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This might as well be the coolest part in the game.

Visions is a Christian MMORPG. It was discovered by EQ2Flames users in December of 2009. The game isn't even being developed by actual game developers, unless "Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo" is an actual company, or Laurene Wells is like, the Smed of it. In fact, of their total goal on their profile, they have obtained $107 out of $58,692 by their deadline. Actually, the game looks like Darkfall except worse. So they should probably win an award for that feat. And Darkfall actually released...

It's also worth noting (and funny) because a devout Catholic game developer, Brad McQuaid, referred to the perfect MMO as The Vision.

Fuck it, it's the WoW killer.


"We didn't forget the Christian furries!"

Where most other online games have the play character kill a never ending hoard of enemies to gain experience and purchase levels from a trainer, Visions will have play characters learn their skills by completing quests, and then use their skills to improve their ability that skill. The skills they use the most will be the skills they are best at.


—The developers, on the game being yet another "skill-based" game;

Visions is supposed to be a first-person MMORPG, except without the whole FPS stuff. Maybe you can be like David and have a slingshot to shoot down giants or something. The plot takes place in about 100 A.D. during the times of Emperor Trajan. Over time new emperors will rise to the throne and new quests will appear.

There are are fuckton of classes (but not as much as EQ2), separated into crafters (bakers and shit), outdoorsmen such as ranchers, physical classes like mercenaries, and scholastic classes (like an entertainer. How the entertainer entertains is never mentioned.)

There are also supposed to be classes based on scriptures...aptly named "Scripture Quests". Too bad, due to the game's lore, there isn't anything like nail Jesus to the cross for 100 XP or almost sacrifice your son to God to prove your faith.


Before their deadline on the Kickstarter page, here's what you would get for donating:

What do I get for Pledging to the Visions project?

It's the question everyone wants to know first! So we'll answer it for you first as well.

$3 pledge: Special Donor Only forum access.

$12 pledge: above+ 20 exclusive Desktop Screens to download (Visions), Download of Interactive Parables

$40 pledge: above+ Download of Chariots and a PDF map, 1 account with 3 months unlimited access, Download of Interactive Bible: James

$70 pledge: above+1 week pre-launch access, + Website supporter listing with link, 1 account with 6 months unlimited access, Download of Interactive Bible: 1 Peter* (* when available - late '09 or early '10)

$144 pledge: above+ 1 Ancient Roman coin, 1 year unlimited access for 1 account, Download of Interactive Bible: 2 Peter* (when available - late '09 or early '10)

$969 pledge: above+ 1 signed Visions DVD upon release, 7 total Ancient Roman coins, 3 accounts with lifetime access

$3,000 pledge: above+ Name an NPC, 3 signed DVDs upon release, 12 total Ancient Roman coins, 50 total Desktop screens, 7 accounts with lifetime access (Something for the whole family!), Download of all future GraceWorks Interactive games.

$5,000 pledge: above+ Name an NPC + Suggest a Quest (In honor of a loved one?), 5 signed DVD's upon release, 30 total Ancient Roman coins, 100 total Desktop screens, 12 accounts with lifetime access (Get your friends in the game!)



The page claims that the cash would have gone to office supplies, software used for developing, marketing, and street preachers. Since there's been nothing suggesting the project ending completely, one can only assume that it's still going. The plan to release this in March 2010. Uh-huh. Aventurine, what say you?

They also plan to use their own money for...

We have been invited to appear on Heart of America with William Shatner!



Visionary Videos


Check out the Crysis-like graphics!

Reactions of EQ2Flames and ED IRC

It is safe to say that the free market has not deemed this an efficient use of resources.


—Illuminator, of EQ2Flames


<Sheneequa> Funding Unsuccessful
<Sheneequa> they reached their deadline with .2% of their goal
<Sheneequa> ouch



—Sheneequa in #wiki

If there really was an MMO backed by jesus he would have hotter chicks making the pitch imo.


—Argyuile, of EQ2Flames

I'm not waiting three days for a rez. Time sink...


—Silverfox, of EQ2Flames

The internet should have restrictions.


—Blackgate, of EQ2Flames

Fuck all the haters. I already pledged. This game is going to fucking own.


Leonideus, of EQ2Flames

Wow. Just.... ah fuck it.


—ToressaEQ2, of EQ2Flames

<xlene> im beting no mage or druid classes


—xlene in #ed

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