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This article has been cleaned up, and it was a trip to hell and back. Please, don't fuck it up.
This article may cause you to facepalm, because Crazy Creationist Troll is Crazy. Feel free to 'Send Him to the God He Wishes he Knew'.

This page was done in honor of Jesus Christ, without whom I would be destined to an eternity in Hell. I've done nothing to earn it.


—VenomfangX officially blesses his Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

That last part of the quote is the only true thing he has ever said.

VenomFangX (powerword: Shawn Karon of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, and the long lost twin brother of Neil Patrick Harris) is wrong. About everything. Always.
Although he appears, on the surface, to be yet another evangelical, fundamentalist, geocentrist, young-earth-creationism-spouting preacherbot wannabe... he is also soooooo much less. Already investigated for defrauding a children's hospital before even the age of 26, he is proof positive that the next generation of Oily TV Preachers is going to be worse than the current crop.

Meet VenomfagX

This appalling, pint-sized cult leader can easily be recognized by a grin smarmier than the Joker (who is apparently one of his rolemodels.) His main goal in life is to spread his gospel far and wide, no matter the cost; and no, I don't mean Christianity. What Venom peddles may appear to be an especially lame version of Protestantism, but it really is just a dumbed down repackaging of the toilet overflowings of "Dr." Kent Hovind, a creatard that even other creatards laugh at. Venom puts his own spin on the Hovindist dribble, by which I mean Venom gays it up. Most Gaydar technology spontaneously overloads and commits seppuku everytime this glassy-eyed Attention whoring gimp shows his oh-so-punchable face.
Yes, Venom unwittingly answers the question: "What if Morrissey and Ted Haggard had a butt-baby?" Answer: You get a metrosexual televangelist with all the bad personality traits of an overrated European popstar.

Voted Creepiest Christfag Online....who isn't NephilimFree
Just Add Joker Makeup.

To think, five short years ago VFX was merely a unknown, hateful twink posting discredited visual diarrhea from his parents house....and now he's an infamous, hateful twink posting discredited visual diarrhea from his dorm room at a Seminary (where he is exiled because his own family couldn't cope with his theological donkeyshit and legal liability anymore. He has a loyal following of about 4 YouTube whores (all of which are really just Venom's own sockpuppets)

The real sad truth about Shawn is that he began his intelligentsia masquerade by posing as an atheist several years prior to his YouTube postings. It can only be hypothesized that since he was unable to have sexual relations with members of the opposite sex (even most housepets avoid his touch), he turned to the only popular line of reasoning left to him -- posing as an evangelist. His methodology hasn't changed a single iota since his transition from "God is gay" to "gay for God" and he achieved eFame comparable to a super religious and more irritating Tay Zonday. His videos ooze smug in such high concentrations you can smell the douchewater through your ethernet cable.

He's scared that he and his family will be murdered by muslims and thinks that anyone or anything that disagrees or conflicts with his literal interpretation of the Bible directly comes from Satan. Some say he's a Poe making fun of online Christians. But, No. He really believes all the bullshit he steals from Kent Hovind; a smarmy closet case, who got his clown college doctorate from "Patriot Bible University", a known unaccredited diploma mill that runs from a single wide trailer in Bumfuck Nowheresville. Kent went to prison recently for the sole purpose of getting raped in the ass. Venom even steals Kent Hovind's jokes ("People often ask me if I think there is intelligent life on other planets. I say 'No, I don't think there's much intelligent life on this planet'", a joke in which Hovind is referring to himself.)

Venom secretly fantasizes about living in Europe a few centuries ago, when freedom of speech was so limited that blasphamy against Christianity was a crime punishable by torture and execution, where being the privileged, mollycoddled, anglo-saxon (he's a typical and admitted Jew, liberalfags), christian, heterosexual (he just stays in the closet) male that he is, he would never have to argue against twenty first century scientific discovery and common fucking knowledge.

This is What Venom Actually Believes

VFX's only goal in life is to prove that everything in the bible is true and to ignore and censor anyone who believes otherwise. This is all to further his "Ministry"
Let's pause a moment and deal with that bit of fucking absurd dogshit.

If you go to Medical School for at least 4 years, attain a doctorate in your specialty, and get hired by a hospital, you can say you are a Medical Doctor and have a Medical Practice
If you don't do those things, but still claim to have a medical practice, you are a lying scumbag, and shouldn't be allowed to cut somebody open with a scalpel.

If you go to Law School for at least 4 years, pass the bar exam and get hired to a law firm, you can say you are a Lawyer and have a Law Practice
If you don't do those things, but still claim to have a law practice, you are a lying scumbag, and your legal advice is horseshit.

If you go to a Seminary for 2-4 years, and attain a degree in Theology or Divinity, and get Ordained, you can say you are a Minister and have a Ministry.
If you don't do those things, but still claim to have a Ministry, you are a VenomFangX.

Venomfang boasted about his fucking Ministry for years before he had even been to Seminary. Even now, he still isn't has Ordained, but he still keeps bragging about a Ministry that doesn't exist, and he hasn't even tried to earn.

Presumptuous Douchebaggery....Thy Name is Venomfang.

Smugcunt doesn't even have a Minstry record, much less an Ordination

Advice He Should Follow

Everything You Say about The Bible and Wrong


—If only he could get himself to listen to himself

Evangelical Christianity

VenomFangX ushers in the Second Cumming of Christ.

Shawn adheres to that wonderful offshoot of Christianity full of mindless, brainwashed sheeple who spend their entire life in misery when they aren't spreading the Gospel. True to form, Venom believes that his religion is the only way of life and refuses to even allow other thoughts to enter his tiny head. As the rule of thumb, There is no "conversation" with Evangelicals...they only convert. Hence any debate done with him, is really an attempt at turning you into a christfag.


Judging by his form of argumentation, you can tell Kent Hovind influenced him. Kent is an American Young Earth creationist and UFO conspiracy theorist. Hovind is famous for creation magick seminars that aim to convince morons to reject modern theories of evolution with "propaganda" such as his diploma mill PhD and made up shit from crackpot creationist websites. Which is rich, because even in the clown college that is creation "science", Kent Hovind is considered an embarrassing dolt. That bastion of creationist "acumen" called has for years insisted that everyone stop using Hovinds hypotheses, because they are too stupid and too easily debunked....even by creatard standards.

Hovinds convictions for fraud and tax evasion (and his current filthy, filthy hobby of being the entire cell blocks involuntary sperm receptacle) gives the creatard movement even more reasons to distance themselves from him.

Now We Know What Chaps Kent's Hide: Unlubricated Assrape

He used to get on his knees for Jesus, the Jewish Zombie Saviour. Now he gets on his knees for Jésus Cruz, A Puerto Rican drug mule.


This Guy is who VenomFang longs to become. This Guy is Venom's role model.
So, anytime you are watching a Venomfang vid, and he cracks some horrible, unfunny joke...chances are venom stole it verbatim from this water-headed tin of potted jesus beef.

Another influence comes from Ray Cumfart's "Way of the Masterbater", a series on Christfag conversion. More importantly what's known as the Good Tranny Test. This leads him to predictable patterns of homosexual behavior and self breast augmentation (with a bicycle pump), which can be then exploited for the lulz or bewbz.

VFX on Creationism

This page meets all criteria and requirements for use as teaching material within the State of Kansas public school system. It consists of facts, not of theories, and students are encouraged to believe it uncritically, and to approach alternatives critically.


His large collection of self-righteous religious bullshit can be found here, and it's suggested watching for everyone who hates that one half remaining brain cell in his head. The primary source of lulz comes from his disproof of things like evolution and proof of god with facts like:

  • The Sun revolves around the Earth; THEREFORE Dinosaurs all died in the Noachian Flood!
  • Earth revolves around Venom's ego; THEREFORE Atheism is a Religion, and THEREFORE false!
  • The Bible is true because it's a book with words; THEREFORE Darwin sucks Satan's cock!
  • Sporks look like forks; THEREFORE there are no transitional fossils!
  • Guys are Cute; THEREFORE Jesus is God!
  • Whales have nipples; THEREFORE Jews run the Dry Cleaning Industry!
  • I can show you Photoshopped proof that giants walked the planet; THEREFORE Radiometric Dating is fake!
  • I can show you some random Hitler pron; THEREFORE fossils were place there by Satan!
  • My voice is really annoying and the only thing that would make it sound better would be the sound of my lips blowing a raspberry cumbubble on a rotten, unwiped asshole crusted with the AIDSCANCER infected herpes pustules; THEREFORE I AM JESUS!

VFX on Geocentrism

VenomFang thinks and acts like everything revolves around him. What you might not have realized is he believes that is literally true. VenomFangX Thinks That The Sun Revolves Around The Earth, and the Moon Revolves around his Cock. Kabane52 had a conversation with Shaun in which he asserted that the sun revolves around the Earth

VenomFagX Being Exposed For The Retard That He Is...for the over 9,001st time'

Kabane was smart enough to record the entire conversation here

Interesting fact: For ego-centrism to be true, meaning the stars revolve around the earth every day, the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, would have to be orbiting earth at a speed 10,000 times the speed of light.

Pathetic fact: Shaun believes egocentrism to be likely.

Anyone with a bit of common sense already know what a lying, hypocritical shittyfinger smelling retard Shawn is. However, hopefully Venom's "cult" followers will finally see this. Personally I think that either VenomFangX's lemmings will either ignore this piece of truthful information about their "leader" or once again make excuses for his homosexuality. or even better scream false prophet and hang him from teh internets masheen. we can only hope feel free to add any new info. 'cuz i want to fuck him with a broken glass beer bottle and then pummel him into unconciousness with a Bible covered with rusty thumbtacks....and then post it on teh internets.

VFX on Islam

Despite the fact that it would be easier than killing a quadruple amputee with hemophilia, Shaun actually manages to fail at disproving Islam. Despite the many competent arguments in existence PCS has decided to play to his strengths and be an idiot, with such gems as....

  • The Bible is older than the Quran, lol.
  • The Bible has outsold the Quran and Lord of the Rings, combined.
  • The Quran says Christianity isn't true (HOLY SHIT WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE!)
  • If you turn the Arabic symbol for "Allah" on his side, rub it out, divide by zero then write the letters S A T A N, it says "Satan". As you can clearly see, this means Allah is Satan.
  • The Quran was written by smelly, brown foreigners in the Middle East, while the Bible was written by smelly, brown JEWISH foreigners...who heard the voice of Jebus in their head. Jesus, Who was a White Aryan like he is in all the pictures.

He dare not attack Islam at its weakest spot -- that it is a collection of stale lies about an invisible, angry, vengeful boogyman in the sky -- because such an argument can be applied to his God just as easily....and deep down in his reptile brain, be knows this.

VFX on Amputees

On the 13th of April, 2008, when asked a simple question concerning the handicapped. He replied with this little gem

VFX, Lover of Humanity

Amputees don't deserve their Arms. We Deserve to Die. That's what the Bible Teaches. Sorry if You Don't Like That.


VFX, overflowing with the Love, Compassion and Charity of the Holy Spirit.
NOTE - Start viewing at 2:20


To go along with his complete and utter hatred of anything that is good in the universe -- Y'know, like facts or truth -- Shawn censors his channel with militant intolerance that makes George Orwell's 1984 look like the Bill of Right's happy place. Anyone who spams, swears, or even disagrees with him on his channel or on any of his videos will have their comments deleted and will immediately be blocked by VenomFangX. This is, of course, not without reason. His reasons for his Stalinesque censorship are as follows:

  • He is emotionally hurt by certain strings of letters, such as "fuck" or "cunt" or "I never loved you, signed, Daddy" or "I'm coming to murder you and your family, signed, Imaginary Islamic Hitsquad."
  • He hates being disagreed with, as anything that does not completely agree with his world view is evil.
  • He hates the very things that make our society good, as society is pointless, because life is only for getting into Heaven.
  • He hates being proven wrong.
  • He loves saying stupid shit that is easy to prove wrong.

Therefore, like all the other creatard fuckwits on Youtube, he...

  • Sets Video responses to approval only.
  • Disables Voting on his videos (right after using socks to bump them up).
  • He blocks commenters with reckless, lustful abandon.
  • His comments are usually set to approval only.
  • Even on vids where the comment section is not set to approval only, He removes All insults, swear words, or atheist opinions, comments, and arguments. (Because they are the work of Satan himself, and are therefore awesome and play Satanic cunt death metal shred guitar.) the end result being...
  • ...and then he deletes any comments that don't lavishly tongue his asshole. So after a day, a comment sections on a vid goes from being an unending train of rebuttals, corrections, debunking and a vast wasteland of airheaded praise.

His videos can be seen and commented on at the mirror channel here.

VenomFangX also censors his website, because he is in fact not interested in even debating, let alone converting atheists, but rather getting his ego massaged and his cock sucked by his creationist fuck buddies.

His words of wisdom

I was schooled by God himself. Impressive?


I think that the Bible is the most scientifically accurate book in the entire world


You see, this is an awfully thick book to talk about something that you say doesnt exist!


—Shawn on the Bible. By that logic, Lord of the Rings has more value as a historical document than The Gulag Archipelago


The Dograpists of DMCA Abuse

'What Kinda Peckertrack would Abuse the DMCA!?'
BEHOLD! the Dark Stain of DMCA Abusing Dograpists!
Brett Keane...Inmendham...MPAA...RIAA

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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