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Because the world would be a better place without us.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is a group and website run by batshit crazy liberal hippies who like to celebrate human life. Indeed, their motto is "May we live long and die out." Being the nice, kind, people that they are, the VHEM call for people to live for at least 100 years, with maximum satisfaction in life, as long as they don't have any children. This makes Pedobear very, very angry. However, it is known that due to the fact that humans cannot resist giving into their urges, many VHEM members have created rape dungeons in secret, where they breed like rabbits with a 16-year-old girl that they grabbed off the streets against her will. If other VHEM members find out about these, they are ejected from the cult, but that's a blessing in disguise, kinda like realizing that recent changes patrol on Wikipedia wasn't that much fun anyway.

It is not known whether the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement disapproves of having sex outright, but since Catholics cannot use contraception unless it's the rhythm method which is a notoriously failure at not making babies, it is not popular in many parts of Europe. However, the people of the pussy liberal Protestant countries of Scandinavia embrace such ideas, because they celebrate cultural suicide by allowing Islamic immigrants to treat their native people like second-class citizens. This is in contrast with the right-wing government of Italy, which has enough sense to see that bulldozing mosques is a good thing and is funny, so we can laugh at Muslims being denied their dream of Eurabia. This is relevant because Arab and other dark-skinned Homo sapiens would be the last people to join such a shitty cult as the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement because they like to produce approximately 7.8 children per woman, and ED actually thinks that this is one area in which these people can see sense.


This shit is worse than Wikipedia, Scientology and Jack Chick. Combined. Notice how Godwin's Law is shown true in this comic strip, because the VHEM are such low, vile scum as to compare their opponents to Nazis, which is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
As with other such cults, the VHEM resorts to such low, sleazy tactics as attempting to subtly have a go at the intelligence of anyone who questions them by comparing breeders to Neanderthals. But don't worry, because their dogma is nothing to be scared of.
What they want you to think.
Pedobear is disappointed with the VHEM. He's not supercentenarian-loving bear, is he? After all, the VHEM hold nothing against having a long life.

The philosophy of the VHEM is fairly clear, but still completely retarded. Because these pussies feel liberal guilt and white privilege about living in a country with a high Human Development Index, they think it is their job to take on the task of reversing the effects of global warming. A leading anthropologist recently stated that if insects were to die out, the effects on the global ecosystem would be massively damaging and irreversible, but if humans were to die out, the rest of the animals wouldn't even give a fucking shit, and they wouldn't have to face volcanic fireballs spitting from the earth's surface caused by the acceleration of ice cap melt and depletion of the ozone layer, which only just gets worse and worse with time, or so the conspiracy theory goes. Come on, do it for the animals! They're so much more important than us!

As you can see, their self-hatred is pretty lulzworthy, and would be ripe for trolling if they had forums. It should also be noted that white supremacists on Stormfront think that the VHEM is yet another Jew conspiracy to destroy the white race, because the only languages that the website is available in are the European ones, despite the fact that it includes almost every European language, even Belorussian. While this is quite a farfetched theory and Stormfront is full of neo-Nazis whose views often use highly questionable logic and seek to blame people other races for their own failings, it is considerably less crazy than the VHEM itself. Since the population growth in European countries amongst native people is tiny, and indeed often below replacement rate, compared to those of third-world nations whose economies are apparently growing just as rapidly as their populations (look at the current price of oil and the new demand for it in Asia), the VHEM would be better targeting those people. One way to do this would be by using Wikipedia, and teaching the child in Africa that wanting not to have children is a good thing, so that it might become cynical at realizing how fucking batshit crazy some of the people in the Western world really are.

I'm extra smart. Shouldn't I pass on my genes?

Well, could you pass a minimal intelligence test if one were required for a "license to breed"?

To find out, simply answer this question:

In light of the 40,000 children dying of malnutrition each day, and considering the number of species going extinct as a result of our excessive reproduction, do you think it would be a good idea to create another of yourself?


If you answer "yes", it says:

We're sorry, your intelligence is not high enough to perform basic logic.

Thank you for trying.

Please consider the many options to creating "one of your own".


But if you answer "no", it says:


You're smart enough to pass on your genes.

Thanks for not doing so.


This shit is worse than Scientology! It does not allow its members to even question the quite obviously flawed logic that this uses, which basically assumes that the child in Africa is equivalent to one of your children in terms of how important it is to the world, and not only has such equality never existed, it never fucking will. As long as people in the third world are not educated about the effects of AIDS and their rampant breeding upon the world's capacity to sustain its population, things will never change. These starving children are bred only to work on the farmland when in the Sahel in the southern Sahara it's all turning to fucking desert anyway. Excuse me, but you'd have to be the biggest fucking dumbass in the world to believe that money is not more important than human life, especially that of the child in Africa.

The VHEM really, really makes tools of its members. A good way to IRL troll the VHEM is to have multiple wives, and have ten children with each one. Some Encyclopedia Dramatica users wish that 90% of men were gay so they could have 10 wives, because for most men who are not faggots, pedophiles, furries or pussy liberal fucks like these dipshits, there is nothing more pleasurable than having sex with as many women as possible, often at the same time. For an epic win, you could make a series of porno movies of it and send them to VHEM members' homes.

TL;DR Don't believe the brainwashing that these cunts are trying to impose on gullible, vulnerable people.

However, there is one positive side to VHEM: anyone who's enough of a weak-minded idiot to be brainwashed by their ideology shouldn't be having children anyway, thus they perform a valuable service.

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