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VL's Shitty made Logo.

Vaughn Live, is a social broadcasting platform made by an autistic webmaster by the name of Mark Vaughn. Under the watchful eye of his bitchy mother Scruffy he has made this site as a type of justification to his needs. Drama has unfolded within the website and its cancerous content to bring many lulz and autistic members as they come together, broadcast, and spew volatile shit and vomit at each other or just pass out randomly on webcam


Mark Vaughn The Cancer Behind This shitheap

Despite the much-needed attention, the owner Mark Vaughn has attempted to push his website, but it hasn't gone anywhere. It should also be known,due to the uncontested amount of Cancer, the only thing the website has managed is to get much more shitty attention from druggies, whores, and alcoholics

Mark Vaughn has specified several names for this mongoloid piece of trash such as Vaughnsoft Media, Vaughnsoft, and many more. The owner isn't very specific about the software but is known to have copied AOL's front page design due to his lack of coding skills.

Mark Vaughn is an almost 40-year-old man still living with his mother. Mark Vaughn has autistic dreams of ruling the world with his shitty meaningless website.

Mark Vaughn after acquiring the members of websites like and as well as members of the website justintv after all three closed achieved four times the level of douchebag previously existing.

In early 2016 vaughnlive added the promise of "pro-accounts" where Mark Vaughn in an autistic shit storm promised extra features and immediate server access to "pro-accounts" people could over-pay for and fund his website that is still in beta after several years of failure. It has been an entire year and Mark Vaughn has not delivered one feature worth the money anyone could have possibly paid. Vaughnlive has been exposed as a fraudulent website many times and nothing as of yet has been done about it.

"MissScruffy" (Patricia Lynn Vaughn) is an evil witch who cast several spells of hatred on the internet and caused a hand full of ass kissing faggots with lips attached to her vagina to levitate into entire retarded fuckery. Mark Vaughn's mother is the antichrist who claims to be Christian and a fucking saint while banning people for ridiculous rules her and her son create as they go. Mark Vaughn lists the rules on for everyone to read while conveniently forgetting them as it suits his requirement.

Read some of the reviews here:

Notice the majority of people want nothing more than to expose the tarnished reputation and unprofessionalism of Mark and Lynn Vaughn.The lack of integrity is quite alarming.Most have bailed entirely leaving behind several DOX happy trolls and disabled welfare recipients with social disorders.The perfect website for narcissists and sociopaths to unite and reproduce.

To report vaughnlive for scamming you out of money and fraudulent activity please report him at the following links:

Mark Vaughn Twitter

"Creator of amazing live streaming platforms and expert pizza orderer. Support: [email protected]"

Also see the post here:

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The drama and escalation of this website brings one word to mind: CANCER. The only way to prevent cancer is to cut off the tumor. Though the mother dependent faggot who owns this site implies that he is a troll, this website is comprised of pure hatred and one of the ugliest sites on the internet.

To report vaughnlive for scamming you out of money and fraudulent activity please report him at the following links:

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