Victimhood Industry

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Never leave home without it.

The Victimhood Industry, also known as the Victimhood Industrial Complex, is an organized effort utilizing emotional extortion to squeeze money, power, and influence from poor suckers by a bunch of "victims" via the use of organized victimhood and e-begging sites such as Patreon (or worse). Specifically, the "victims" are made to look like poor, downtrodden folk, oppressed by the internet and world at large, and only YOU can help these poor, unfortunate souls... by donating graciously to their Kickstarter or Patreon accounts. In reality, these professional victims do quite well for themselves.

either [Zoe Quinn] is severely stockholmed, or she herself is a troll. No questions about it.


—friend of Candace Owens, How a Torpedoed Kickstarter Campaign Unintentionally Revealed An Unlikely Unit Of Cyber-Terrorists

"Victims" of the Victimhood Industry

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