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This page is about an attempted an hero.

DeWayne Craddock colorized.jpg
DeWayne Craddock
Born 15 October 1978
Nationality Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed 12, injured 5
Top 50? No, but tied with Aaron Alexis for top nigger high score
Style FPS single player, stealth
An Hero? No, killed by police
Occupation Public utilities engineer

The Virginia Beach Shooting was a shooting carried out by a nigger named DeWayne Craddock. After realizing he was living a stable life with no troubles, DeWayne decided it was time to chimp out on his coworkers for pretty much no reason. CNN and all of the other stupid news sites tried to frame him as a "disgruntled" employee but it turns out he still had his job before resigning the same day of his shooting. Going to the office where he worked, he infiltrated the it using his job title went in using nothing more than two .45 handguns, (one suppressed). and the rage that drove his groid rage. Surprisingly he managed to frag 12 people and injured 5, tying with Aaron Alexis as the top nigger high scorer.


DeWayne as a young lad in 1995. No wonder he started working out.
Another photo of Craddock around that time.

There's not a lot of info on the guy right now, mainly because Old Media and Virginia Beach PD is trying to not acknowledge him at all. All that's been released is that he was in the National Guard, left, then worked at Virginia Beach as an engineer for 15 years and had no criminal record. Also he liked cars and lifted weights. Reportedly he was a loner who didn't go anywhere much and didn't have much company. The lack of information is probably because he doesn't look like other people who shot up places.


Despite earning over 200K a year and having a pretty cushy job, Craddock was bored with his lack of friends, girlfriend, or social life and decided that the most logical solution was to go for the high score. He purchased several guns including two .45 caliber pistols. He also equipped the suppressor and extended mags attachment on one of them for maximum tacticoolness. On the day of the chimpout, Craddock emailed his boss telling him he was done his job and was fucking off for 'personal reasons'. Later in the day he loaded up the map de_municipal_VB and selected the duel pistol loadout. He first started the match by headshotting his supervisor in his car before zergrushing the building. He first quickly strafe jumped up to the second floor and rushed the senior staff area and pwned several of them with some .45 hollows. Afterwards he proceeded to pwn people on the other two floors of the building but according to witnesses he was specifically targeting only high ranking employees.

After scoring a 12 killstreak and 4 assists Craddock had acquired a 3 star wanted level and subsequently had to deal with counter terrorist NPCs spawning on the map. The first four grouped up and confronted Craddock on the second floor of the map but he shot back at them hitting one counter terrorist but only getting a hitmarker as he was running body-armor I. The cops engaged in a long 1 v 4 match where Craddock tried to get a clutch play but he was unsuccessful as the counter terrorists eventually gunned him down. Overall counter terrorists won but not before Craddock fragged 12 and hitmarkered 5. Not bad for a pistol only loadout.


Unsurprisingly, Twitter and the media got majorly butthurt about someone using boom-boom sticks again. There were immediate calls for gun control and just a general BAWWW fest. When it was revealed the shooter was black, everyone stopped sperging out because he didn't look like a white devil. Some of the notable reactions include this retarded one. Other than that, it was a pretty average reaction to when there's a major shooting in the Jewnited States.


The map where DeWayne played his match.
Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: Unidentified .45 Handgun x 2
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  • Equipped with Suppressor and Extended Mag
  • Thrown: Resignation Letter
Transparent email icon.png
  • Consider it a going-away gift
  • Perk 1: Bling
  • Allows two attachments on primary weapon
  • Perk 2: Cold-Blooded
  • Undetected by police or armed guards
  • Perk 3: Last Stand
  • Pull out pistol before police shootout


Graded Score
Kill Count:
5 injured
Had "advanced individual training" in the National Guard
Resigned before he started shooting, used suppressor
Caused butthurt among liberal because guns but he was black so the outrage wasn't so big
No immediate motive, America's worst shooting of 2019 lol nope, Virginia Beach's worst shooting massacre
Total Score: 78/100 (C+)
Navy Yard 2.0
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Wanted Level
Vice Squad

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