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Once there was a kid bored in his basement. He opened up Web 2.0 and opened up Jewtube. It was bad. He therefore looked far and wide for something redeemable and found Ventrilo. Thus, Ventrilo Harrassment was born!

Oh lulz

He exploited the newfags, emos and nerds at Ventrilo with his leet soundboard skills. His aim was to reach fame by linking his mates to his videos. Caught by instant lulz and win the videos quickly reached over 9000 views. But Jewtube got tired of all the flame and banned his accounts several times. So he started creating channels with just one video until the admins got tired and gb2k.

The lulz did not last long. Ventrilo admins caught up and updated the security to avoid hacks and nothing of value was lost. The current location of Videocompiler is unknown.

How do I harrassed channel?

The first victim was a woman calling herself Peggy. Videocompiler lurked into their server out of lulz expecting the obvious banhammer. For some reason unknown she shortly afterwards started raging the crap out of Ventrilo. Some argue she'd just escaped out of a mental institution. More recently, another hacker made a soundboard of Peggy and then used it to troll another vent server.

Video List

Damn, that nerd was active.

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