figure out that you're intentionally vandalizing the site, so you can get away with this for a long time.
  • If a video is a key point to the article, removing it will make the whole thing useless.


  • Not very visible.
  • If the video was really important, it takes all of a minute for the users to find a real version and put it back in.

Moar code

Insert the code: <!-- to the top of an article. This code will blank the page for you, whilst only altering the byte count on Recent Changes by a very small amount. If you have an account that has made some legitimate contributions and summarize it as Typo correction, it is less likely to be checked out. This method has been known to survive for days before being noticed. What's more, wikipedia doesn't even have a fucking filter to detect this!

The <nowiki> tag on the top of a page with huge amounts of code and shit, will fuck up the page in an epic way whilst again, only changing the byte count by a tiny amount. Use it on highly used templates for epic effect.

The following bits of code also work in a great way:

MediaWiki vandalism

This will never work on Wikipedia, but smaller wikis and Wikia in general are susceptible to this method of vandalism. It's really simple

  1. Find an unprotected template in the site notice
  2. Upload Pain series (but any image will do)
  3. Fix images in the template
  4. Because its transcluded into the site notice, every user viewing the site will be affected.
  5. ????
  6. Profit!

Caused blackout On Uncyclopedia

You can also try any templates that may be in the sidebar (more advanced wikis do this sometimes) and if the wiki is really retarded and didn't bother to protect it, upload goatse over the site logo.

The Deletionist

Nominating articles for deletion is one of the easiest ways to piss off a lot of people and waste their time.

  1. Choose articles with the Notability, Unreferenced or Primary sources template. References are mandatory so any articles without them are deletionbait.
  2. Nominate the article for deletion by putting the code at the top: {{subst:prod|Not notable}}. "Not notable" is the single most common reason why articles get deleted so leaving it at that is good enough. Also if its only sources come from the internet as opposed to Old media it'll also likely get deleted.
  3. Results:
  • Either the article will get deleted, pissing off whoever spent the time to write it
  • Or the people who wrote the article will have to waste a lot more time looking for citations, sources, and re-writing the article
  • Or if you're lucky it'll start a debate and edit war in addition to the 2 points above

Also fun is nominating articles for deletion that have already been up for deletion thousands of times, such as List of lists of lists.

Pissing off your educational facility via vandalism

This method works better with smaller institutions, as pages on them are more likely to not have as high of a priority as other pages. Also, keep in mind that the educational facility may or may not have a Wikipedia page about it.

  1. Make small, subtle edits one the page of your educational facility over a certain period of time. If the place you attend is not well known at all, then you can probably get away with making large edits unnoticed. Bonus points if you caption a picture of Hitler as being someone who works in the administration.
  2. Make sure you don't set off the vandalism filter in the process. Also, making your edit summary something like, "Reverted Vandalism", or , "Fixed grammar errors" will make your edit seem more legit.
  3. After the deed has been done, tell some people that someone you know edited the page on your school. It will be more than likely that your editing story will spread like wildfire due to word of mouth.


  • Less likely to get removed depending on the lack of notability of your school.
  • You get to see live reactions.
  • Depending on how slanderous your edit was, the administration will likely be butthurt.
  • If your administration is inept with using Wikipedia, laugh at the fact they don't know how to easily revert the vandalism.


  • Some retards might start making edits on your edits that are more obvious versions of vandalism, prompting Wikipedia administrators to take action against it.

Numerical Vandalizing

Main Article: Vandalize Every Equation

If you want to be really subtle, find a page on some wiki with complex mathematical formulas or lots of statistics or anything else with lots of numbers and start messing with the data, making minor edits like removing a dash or hyphen, adding fictitious crap, rearranging numbers, etc.

Don't do this on pages that are stalked by correctionist editors or OCD mathfags and make sure your edits aren't too obvious vandalizing edits. Fixing a legit error while making a vandal edit is a good way to disguise your vandalizing, and make sure your edit reasons are vague enough no one can be sure you're a vandal.

The Blitzkrieg

This tactic is primarily meant to work with Wikia (and MediaWiki wikis in general), but it can work with just about any wiki farm with loose oversight rules that's lets anyone and their mother be a fucking sysop of a wiki.

Find a wiki on the wiki farm that is infrequently or poorly maintained, if it does have a sysop/administrator/bureaucrat. If it doesn't, make sure it at least has people who edit there every so often. Make sure it has anywhere from about 50-800 pages of actual content.

The reasons for these requirements are very simple: Any wiki on Wikia with over a thousand pages is almost certainly watched by somebody, since Wikia likes to whore for ad moniez and large wikis are big money makers, so their staff will check them out more frequently than their smaller wikis. Also, if there is a sysop/administrator/bureaucrat, check them out and see if they are competent and can edit reasonably well, or just some dumbass fourteen year old hosting a fan site for his faggoty favorite cartoon who only stops by to add shit every once in awhile. If not, make sure the wiki has someone around so word can spread of your lulz in the making, but make sure it's not too frequently edited or the wiki farm staff will lock the fucker down quick and end your vandalizing spree.

Anyway, once you found a wiki that meets the above requirements, check the Special:Version page and see what extensions they have installed and figure out what security, if any, they have against proxies, Tor, bots, automated scripts, etc. Get a good idea of when people post, unless it's so sporadic there is no real pattern.

All the above takes a few days at least, and if you are just a drive by vandal, try something else for your lulz, because all this planning is the prelude to an epic attack meant for veterans at the art of bringing entire wikis to their knees.

Once you've sussed the wiki and got a good idea of it's weakpoints and the editor schedules, hit that fucking wiki with every vandal strategy on this fucking page!

Use scripts from the troll forge, spam shock images on templates, leave all sorts of shit on articles/user pages/discussion pages, use multiples socks and proxies if you can to muddy the waters for when someone tries to sort the mess out short, hit like lightning and don't let the fuck up until the entire wiki is a shrine to your handiwork and someone went screaming like a bitch to the wiki farm admins about how a wiki they were trying to edit got raped.

By the way, if you're really patient, this trick can work on bigger wikis as well, and the bigger the wiki you manage to ruin, the more lulzy, right?

Some tips on how to pull this off:

  • Wikia has a throttle on page moves where you will be stopped for a minute or two after three or more page moves in succession, so if you are fond of page move vandalizing, go do some other vandalizing to other pages for a minute or two, then move a few more pages and repeat.
  • Wikia and most other wiki farms have automated blockers that block certain web addresses and file links, but they usually have somewhere you can see all the stuff you can't post without it being caught by the filter, so go look that shit up before doing any link vandalizing.
    • Try looking at this wiki before doing anything to Wikia.
  • Most wiki farms require email addresses, so establish an email account via proxy and have a large selection of throwaway email accounts if sockpuppeting most wikis that require email access. They'll still ban the accounts, but if you still have some unused throwaway email accounts, you can just switch proxies and sign up for more puppets later with a different IP.
    • Or just use mailinator.
  • Watch out for inept admins but competent regular users. Even if the admin is an idiot, some of the regular users may intercede on the admin's behalf and run to the wiki farm staff on the admin's behalf or will revert most of your edits before you can do any real damage, so while checking out the wikis, steer clear of wikis with attentive regular users even if the admin is inept.

Practice for "The Blitzkrieg"

Before you perform the Blitzkrieg on a large wiki, you may want to practice your skills on a smaller wiki. Wikia has a metric fuckton of tiny wikis with maybe 20 or so pages that have essentially been abandoned, so if you want some practice or you just want some cheap amusement, vandalize the fuck out of the "stub" wikis. Make sure you do so via a proxy (you can practice using those too) account and make sure your attacks are totally random (don't hit wikis in a series of related subjects)

It's likely you can get away with vandalize the stub wikis for quite awhile, since Wikia's staff is fucking lazy and Wikia is such a sprawling mass of shit they will usually never realize one of their wikis has been turned into a vandal shrine unless someone tells them, and since stub wikis usually have no admins or user who give a fuck, you can amuse yourself for quite awhile shitting up the stubs.

However, bear in mind the following:

  • Most of the stub wikis have no barrier to text edits of any sort (except for any global spam link or text string blockers that Wikia may have in place), so put whatever text you want.
  • You do need a valid account to upload pictures or videos, but just use a proxy, set up a throwaway email address, then feel free to upload Goatse or shock videos.

Custom Wikis

Believe it or not, some wikis don't have quick revert buttons, i.e. TV tropes. Fortunately for you, this ensures that your vandalism isn't always noticeable and fixable for the average user.

Nanny Bot Lulz

"Nanny Bots" are auto censorship tools meant to to keep little kids from seeing or using dirty words on the internet, but they can also be used as hilarious vandalism tools.

This works great on any wiki with lots of cursing, but works best on TV Tropes due to their lack of a quick revert feature.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Find lots of pages with lots of profanity.
  2. Edit those pages with the nanny bot on.
  3. ?????
  4. PROFIT!

In all seriousness, this will piss them off like you won't believe, and if you want more lulz, hit as many pages as possible before the banhammer falls. This will frustrate the hell out of all the regular posters, especially if the nanny bot turns the curse words into such meaningless gibberish they have look through the recent changes to figure out what half of the profanity originally was.

The best part of it? You can feign innocence and ask to be given a second chance!

Word changing scripts

Similar to nanny bots, scripts that auto change words on web pages like the "cloud to butt" script piss off sites like TV Tropes or any other site with an edit function, and can be used for epic vandalism.

Warning, sites like TV Tropes have revealed they have a filter for consistent word filter vandalism, so randomize the word filter when new phrases get blocked for consistent lulz using this method.

General tips for fucking with PmWiki

These tips are primarily meant for the aspiring vandal of TV Tropes, but work on practically any PmWiki website that uses similar code.

  • Have a long list of proxies, several proxy addons like Stealthy or IPfuck (if you use Firefox) or Tor if you are going to dick over TV Tropes. Fast Eddie doesn't use the "Google redirect" (redirects any attempt by your IP to access his website by sending you to Google's homepage) bullshit as much as he used to (possibly because he realized he was dicking over legitimate users in the event of someone using a dynamic IP), but he and his dick sucking minions love using suspensions (you can't edit on that account anymore) and bans (they never plan to let edit ever again). Thankfully, since PmWiki only goes by the IP on your login cookie (if you change your IP during site access, it will follow the IP change), just log out of your old account if suspended/banned, change IP, and keep going. Also, keep track of your accounts and throwaway email addresses. Especially do this if you have a long string of sockpuppet accounts.
    • As of April 2013, TV Tropes requires email confirmation of your account, so make you that you have some throwaway email addresses (mailinator or something similar is a good idea), and since Eddie loves throwing around IP bans, make sure you do all of your trolling/vandalism under proxies.
  • Eddie and his troperfag legions are PARANOID about trolls ever since they were DDoS'ed late March-early April 2013, so if you create a new account, it's pretty likely at least one troper is eagerly looking at the newly created accounts and recent changes, furiously masturbating over the chance to screw over a potential troll. The good news is that these basement dwelling anti-lulzites are easy to evade as long as you don't do blatant vandalism as your very first edit.
  • Speaking of evasion, while you might think it's funny to blank a page and post how much the tropers who wrote it are faggots, this shit will be reverted quickly, and since they have a throttle on page edits (which lasts about a minute), doing something this blatant will give one of Eddie's goons more than enough time to cream themselves as they lower the banhammer. Ideally, do one or two harmless edits after first signing up, wait a few minutes, then go to work.
  • While they are terrified of trolls learning the exact timing of the locks on page editing, posting on Ask The Tropers, the forums, and so on, here's some pointers: Once you log in, you have to pass a verification checkbox the first time you make an edit, and each edit will add sixty seconds to your time before you can make another edit to another page. You can post on Ask The Tropers without any constraints, but they aren't really needed as the moderators can very easily "Orweillian Editor" away posts they don't want up. You have wait twenty four hours before you can post on the forums,, but it's usually more lulzy to shit up the wiki, since the forums are run by assholes bigger than the jackasses who run the Something Awful forums, though instead of probations, they will "troll post crusher" any posts they don't like and ban you for repeated bad behavior.

Various Ways To Shit Up TV Tropes

This works great for PmWiki style wikis, especially TV Tropes, since the forum and wiki use most of the same code.

TV Tropes forces you to go through some warning screen bullshit before posting after you create an account, basically some lameass "are you sure you're going to follow the rules" bullshit. Just agree to whatever they say, then start vandalizing. Be warned, there is a throttle on page edits, so don't think you can open, edit, then save thirty or so pages at once. Just edit one page at a time, but you can keep open tabs or windows to the other pages you plan to shit on and click the edit button once you're done raping the page before.

Warning, if you attempt anything lulzy on the forums, they have a "Troll Post Crusher" to eliminate posts they don't like, and since Fast Eddie hates criticism of himself or his shitty wiki, he's been prone to nuke entire threads if they say mean shit about his wiki or, especially, himself.

So remember, if you want to attempt posting something really lulzy in their forums, take lots of screenshots.

Also, their YKTTW (You Know That Trope Where, the trope launching system which uses similar code to the forum) is an untapped goldmine of being turned into shit, so if you really want to piss off TV Tropes, launch a bunch of shitty YKKTWs, leave lulzy comments on other YKTTWs, launch them without going through the "proper process" - basically, abuse the fuck out of the YKTTW system.

You can abuse the cutlisting feature too, but be warned, they watch this one quite a bit.

Reviews are a good way to annoy the fuck out of people too, since they are one of the few places where any negativity of any sort is allowed on Fast Eddie's official "Happiness Is Mandatory" hugbox, so a great way to piss off the moderators is to post perfectly legitimate negative reviews of something that point out legitimate flaws in a work, just make them as bile filled as possible to the point it annoys the moderators trying to obey the hugbox standards,

The "Report Content Violations" button is a good way to annoy the everliving shit out the P5 committee (the official anti porn/pedophilia squad Eddie set up to banhammer anything remotely offensive), simply by reporting completely innocent works like "Bambi" or "Sesame Street" as content violations. This is more trolling than vandalism, but you can divert attention away from your vandalism by using this tactic.

Note: The P5 have wanted a way to fix this more than once, but Eddie hasn't coded it yet and it's unlikely he ever will at this point, so have fun screwing this goatsed hole in TV Tropes' armor.

Making fake moderator reports is also more about trolling than vandalism, but you can do this while vandalizing to waste their time, which may provide lulz in a different way.

However, a good way to do some subtle vandalism is to find some ill attended page, add an "admin notice" (see this page for an example), then in the text field add something lulzy like an gigantic ASCII picture of Goatse. Unlike certain installs of MediaWiki, PmWiki doesn't have an effective filter against this sort of thing.

It will not show up on the main page, but it will be visible to anyone trying to edit the page, and since the admins get pissy about people removing admin notices, it'll be awhile before the notices are removed. You can do this to a well visited page if you want, but that'll just get it noticed quicker.

You can also do this as a form of page bloat vandalism. PmWiki was designed to be a series of text files that could be edited, and like a shitty version of Notepad, they have trouble processing the page through the database after a certain size, which is around 500KB on TV Tropes, so using the troll admin notice trick to spam an assload of useless text will hide the spam text from view, but it will make the page load like crap and it won't save properly anymore.

Yet another source of fun (take screen shots!) is posting lulzy stuff to their "Ask The Tropers" section, which basically a variation of the forum except it's basically a gigantic threadshit of tropers asking on the spot questions in a bunch of forum threads about bad editors and asking questions about how to do shit they'd know about already if they read the fucking Administrivia pages.

To mess with this, simply use the same tactics you'd use to shit up the forums, but take screen shots, as the TV Tropes admin do have the ability to hose comments and even entire threads in their quest to eliminate lulz.

Also, believe it or not, Fast Eddie left an easy as fuck way to totally shit up the Categories system on his wiki (which is not the same as it is on MediaWiki). Unlike MediaWiki, where tags can be removed from individual articles, you can find [[index]] [[/index]] tags on every page, which adds the content between the tags to the Categories - basically these tags basically make the pages and categories one and the same thing, and so when you add an item between the tags (a bulletpointed article name like on the pages with trope lists is the best example), it is automatically categorized and added to the category lineup.

So, to make vandalism simple for you, find an index page that has a bunch of items between index tags, and replace all the links with lulzy stuff, like renaming all the links "Shit". This will guarantee that any other pages these links are categorized on will show "Shit" on the categories bar. Hit an index with a lot of terms in a bullet point list with index tags, like "Actors" or "Death Tropes" for best results. Hitting multiple pages is best, and all you need to do is just prepare a small text file in the same format as the source page of the page you want to vandalize, just with a bunch of lulzy stuff as bullet pointed terms between index tags.

Raping TV Tropes With Rape And Deleted Articles

Ever since TV Tropes got pwnt by Google and were forced to censor themselves, they are paranoid about having articles on the topic of "Rape", and one of the quickest ways to make everyone on the site shit themselves is create a rape article, post lulzy shit in the preexisting articles about rape, or doing anything possible to piss all over their very strict guidelines in regards to talking about rape or posting anything about it anywhere on the sight.

They are fucking terrified of Google getting wind of this and taking away more jewgold that keeps the wiki going, so if you want to punch Fast Eddie's pride and joy in the dick, spam the whole fucking site with shit about rape.

Another way to piss them off is find shit they banhammered off the wiki, then resubmit the pages any way you can, circumventing their censorship bullshit. Alternatively, re add content they censored from articles (i.e. - if an anime was based off a hentai game, they censor the "adult" content, so re-add what they deleted).

This will not only troll the fuck out of Fast Eddie and the other censortards, it will also force the moderators to mass lock pages against vandalism. Bonus points if you reupload pages on hentai anime, pedo stuff like "Kodomo No Jikan", or anything else Eddie wanted thrown off his wiki. Make sure to make tons of links and categories to what you added if possible, since PmWiki's lack of quick revert button will force the butthurt moderators to do more work.

Ideally, you'll force the mass locking of pages against creation, and the locking of existing "bowdlerised" pages, which will make life harder on the tropers and the TV Tropes mods since they have to manually ask the mods to add shit to locked pages in a forum thread.

Using Google Adsense's Policies against them

If it look remotely sexual or creepy, Google Adsense will demand that shit be shut down or Fast Eddie loses his ads again, so go ahead and report any sexual shit to them. Odds are they'll hose it without looking at it if the title alone sounds sexual in nature and Fast Eddie will be denied his jewgolds.


  • Easy to do since false reports are hard to detect and as long as you focus on sexual material, nigh impossible to stop.


  • They sanitize the shit out of the wiki, so it's kinda hard to find sexual shit these days, so this requires some searching.

The Epic Time Sink, Beginner Version

Find a really huge article (for example, Intercourse With You on TV Tropes). Now, every other paragraph, vandalize something. Add "FUCK SHIT COCK MOTHERFUCKER NIGGER" or a link to Goatse or something. Don't repeat the same shit over and over again or it will be too easy to fix as it will compile into a single block of text.
If you do this right, the history window will show up with "Changed line(s) 12 from (block of text) to (block of vandalized text)" for half as many lines as there are in the document itself. Reverting this means having to sit there with two tabs open and manually copy each block back in its right place.
+ Whoever decides to fix it will have to waste a lot of time in the process and devote all their focus to the task.
+ During the epic repair time, the vandalism will stay visible for all to see.
- Takes even longer to set up than it does to repair (unless somebody codes a program to automatically do this, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
- Repeat performances on the same page likely won't stick for long because the editor might choose to save the undamaged version on their hard drive in case it happens again. You'll have to target different pages for guaranteed results.

The Epic Time Sink, Intermediate Version

Pull up a huge article from your favorite ghetto wiki. Now, instead of vandalizing every other line, jumble things around. If this is TV Tropes, move random examples from Anime to Live Action TV, Western Animation to Film, and Music to Web Original. Be sure to leave "fixing order" in the comment field and don't add any obvious vandalism while you reorder everything.
When you finish, the person that notices the changes and chooses to revert this will have to reconstruct the article sequentially from all the out of order pieces. This will take even longer than the above method. Pros:
+ Takes even more mental effort to repair.
+ It's very possible this will be missed and the vandalism will stay up for months.
- Takes much longer to set up than even the above.
- Isn't as lulzy as poop sprays or FAT NIGGER FAT NIGGER FAT NIGGER.

The Epic Time Sink, Advanced Version

We hope you've been studying hard these past lessons because now, we're going to make a fruit medley of beautiful, beautiful vandalism. This will take a long time, but it will more than pay for itself in epic lulz and confusion.
Equipment Needed: A whole bunch of user names, proxies, time, and patience.
Step 1: Perform lots of sneaky vandalism. Add inaccuracies, change external links that lead to ambiguous URLs (for example, YouTube), and reorganize lists. Nothing a skimmer is likely to pick up as vandalism.
Step 2: Make a bunch of minor but constructive edits in a row using the extra accounts and proxies. No vandalism here, sneaky or otherwise. Keep doing this until the edits from step 1 are obscured from view.
Step 3: Perform the Intermediate version above.
Step 4: Quickly push that down by repeating step 2.
Step 5: Perform the Beginner version above to ignite the repair process.
Step 6: Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and break out the crumpets as they scramble to fix everything. After they "fix" the article using one of your corrupted versions, they'll have to redo everything over again to go further back. Laugh as they have to check the growing page history a hundred times to try to find everything. By the time they finish, they probably still won't catch every last bit of vandalism and that link claiming to have a video about a new sniper rifle will still go to Rick Astley for months afterward. Cheerio, mate!
+ It will take them forever to sort out all the chaos.
+ If more than one person takes on the job of fixing the article, they might start stumbling over each other's edits and create further lulz.
- Takes a long time to perform.

Provoke Compulsive Page Locks

Some wikis out there only have two editing modes: locked and unlocked. What you're going to do is provoke the admins to lock a popular page. This works best when there aren't many admins and they are lazy fucks (for example, TV Tropes).
Create some sock puppet accounts and make absolutely sure they can't be traced to the same person. Use one of them to bring up a controversy and let it sit up for a little. Somebody should be along to delete it and give you the target of your epic flame/edit war, but if not, supply your own! Turn it into a pissing match between two factions (even if you have to supply one or both of them) and keep that edit war going forever. Vandalize other pages to prove a point and spam the forums with complaints. Never let the flames die down.
Eventually, an admin will decide to fix all this shit by just deleting everything related to this flame war and locking the page. Great success! Now, people will start flocking to complain about how the page is locked and how they need the admins to fix this and that.
Don't just stop there, though! Keep rolling through the major pages and if they unlock anything, go back and start the war up again. Keep making new sock puppet accounts, stir up conflict everywhere, and never let the banhammer get a chance to rest. Your goal is not to leave any vandalism up, but to rob everybody else of their editing privileges and deluge the admins in an endless BAWWWWWfest that will drive them to commit suicide.
+ You'll be making the users of the site troll on your behalf once the lock comes in.
+ You'll retard all their progress by wasting their time arguing over the locks instead of improving the articles.
+ Even if the admins don't lock the pages, they're still going to look like shit between all the e-bullets being fired by both sides.
- Those not following behind-the-scenes won't get to fully appreciate your epic trolling.
- You're going to have to dedicate your life to this.

  • On TV Tropes, target pages that are prone to edit wars, troper pages, and high traffic pages (measured by "inbound count") especially. Pages will be locked almost instantly to deter persistent vandals, and the more pages get locked, the more the regular users will have to go to a forum thread for locked pages and manually request the mods add edits to the locked pages, which makes life harder on everyone since locked pages usually stay locked for a very long time, many of them pretty much forever.

Causing The Wiki To Implode

This advice works best for TV Tropes, but can work well with any wiki with easily pissed off users and moderators who are prone to doing stupid shit in response to drama and vandalism.

Anyway, the key to this strategy involves a careful combination of socks and proxies, and having more than one person working on this helps quite a bit, unless you have 133t web ninja skillz. Also, a little bit of deep penetration socking does not hurt and is highly recommended.

Now, TV Tropes is prone to moderator faggotry where they will go on page deletionism sprees, usually to remove anything that might piss off Google (whose dick they suck off of for ad moniez) or they feel makes them look like sick fucks, so you need to find the non offensive pages and use all the time sinks and page locking strategies above to hamstring the legit users.

Then, once the shitstorm has started (this is why multiple trolls working in unison is best), have the legit sounding socks (they might even be more legitimized in advance for having an above board edit history, as lurkers who wait until then to post look suspicious) start reasonably complaining about how legitimate troping is being hamstrung.

This will promote lots of butthurt and leave the wiki staggering, but that's only the first part, as new socks and other troll accounts (making a lot of these prior to the attack with lots of proxies is best) should continue their war to make every page that ISN'T under scrutiny come under fire.

But, again, just as this happens, now that the majority of the legit users are totally pissed and the forums boards are so filled with angry people the mods can't decide the honestly angry from the trolls who are feeding them, keep the war going by having the socks identify the forums that have the largest nuclei of discontent and keep calling out the moderators on how their despotism is fucking over the legitimate users (in polite language so you don't blow your cover).

The point of this exercise is to basically shit up the wiki, piss off as many legit users as possible, and make the moderators of the wiki feel completely fucking miserable. This strategy works quite well on TV Tropes, since many of the moderators (and especially Fast Eddie himself) are prone to throwing shit fits when their lives as wiki mods are made harder.

+ You'll cause some epic trolling that will entertain many, mostly because the stealthy troll(s) can masquerade as a totally pissed legit user and the mods will never catch on by the time they try to find out who the trolls are.
+ You'll retard all their progress by wasting their time arguing over the locks instead of improving the articles and you'll cause so much page edit retardation NOTHING will get done, making people either leave the wiki in droves or you will drive legit users to troll on your behalf out of utter frustration.
+ If done right, you can make the admins so fucking miserable you could literally drive them to kill the entire site in angry rage, which will cause even more epic lulz whose aftermath will be felt months afterward.
- Takes a hell of a lot of careful planning and works best with multiple people.
- Requires a LARGE amount of effort and a ton of dedication.

Deny Your Own Unblock Request

Once you get banned for vandalism and you can only edit your talk page, make sure to make a shit ton of unblock requests, then deny/approve those under other soockpuppet accounts of yours. If you bullshit the admins with a faked signature of some sort, you might get unbanned for a bit before they smell a rat. Make sure to fuck up their pages and any templates on their pages using the codes on this page with your socks before the banhammer comes down again.

Exploiting STiki

STiki is a program available on TOW that brings up a diff they think might be vandalism and allows the user to either mark it under 4 categories with one click:

  • Vandalism - Activates Rollback and issues a warning
  • Good faith - Activates Rollback and issues a custom message
  • Pass - Cycles it off to another user of the program to look at
  • Innocent - Takes it out of circulation and nobody using the program will see it again

Given the speed this program can operate at, it gives potential for massive lulz. You are given several options:

  • Mark everything as vandalism
  • Mark everything as not vandalism
  • Mark vandal edits as not vandalism and helpful edits as vandalism


  • You will effect 100s of pages within minutes
  • If you mark everything as vandalism, chances are when you get caught and they rollback all edits they will rollback vandalism (the odd edit that you marked as vandalism, that actually is vandalism) into articles.
  • Once they do figure out what you are doing, it will be far too late.
  • The "mark everything as innocent" method is not detectable.


  • 1000+ edits or rollback are needed to operate STiki, so a fair bit of effort is needed. It is recommended that you use multiple sockpuppets at once, build up their edit counts and then use them in groups. Better than a one off instance.
  • You will be banned without question.
  • Occasionally messages appear saying you are going too fast, whilst they don't stop you from continuing, they are annoying.

Using AutoWikiBrowser to do the same thing

They have a similar program called AutoWikiBrowser you can use, which has many of the same pros and cons, though it only requires 500 edits to be authorized to use it on Wikipedia and none whatsoever on Wikia. You can use it to make mass bot-like edits, so you can shit up hundreds of thousands of pages in a very short time, and while it will get you banned without question on both sites, being able to change your IP is your friend here, especially if you want to shit all over Wikia, so create a sock, put in a page list to vandalize, pop in whatever vandalism you want to add, then sit back and watch the chaos.

Pick a time of low activity on Wikia wikis or wikis without a lot of editing for best effect there, and be clever about what you edit on Wikipedia using this.

The Foreign Movie

This vandalism method is easy. All you have to do is find a less-known foreign movie, then go on a translator of your choice, choose a title replacement (Can be anything!) of your choice, translate it to the original langauge of that movie, go back to Wikipedia, edit the article, change the foreign title in the article to your new one, and you are finished.


  • Easy to do
  • Very lulzy
  • Stays for a while


  • You might be blocked if you do a step wrong
  • This is a new method so it might not work too good, just see for yourself

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