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A caged bird doesn't sing.

Vincent Weiguang Li is a 40-year-old batshit insane, samurai chink from Edmonton, Alberta. Li gained a bit of notoriety in July of 2008 for brutally murdering,beheading and eating parts of a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus. However since this all happened in Canada, noone in the rest of the world could really give a shit, and unfortunately Li will never attain the status and prestige of a Jeffery Dahmer or a John Wayne Gacy. Ro Rad.

The Ride Of His Life

Shithead/victim... And chink?

It all happened on July 31, 2008. While making the arduous journey across Canada's prairie-lands wastelands, Mr. Li had the misfortune of being seated next to Tim McLean, a 22 year old carnie who also happened to be down with the clown. As the bus trip dragged on Li was subjected to more and more of McLean's faggotry, which consisted of but was not limited to, chugging Faygo and reciting the Juggalo creed. Finally enough was enough and Li had to take a stand. Right in the middle of a killer verse Li pulled out his samurai sword and put a scratch in that CD that noone could fix. Unfortunately for Li, he was now consumed in an insane chink rage and proceeded to cut up McLean six ways to Sunday, leaving a bloodied mess of clown parts.

Chinese Guillotine

Leave me to meditate on my art, you swine. Then I must run to the wilds of nature and find new inspiration!!

By this point the other passengers had noticed the exemplary job Li had done on McLean, and wanting to give this artist the privacy he needed to finish his masterpiece, they persuaded the bus driver to pull over and disembarked. Li, who was still feeling his chink rage, pondered what else he could do to this mess of dead faggot in front of him. That's when true inspiration hit him. He took his sword and began carving away at McLean's neck. Seeing that something truly special was going on, the bus driver, a passenger, and some random trucker stepped aboard the bus to gain a glimpse at genius at work. Li was not pleased with this interruption and banished them from the bus, but not before showing the pinnacle of his work: McLean's severed head. At this point Li locked the door of the bus and went back to work on his masterpiece.

Notice the exquisite flowing lines, the dramatically contrasting colours and the organic shapes.

Why So Crazy

Genius or madman?

According to Canadian police, when they first arrived on the scene Li was taunting them with McLean's head from the driver's seat. This is clearly an inability by the cops to understand genius at work. Why was Li sitting in the driver's seat, you ask? Well obviously he wanted to take his art exhibit on the road but the bus wouldn't run due to some jealously from the bus driver. The fact that he had McLean's head with him can only mean that he was looking for some hot oral action while on the road. Another misunderstanding of Li comes from the other passengers who described him as being robot like and expressing no emotion (i.e. being Asian). What these passengers don't understand is what it's like to be "in the zone" when working on a piece of art. All of these allegations of Li being crazy have since been put to rest by court appointed psychiatrists who have deemed him competent to stand trial. The fun begins in May 2009.

The Passengers Speak Out

I never took the time to know him, but he seemed to be OK, right, just a kid.


—Some fellow faggot on McLean

There was no rage or anything. He was just like a robot stabbing the guy.


—Li was a terminator

He must have stabbed him 50 times or 60 times...Like, just everywhere, arms, legs, neck, chest, guts, wherever he could swing it, he got it


—Li going for the high score

Some people were puking, some people were crying, other people were in shock. . . . Everybody was running, screaming off the bus


Art haters

many were watching the movie "The Legend of Zorro" when the violence erupted.


Fox News ftw

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