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Verified.png (a.k.a. Verified and The Blue Checkmark) is a feature on Twatter and other social media hellholes that was originally designed to verify the identity of celebritard and business accounts so users wouldn't be tricked by the numerous impersonator and parody accounts that regularly tweet out fake news and Chinese cartoon porn.

Unfortunately, noone on Twitter was ever actually smart enough to make use of the feature – this, combined with the fact that Twitter's political bias resulted in 99% of verified users being cunty regressive libtards, helped to ensure that the blue checkmark would eventually become an aggressive form of Cancer that would turn Twitter into a radioactive sewage tank.

To top it all off, Twitter eventually opened up an application process for verification, unverified a whiny Conservative faggot named Milo Yianoloplolpolopoulos and then began verifying Al Jazeera-backed anti-Assad propaganda accounts that Archive today-ico.png admittedly wanted to lure the entire world into World War 3 – so much for stopping the flow of fake news, Jack!

Why Verify?

With the dawn of trolling, social networks realized that they needed a way to make sure that vicious internet trawlers couldn't fake their identity and pretend to be someone they aren't. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS it's just another measure of the length of your E-penis.

How you can become verified on Twitter! Verified.png

Contrary to common belief you don't need a shit-ton of followers to gain the verification mark. You need to either become a journalist, a celebrity or simply just give Twitter a good amount of cash.

Sites that Use Verification Verified.png

List of Those Who Have Been Verified

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The verified desperation of a man who will never be verified again. Verified.png

Those Deemed Unworthy ✘

  • Milo Faggotopoulos ✘ (disregarding YouTube) - ironically, the only person on the planet who would actually want 72 homosexual negroes, whether in this life or the next.

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