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It is readily apparent that you are proceeding with your actions in a most improper fashion. Also, statment. Omit the last 'the', faggot.

The Verbose Thread is a 4chan meme in which the participants speake in an elegant or verbose style. It elaborates on everything that could simply be put into bite-size phrases or sentences, and ends up giving you a paragraph for what was orginally meant to be a small sentence, creating unnecessary excrement that is easily overlooked. The threads are now called "Gentlemen threads", which is a relatively gayer name, and are far from going out of style, despite losing the excellent V reference that it was initially founded upon. Said verbosity would normally be used in a humorous manner and not that of a cock sucking faggot, so do be careful when applying it.


I say! A Verbose Thread, commonly known as a Gentry's Thread, is indeed not in danger of passing into the obscurity of an elderly memetic, but rather, are more commonplace than ever. Jolly good show, wotwot? Please do disregard the content contained therein the previous sentence, for I am of homosexual orientation and perform exceptionally well practiced fellatio upon other males' large erect genitals at any moment they deem convenient.


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