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Somebody should do something about it.

A foxtaur gorged with bunny babies is sexy, no?

Vox's Posse may sound like a name for a furry gang that does gang rape everyday, but the reality is much more horrid than that. Vox's Posse, also known as Vox and xionzappa, possesses an ego so huge, it doesn't realize that even villains are not immune to the curse of cliches and cutouts made from butts and cocks munching away at pieces of paper decorated with his lovely face. Yes, we're calling it an it because it is into bunnies and feminine males with which it does... things. It loves sharing its vast repositories of knowledge with other voraphiles and barking orders around its playmates. And it will hunt you down if you don't follow its orders to the letter.

Notable Porn Stories

As he closed his eyes for what he thought was the last time, he praised the creature all around him, calling him perfect, marveling at the splendor of what would be his new world, his new place in life. And then, Marl fell asleep, never expecting to wake up.


—Vox's Posse, Epsilon Side Story - Marl's Fate

In other words, the commissioner basically paid for the honor of sucking Vox's Posse's cock.

Roleplaying his way: It's the law

  1. You cannot eat his characters.
  2. If you do, they must not die.
  3. However, you must die.
  4. You must be gullible.
  5. You must be horny.
  6. You must not fight, even while being raped.
  7. Only Vox's Posse is allowed to godmod.
  8. He finds people who do combat RPs with him laughable, but only because he can godmod his way through.
  9. Provide soft, tender penises of little kids, like in the picture to the left, taken from his photobucket profile.

Basically, rping with your friendly neighborhood Vox is simple. You sit there and get raped repeatedly, and then eaten. If you don't like that, he'll ask you why you're roleplaying with him. Chances are, you're a gullible piece of voraphilic shit he begged to roleplay with.

(If you missed them, go back and read over it again. There are exactly 3 logic fails hidden in that paragraph!)

Of course, if you do do what you're told and allow yourself to get raped and eaten, you can still anger the great Vox's Posse if you don't do exactly what he says. This is because you have no free will of your own. This guy, he's important. If you don't kiss his ass enough, he might just ridicule you publicly for not bowing to him.

And then, as if that's not bad enough, he will talk crap about you behind your back, even going so far as to mock his rape victim (the character you used to give him something to fuck). He's actually pretty infamous for saying nasty things to people in private after an rp, but we have yet to get a hold of any of these notes or chat transcripts because, well, everyone deletes theirs as not even vorefags have time for this guy's shit. But if you look at the section on the Suethor battle below, we can confirm that that spawned many hate filled exchanges in private.

Chat Behavior

Vox's Posse has only a few options of behavior on a chatroom. In an idle state, he will simply post repeated LFRP nonsense, generally stating that his current character is lounging around and looking sexy/cute/bored/hungry/whatever the hell he wants. Upon being approached, his behavior depends solely upon the literacy of the victim. If the person is capable of speaking decent English, he will be perfectly willing to RP with them, and will proceed to destroy their soul at the conclusion of the RP, regardless of whether they consented to such treatment or not. When called out on this, he will angrily declare that he does nothing that the other person asked for. Apparently, looking at Vox means you're just asking to have your soul destroyed. Note: every character profile includes a note that the character can "digest souls and reform prey." However, his characters never reform prey unless the prey is another of his own characters. Or a moderator.

For those people who fail to meet the literacy standards required to die at the hands of Vox's posse, he refuses to take the logical route and inform them that he is not interested, or to simply ignore them. Instead, he finds such LOLCREATIVE ways of ridding himself of unwanted furries as picking them up and placing them near someone else who is clearly trying to avoid them, or having a brain-damaged penguin row them into the middle of a lake and abandon them there under pretenses of treasure. Of course, anyone dumb enough to require this treatment immediately godmods their way back, anyway.

On a separate level are chat moderators and artists, whose legs Vox will hump on sight. These are completely immune to his usual reckonings on literacy (though his main bodyguard, Tristan Hawthorne, claims to be an English major). However, he doesn't care whether a person speaks more eloquently than Shakespeare or talks like a black person on crack if they can either protect him from scary people criticizing him, or draw him free pictures.

TL;DR Vox pisses off smart people, fails to deal with dumb people, and kisses the asses of mods and artists. A good way to troll him would be to pretend to actually seek an RP, and proceed to insist that what he's doing is wrong.

How does I count characters?

Although Vox's Posse has created a plethora of characters, you only need to know the one master template for all his sadistic villains: The self proclaimed ‘Sexiest fox-taur named Vox in the universe.’ Every vicious predator, like Vox, has a heart of gold underneath piles of fluff growling for your flesh. This is to make sure that when they devour you, they can give you a long, passionate fuck session before shoving you up their asses, which is the most preferred method. The second most common method is a strange form of docking where the predator shoves more than your cock inside his cock. The rarest method of them all, which appeals to most voraphiles is the classical snake-like eating style. The best part? You can't fight back! Of course, you're safe if you possess no morals. They love innocents.

Despite the cruelty of his villains, they end up saving people you should obviously care for. Everyone has the same set of morals, so even heartless psychopaths should care for nice, hard working people who don't get what they "deserve" in life. If you don't, you're worse than Vox: You don't even have feelings! It makes you wonder if Vox actually imagines about eating the people he saved. They are innocents, you know.

Scratch that, there's only one

Recently, Vox's Posse revealed the most obvious thing ever, except for the fact that it turns out that everything takes place in or on his fursona. Of all the fursonas, even the unusual werejohncandy/grinch, why make it a world? Mr. Vox's Posse, as always, has a mindnumbing tale that YOU MUST LOVE:

First off, lemme talk about Vox. What he is. He was originally a black cat anthro. The name came from a character from the old game 'Loaded' for PS1. She was a female DJ who killed people with soundwaves. The fox-taur idea came when I saw this picture http://www.chakatsden.com/chakat/Images/alle.jpg I just fell in love with that personality, that confidence. I was very shy at the time. I wanted that to be my character. Confident, sexy, arrogant, vain, kind of a handsome, slightly villonous predator obsessed with beauty, inspired heavily by Vega from Street Fighter. Oh what a long way I've come.

For a while, Vox was that. I mean, the whole 'god of a world' only came up about a year ago. Around the time of the VOCT. Coincidence? No. The tournament scared me and I became afraid of what would happen if someone took Ploro's soul. It really, REALLY got to me. I mean, I knew it was just a non cannon story, but such cool entries made me feel weak and a little usless. So I decided I was going to do two things. I was going to start writing and I was going to make Vox powerful. ...

Beforehand, I just had attacks bounce off fact for no reason. He just wasn't there for combat. I gave him a story. I made him the spirit of a world. Gave me a reason he's so strong, a way to protect the souls of my prey chars and a setting for my stories.


—Vox's Posse, his journal

TL;DR, Vox only exists as a wish-fulfillment device.

So if Vox is a wish-fulfillment device, then what are the characters that Vox saves? Why Vox's Posse, of course!

(02:33:20 PM) xionzappa: *Smiles* People tell me emotions are my strong suit. It wasn't difficult to put emotion in that story. Damien's life mirrors my own.

(02:42:15 PM) aeternumvox: Ah. Is it okay if I ask you about how your life is like Damien's? (02:43:51 PM) xionzappa: I might reveal more of that later when I know ya a little better. But we do have a connection. He's one of my main chars and was based off me.


—Vox's Posse, revealing his sexual fantasy to be a damsel in distress

Isn't it ironic for his ego that he's inserted himself as both the damsel in distress and the tyrant in his little world?

He's got no idea what he's talking about

Vox's Posse's mind is absolutely astounding. Here are some valuable nuggets of knowledge he wants to share with you.

...No. I don't think so. To be a god you have to be born a god and have control over some element, right? I'm just a controller. I rule over my little speck in the galaxy and that's that.



—Vox's Posse, not knowing that gods can control worlds and/or aspects and can earn their godhood

Unless Sparky got one very angry, he knew he didn't need to worry. Unfortunately for him, the defense mechanism that most pikachus could rely on, their low current of electricity, didn't seem to work in Epsilon.


—That's right, Vox made it so that the "low" current of energy required to arc energy and overcome a living organism's resistance doesn't work. I guess Epsilon still uses candles...

The neko turned to the moogle, tears streaming down his young face. "Tsumi! Use your magic! It's all we have left!"

Tsumi looked as fearful as the neko, but gave a slow nod. "O-okay, kupo."



—Vox's Posse, believing weeaboo naming schemes add depth to his story

Vox was called many things, from a tyrant to a madman, but few truly knew anything about him.


—Vox's Posse, commanding you to pity him

Rumors were ample and theories everywhere, yet the truth about Vox was known only to his closest friends, deep within the heart of Epsilon.


—Vox's Posse, showing textbook USI

The only problem was, Vox already had a mate. With the amount of sex that both Vox and Dizzy partook in, neither was angry, yet the problem had to be solved. Vox decided to make things simple. He ate the puma taur and took her kid. And so, Tiller came to be.


—What? It's not like they could have just let her go...

The Ballroom. A name like that might evoke the image of a fancy room filled with royalty, dancing with partners to piano music from long ago. Vox's Ballroom wasn't quite what one would imagine. Hidden deep underground the city of Epsilon, the Ballroom had no doors connecting it to the surface of Epsilon, yet it did have a constant supply of fresh air somehow. The Ballroom was a single room of a rectangular shape. This room, despite its inaccessibility, was easily as massive as a sporting stadium


—This room's existence is there for the sole purpose for allowing Vox to shove shit up his ass in private

Vox knew that he had done cruel, terrible, unforgivable things and he was not going to deny that. These people had come with the hope of seeing good triumph over evil. Yet it was not their kingdom. Instead of helping the poor, the hungry and the forgotten, they had chosen to go on a crusade. They were interfering in another's kingdom, trying to tell someone else how to run their world.


Basically, the world works because his mind has direct control over it

The taur looked worried. "Most of them have already faded into the afterlife. Oh...oh my god...he hunted children. He hunted children because they were harder to catch..." There was terror in his voice. He knew Percius was two-faced, but hunting children out of the public eye was far beyond what Vox thought him capable of.


—Eating kids is a noble thing if you're Vox. Otherwise, you're a piece of shit.

Vox shook his head. "Relax, Sparky. I wouldn't dare hurt these three. They are not prey of my city and are the unfortunate victims of a false hero. I've tucked them away deep within me. They're curled up within my essence, snuggled safe and sound." He smiled warmly, making Sparky and Damien smile as well. The taur then let out a soft 'Uuurp.' He'd laugh. "Sorry, that was Percius' soul. Rather sour for my taste but it had to be done."


Benevolence: It's only evil when Vox doesn't do it.

Safe within his walls from foreign threats, no nation could oppose Vox's wicked way... All was well in Epsilon.


Everything's better when Vox's Posse faps.

Heh, don't be sorry. :3 It's just...I like writing vore, but I hate it when the point of a story is just vore. I like plots to be believable and motivations to be understandable. x3 A convention...there are too many holes. There may be a sequel, but it'll have to be something I can really fit with the story.


—Vox's Posse, completely contradicting himself

No. Like this!


—Bags, speaking Vox's motto for roleplaying.

Do you remember... talking about... that before they burned up?... Face it,... pisshead, that...this is just a bullshit story...you brats are dumb enough to follow me


—Vox's Posse, addressing his fans.

No one remembers. No one cares.


—Vox's Posse when he doesn't get attention

Now, I'm sure some of you are asking yourself 'Why should I care about you?' Well, because I'm just that awesome, skippy. XD


—Vox's Posse asking people to fap to him.

Really though, I've just poured my heart and soul into a vore story known as 'Spark of Luck'.


—Vox's Posse lies about the level of effort he puts in.

Of course, it wouldn't be a good story without some vore, right?


—Vox's Posse dividing by zero.

I'd say roleplay is downright healthy because it allows you to express your odder desires with no harm to others. I mean, does sex turn you on? Rape happens. Does that mean you'll never have sex again to make sure you don't go 'too far'?


— Vox's Posse revealing his inner desires and that he has no idea what causes rape. (Hint, it's Jews)

Best idea for a toy ever? No, that's the Tickle Me Elmo.


—Vox's Posse

He will attack you publicly and privately if you don't rp the way he tells you to

What the hell do suethors, a serious critic, and a person who just wants some errors fixed so he can fap properly? They all disagree with Vox's Posse! Depending on which category you fall into, Vox's Posse will treat you in three different ways, each with a clear example:

  1. He will keep your comments unhidden and laugh at you behind his computer screen, since you actually think Vox is a character.
  2. He will call you a troll, if you don't remember every detail from stories about watching paint dry if you're a critic.
  3. Even if you're a fan of his works, he'll delete your comment if you find many faults in it because fans must love everything.

Battle of the Suethors

Nothing can rip your eyes, ears, or any other sensory organs out than a Suethor screaming about how powerful his/her/its character is. When you take two Suethors and combine it with the faggotry from voraphiles and furfags, the level of stupidity is astounding. Generationslayer, whom already got into another nerd fight with another equally retarded tartlet, just had to run into the all-powerful Vox as his new sparring mate. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, they just couldn't decide who has the bigger, meaner, nicer self-insert, as seen below.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Loreit vox power comparison.png
Nerd fights, it's not like they're completely pointless.

Not only that, their little clash provides us with a subtle, but direct example of how Vox's Posse responds to dislike. As you read the picture, notice the calmness of Vox's Posse if you say his work is good before saying it sucks. (See picture 1)

Unlike Generationslayer, Vox's Posse is incapable of forgiving you if you EVER try to say that you're better than him. Or his character. It just isn't possible. (See picture 2)

You can't remember my stories? Troll, I say!

A little more recently, a person decided to ask Vox various questions in detail about his story and the various pitfalls that even a horny reader would notice if s/he wasn't a furry. Some of the highlights from their conversation are here, where Vox reveals several disturbing things in his mentality and his stories:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

xionzappa: Heh, I'm sorry that you feel that way. Plenty of people have told me otherwise and, in fact, requested more of him. I have an odd feeling that you dislike fatal vore...

A: No weak physically or mentally, just kind of weak as a personality. Something almost unmemorable.

xionzappa: Philosophical? *Chuckles* None of this is meant to be philosophical. You seem to be implying that I'm trying to make a 'point' with my stories. Not at all. I simply made a world. A world, yes, without sympathy. *Shrugs* A world where the food chain is applied to sentient beings. I don't want you to 'agree' with Vox. He's just there for you to watch.

A: In other words, "Porn star"

A: You mean if Vox were a normal guy, not a taur, not a furry, not even a vorish pred, would people still like him?

xionzappa: And...you're not offering any sort of 'advice'. You're just saying 'This is bad! Fix it! >8{' And yes, I like to think so. :3 Such duality in him that I love. He sees the world in such black and white. "Things to protect and things to use."

xionzappa: It's why a lot of people have told me they prefer him to other preds. They could have a story with anyone and they choose Vox.

xionzappa: Answer my questions above. Why does Vox protect, from what you've read? Also, you disliked all my stories, even the ones not in Epsilon?

A: But let me get back on topic. I think you think Vox protects things because they're useful to him. But that alone doesn't imply duality. To be able to use something, it has to exist.

A: Thus, logically, you protect those tools you plan to use again. It's not duality, it's logic.

xionzappa: ...Okay, that alone proves to me that you didn't read the stories very closely. What of Damien and Ein then?

xionzappa: And I hardly want critique from someone who doesn't remember the details of what they're critiquing. That's a troll.

Some main points from that conversation:

  • He admits that Vox is basically wallpaper in his world, and then says the stories are about watching Vox.
  • He thinks protecting your tools only so that you can use them later is duality.
  • He says he knows the other person hadn't read his stories because there's no logic in them.
  • He believes trolls are people who don't remember his stories, even though his stories are about a guy he admits to being basically as interesting as paint drying.

Interview with a Pedophile

Trying for a second time, we find the conversation to be about the same.

Use scrollbar to see the full text

A 6:45 pm

  • Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me.
  • Oh, uh, I guess by the lack of response, you must.

Vox’s Posse: 6:46 pm

  • Oh, hi, yes I do.

A 6:46 pm

  • Well, either way, we found the child porn in your photobucket
  • That's all. Baiz

Vox’s Posse: 6:47 pm

  • ...Erm...okay?

A 6:47 pm

  • Yeah. Just thought I'd inform you of that.

Vox’s Posse: 6:47 pm

  • You found the child porn 'drawings'. Nice to know.

A 6:48 pm

Vox’s Posse: 6:48 pm

A 6:48 pm

Vox’s Posse: 6:49 pm

  • <Snerk> Molester? You seem to be blurring the lines of fantasy and reality.

A 6:49 pm

  • Or.

Vox’s Posse: 6:49 pm

  • ...Or?

A 6:49 pm

  • Or, it's reality.

Vox’s Posse: 6:50 pm

A 6:51 pm

  • Well, actually the quote above shows a general leaning towards "Fantasizes about molesting children."

Vox’s Posse: 6:52 pm

  • Once again, not talking to you. Our conversations never go well and you don't like to listen.

A 6:52 pm

  • Oh no, I love to listen.
  • You have this uncanny ability to twist your tongue.
  • Last time it was like a pretzel.
  • You want a picture?
  • It looks kind of like that kid.
  • The one in the picture.
  • You know, the one you fantasize about molesting?
  • Over and over... all sorts of positions.
  • Till you both get sweaty.

A 6:54 pm

  • Yeah, I know about those too.
  • Wow, refusing to talk to me again huh? I guess I hit a nerve. You see refusing to talk is pleading the fifth, and pleading the fifth means you're guilty.

A 6:56 pm

  • I'll give you five minutes to respond. If you don't in that time, you will be confessing to pedophilia.
  • tick tock tick tock.

A 6:58 pm

  • You've got three minutes left to respond Mr. Vox

Vox’s Posse is offline 6:59 pm IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send Vox's Posse a text message

By blocking like a 13 year old girl, Vox's Posse admitted to pedophilia, on levels comparable with both Micheal Jackson and Pedobear. The pedo says that as long as it's imaginary, it's not wrong, and refers to more pictures than the one we found. In conclusion, Vox's Posse is a sick little hussy who wants to plug his ass with kids.


A fellow voraphile attempted to give honest critique to Vox's Posse, hoping he would fix errors so obvious it prevented the reviewer from masturbating. Before reading the original review, you may want to skim the story where the review used to be. The original review, which was deleted by Vox's Posse, is right here:

I've read some of your work, particularly the Epsilon stories, and formed a general review of them. I'm not sure where to post this, but I guess I'll post here, the first story I read from you.

Now, while your narration provides a solid view of what the reader sees, your content is lacking. And when I say lacking, that is an understatement. Here's why:

  • Information dump at the beginning: You're guilty of it. This treats the readers as if they are stupid. It is better for them to "explore" the world by having bits of info being released to them, giving them a stronger emotional hook to bite.
  • The society structure: Is way out of balance. If you're aiming for the prey to be extinct, go for it! Keep it that way! But at that rate, the preds would die since they can't seem to consume normal food. The prey should be very capable of fighting back since they do all the hard work, while the preds are only in the "prestigious" positions: positions that involve sitting. Also, is Law 29 needed? Your stories already describe them as helpless, and even if the prey were helpless, the preds would still go extinct due to their lack of self-discipline (this is very similar to the spending habits of Americans in the 1920s, which eventually pushed them into the Great Depression). It's implied that the predators do not need to eat to live because when they eat, they get fat. Fat is formed on creatures when they have extra energy they cannot expend.

Recommended history examples to help:

    • Due to the amount of corruption, you may want to examine the Industrial Age for good examples of this.
    • You may also want to study Marxism too, since the governmental policies seem akin to this.
    • Also, consider examining the citizens when the Prohibition was still around: people in Epsilon shouldn't be trusting the government if it's run by predators, let alone a day-care.
    • 1920s, as already stated previously
  • The character design: Obviously shows that it is your wish fulfilment mechanism. For one, all of your predators have the ability to digest souls for no reason. Vox gets to rule with an iron fist with no one opposing him, even though the prey items do have a chance (see item 2). Dizzy is an suck-up solely made for Vox, and it's in a typical role: a girlfriend. Your characters can reform prey, but due to your preferences, it rarely ever happens. Not to mention, the villains seem sadistic for the same reasons (which could bore the reader). Either strip that power or actually implement it. Also, your characters are far too based on your personal life (see Damien or Sparky). This is a mistake amateur and/or beginning writers make a lot.


    • Get out more. Girls don't mindlessly praise their boyfriends.
    • Don't make too many characters that are based off of your personal preferences or life in great quantity. I honestly wouldn't mind if there were one or two, but there's about 10 or so.
    • Remove Vox's ability to alter reality and replace it with something else or make it actually backfire. What's the point of ruling over anything when he has as much power as that?
      • Altering reality should actually not work due how it works (given the information in the story):

http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=174834 <-- Your first comment in there, particularly this sentence: He can control the reality of his being. Notice the his part of it. That would imply he could only alter the reality of himself, but that's another story. Anyway, this "box" isn't just in three dimensions, but would also have to extend to time since it has to encompass all of his being (the fourth being time). Any sudden change in reality might cause this "box" to break or collapse. So if you thought "I must make myself bigger fast" and used this method to grow, you'd break this "box" instantly.

      • Consequent [Too much, even if it worked properly!]: If Vox abuses his power too much (which he does, due to the stories you write), his body should've mutated beyond belief and he should NOT be able to perceive reality normally, like others do.
    • See the era recommendations for making your characters more believable.
  • The world residents: Do not make sense. Near the beginning, you state this:

<snip about Sparky> Even if they had, he was such a small meal that they likely would have left him be. ^If that's the case, wouldn't the prey class citizens end up being his size at this rate? Since the preds prefer bigger meals? And what are Pokemon doing here? I honestly can't see why or how Pokemon got in here or play a crucial part in your stories. Also, another case of world residents not making sense: Unless Sparky got one very angry, he knew he didn't need to worry. Unfortunately for him, the defense mechanism that most pikachus could rely on, their low current of electricity, didn't seem to work in Epsilon. ^Stop raping Pokemon. Pikachus, Raichus, and Pichus...ANY Pokemon can kill them if they output enough electricity...unless Sparky's a baby...meaning he's a Pichu. But he's not. See item 2 for more about society.

If this non-offensive review met all the criteria for the "Vox's Posse Cleanup," it makes you wonder how many similar comments got deleted. No wonder why there's a dearth of comments on the fap material: it's just that horrible.


Upon discovering his article, he registered under the name Xionzappa and deleted fucking everything. Of course, this isn't just out of butthurt: it's just him controlling his insignificant speck of the universe. In fact, his edits to his article prove his journal to be correct on a far more sad scale:

I'm not too fond of doing battles and such. Too attached to my chars and not fond of stories I don't control.


—Vox's Posse, FA journal, proving he cares more about his imagination than other furfags

This thoroughly explains his recent remarks to one of his friends:

(12:49:01 PM) xionzappa: Tell me if there's any way I can help. :3 As I said, I want you to do well as a writer. And, as always, feel free to ignore my criticisms. Always best for you to do things the way you feel most comfortable with and the way you prefer. That's why it's your story and not mine.


—Vox's Posse, saying that because people only care about his stories

If you really want to know to more about what Vox's Posse felt from the usual butthurt, here's the furfag's reasons.

(12:01:06 PM) xionzappa: *Nod nods* I'd say, though I dun exactly want to discuss it. Not terribly fond of that article, you see.

(12:02:02 PM) xionzappa: Point is, that's on a website that bashes furries all the time. x3 Take it all with a few large grains of salt.


—Vox's Posse, not caring about his article

(03:51:33 PM) xionzappa: Cause everything's so misquoted and poorly done. x3

(03:51:38 PM) xionzappa: Yay!

(03:57:19 PM) xionzappa: What, ya don't think it fits me well? :3


—Vox's Posse, after blanking chunks of his article to better for his public image

(03:32:18 PM) xionzappa: ...x3 A bunch of people just screwing around with internet sayings? I dunno.

(03:35:25 PM) aeternumvox: It doesn't seem to appear to be that...Oh god...You might want to look at this: http://encyclopediadramatica.se/Furfaggotry_Portal

(03:42:44 PM) xionzappa: x3

(03:49:57 PM) xionzappa: I feel special. x3


—Proof that Vox's Posse never actually looked at ED before and only heard of it

(03:25:16 PM) xionzappa: So people who don't have it, don't understand it or don't care to understand it will make fun of it, and to be fair, I don't blame them. We're odd and our fetish isn't the most...'acceptable'. Furfag is a common nickname, considering many of the pictures of the furry communities involve gay canines humping eachother.


—Vox's Posse, pretending furfag doesn't offend him

Joining the Fanclub

Vox is a very picky roleplayer, and therefore restricts himself to a small circle of extremely verbose, loyal friends. However, even the most verbose and loyal aren't guaranteed his eternal friendship. The only people to whom Vox's friendship is guaranteed are the moderators he can come crawling to whenever someone criticizes him and any artist who is willing to draw free pictures of his characters on demand. In fact, though he claims to keep very high standards with the people who he is willing to roleplay with, he will make an exception for anyone who falls into the previous two categories; artists, admins and moderators. Furthermore, even the most literate and loyal friends he has are liable to be tossed aside as soon as he grows bored with them, unless they serve one of the two aforementioned purposes. Yes, even the ones who are ready and willing to play a group of frightened, crying children for Vox to shove up his self-righteous ass.

Some members of the Club

Things Vox's Posse Shoves up his Ass

Vox's Posse just loves shoving things up his ass. Here's a list of some of his favorite things... to shove up his ass that is:

Things You should Shove up Vox's Posse's Ass

Now you know all the lovely things Vox's Posse loves shoving up his ass. Now here's a list of lovely list of things that you should shove up his ass for a surprise sex party:

Where you can find him

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