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iCarly, now with twice the jailbait.

Victorious is an American teen shitcomedy show created by Dan Schneider (the very same guy who created iCarly) for Nickelodeon. The show can be seen as the Nickelodeon version of Glee as it features a cast of talent-whores who make new age music ever more intolerable by also including pseudo teen romance that only five-year-olds and pedophiles would take seriously. The show stars Tori Vega, who is basically Carly Shay if you took out the web show and placed her in an Arts school where her ungodly Mary Sueness will shine until your eyes melt away. There she meets an entourage of freaks, which includes a retarded redhead with a serious bipolar disorder and a goth bitch, who will soon become her friends. Like iCarly, this show is unfunny. And just like iCarly, fantards love this show.



  • Jade West: Total bitch of a goth girl, complete with being boyfriend-possessive, having daddy issues, and a thing for scissors and harming.
  • Cat Valentine: When someone's catchphrase is "What's that supposed to mean!?" and considers "poking people in the stomach" a flirting technique, then you know you've got yourself a real genius here. It's rumored that she is supposed to be Patrick Star as a female human.
  • Robbie Shapiro: A jewish nerd who flips the fuck out whenever a girl shows the slightest sign of affection towards him . He also carries around a really creepy puppet named Rex that he uses to hit on girls. You think that's creepy? That's nothing; he actually treats Rex like a real person, going as far as to taking him to the hospital after he got sucked into a wind machine (yes, the puppet got taken to a fucking hospital and got saved by Tori). He has a crush on Cat. Basically he's a socially and really awkward guy and is very strange as fuck. He always has bad luck happening and no girl would ever be that interested in him except Cat. Although he's part of the group of Tori's friends.
  • Erwin Sikowitz: The school's acting class teacher. Aside from "getting visions from drinking coconut milk" and "climbing into his classroom through the window", he's your normal everyday sex offender.

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