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Victor1st, e-fame is tough work

Victor1st is a trekkie cunt and attention whore, who can usually be found trolling on livevideo. The story behind Victor1st is epic in nature, and confusing at best. What is known about Victor1st is that he has been banned from almost every single Star Trek "online" related community (other than the one he created for himself) and continues to live with his parents somewhere in Scotland.

Victor1st on Victor1st

this section has been declared "wrong" by Victor1st

Typical facial gesture Victor1st makes before sending out a bulletin

According to Victor:

  • "Director and founder of the oldest star trek gaming fan site on the net [1] with over 100,000 page hits PER DAY, interviews with Paramount Pictures (the former license holder for Star Trek) interviews with Activision, MadDoc, Totally Games, Interplay, MicroProse and now the new series of interviews and views on the revamp of the Star Trek gaming franchise with Bethesda Softworks (makers of Oblivion) at the helm. Star Trek Gamers is simply the leading site on the internet for Star Trek gaming news, podcasts and interviews. Web designer by trade, 30 years old living in west of scotland. I run [email protected] to help out the SETI project find life outside of this little edge of the galaxy we live in...unless we get wiped out by an asteroid first before we find anything...or a black hole...or the sun going supernova...or gay sex"
  • Victor1st is the founder and admin of Star Trek Gamers and has been around in the trek gaming community for more than a decade. Having started the original Armada Clan Directory in 1999 with the late Jennifer Venra the original site has changed over more than half a decade to the 100,000 hits a day site it is now. Either loved or hated the STG is the last of the massive independent sites from the last decade which has still remained to this day. The original Argus Array was actually a section in the old Hailing Frequencies podcast called "The Victor1st Zone" however when HF stopped broadcasting Victor decided to release the zone as a stand alone podcast at the beginning of this year, from there The Argus Array was formed during gay sex.


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Victor1st IRL girlfriend Katherine.
  • StarTrek-Gamers was the first (and only) site to have all its members banned from Taldren's Starfleet Command Boards for harassment and multiple forum rule violations.
  • Victor1st is the first (and only) person to have been at one time or another banned from every major Star Trek Gaming fansite.
  • StarTrek-Gamers was the first (and only) site to have have it's links removed from Bethesda's Legacy website and forums due to ongoing forum violations and abuse. (do ya see a pattern yet? lol)
  • Victor1st and Kathrine are the first (and only) Star Trek gaming site owners who have admitted to joining a clan for the sole purpose of destroying it from within.
  • Victor1st and Kathrine are the first (and only) Star Trek gaming fans and website owners to harass the ONLY connection the fan community had with Paramount... Harry Lang... into leaving the community after many years of happily interacting with fans. Yep his continual attacks on the man, calling him a rape supporter and lying about writing the head of Viacom trying to get him fired over many many months ended with Harry leaving the community.

... and get this... Kathrine admitted in a forum post that she was happy about it and I quote "...this was the plan all along and I'm glad it worked!".

  • Victor1st and Kathrine are the first (and only) Star Trek gaming web admins who for the last decade have shared the same IP address on multiple websites. ya'd think two adults who are cousins and have different jobs and lives wouldn't keep having the same ip for so many years.
  • StarTrek-Gamers is the first (and only) website who's staff has actively attempted to get Star Trek game developers in trouble and fired.
  • StarTrek-Gamers is the first (and only) website who has managed to harass a developer of a Star Trek game to to the point of him calling them an 'asshole' and then calling and emailing the publisher and succeeding in getting the dev fired.
  • StarTrek-Gamers is the first (and only) website to have actually caused work on modding tools for the community which they pretend to support halted by getting the only person who was working on them fired. (and the community still has no tools... thanks STG... NOT!)
  • StarTrek-Gamers is the only site to have been removed by publishers due to their behavior (removed from Perpetual's Star Trek Advisory Board... removed from Bethesda's website... removed from Taldren's forum and shunned by Activision).


this section has been declared "correct" by Victor1st

Kirk and the Crew Hate Victor1st
  • Unable to captivate an audience at Youtube, Victurd migrated over to the Promise Land.... where he focused on taking down anybody that might interfere with his social status. In Feb 2007 LV decided to create a idiotic social gathering online, Victor became enraged and started screaming hate and discontent against people that had nothing to do with the ball or Victurd. Victurd begun his smear campaigns against people whose social standings in the communities were higher than his.... something that Victurd was famous for all over the internets...
  • When other LV's found out about this asswipe slander, many people vloged war against Victurd, creating a uproar in the pleasantville community.... little did the migrates know that this was exactly what Victurd wanted...
  • A month later Victurd came out in a response to Cavemans video about subscibing whores and manually adding people on to your friends list, little did anybody know that Victurd and others were not really adding manually but using a script, which automated all users on LV. Once Victurd had gotten over 1000 subs, he decided to make a video at Youtube explaining to his 40 subscribers that he was leaving Youtube and would only be at LiveVideo where he was in the top 20 for most subs....... Fame from cheating, Victurd's head blew up like a balloon.
  • In order to get those on LV whose social standings were higher and more well liked than Victurd, The Script program was offered, only in an attempt for Victurd to expose them as cheaters, making others look bad... The lame attempt backfired, and several community members exposed Victurd for the foul baby teeth downs syndrome moron that he was. Victurds biggest Mistake was pissing a one girl revolution off in Feburary with his smear campaigns aganist her friends... Thinking that it was all water under the bridge, unaware that she was checking up on him, Victurd continue to lie and slam people in the community including her.
  • Victurd was exposed for not only enjoying tearing communities apart for game, but hated within the Star Trek community as well. Victurd was exposed for being Katherine as well as all the Verna family and a user name Tony as well, where he would have conversations with himself. Victurd created a video on YouTube May 2007 talking smack about contributions for the ED [[>server]], only to be exposed as trying to get money off community members in LV for his sever errors... After lying to the one woman that really ever liked him, Victurd suckered a single mother out of money, so he could fly Tadrockhogan out for wild buttsex.



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