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The vandals image themselves as boo.
Charlie Brown porn is one of the typical pictures spammed by vandals., formerly known as Vandal CORP (url dropped by registrar for abuse and massive fail) is a website where vandals meet up to wreak havoc on other websites. It is another leet organization of 13-year-old boys unleashing the power of the edit button and third-rate crapflooding upon the Internet. Group members claimed that their leader was Fox McCloud.

It gained popularity among the Counterstrike and crowd after their assault on Wikichan, but they have turned tail and are currently sucking cocks. Conspiracy theories suggest that said vandals had their computer privileges taken away.


A list of well-known websites they took down through e-Terrorism.

Note that most of these sites are hardly worth mentioning as taking them down is actually a sign of weakness. LOL, "HARDCORE"

Wikichan Raid

Wikichan is currently was under heavy raids. Most of their images have been replaced with boo. Not that this is a particularly notable achievement, since Wikichan is so poorly coded and anyone with actual moderating powers is never online, that everyone and their retarded grandmother could do it.

Some contributions by include:


As of Last Thursday, VandalCorp had ceased vandalism attempts on Wikichan. Sometime afterwards, their website was taken down, and a few days later,, a related website, was unplugged as well.

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