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How leftards describe Vox

Vox Day (powerword Theodore Beale) is a libertarian troll baiting the Americunt Establishment from Europe, he fled at least 100 years ago before they threw his father in jail for protesting the income tax of the Jewnited States government. Unlike the American Revolution though, his dad intended no war and had no army so it ended in fail when the party van caught up, and he is now in jail being raped by Wesley Snipes. Vox is a Libertarian, so of course he stands strongly against doing anything that would benefit another person.

Vox spends his days writing books and trolling the internets professional victim classes, such as Women, Leftards, Mexicans, Jews and Arab. He vigorously defends the right to sexual intercourse for males especially with feminists and thinks voting should be restricted to rich white men (although excluding Jews).

During his 7 year reign of blogging, the waaaaambulance has been dispatched countless times to the typical BAWWWWWfags who say he never thinks of the children and to pls pls stop the hate, omg!! Jews meanwhile, like Michael Medved (who no doubt helped do WTC), did not like his use of history in attacking those who say deporting over 10 million illegal immigrants from America is a logistic impossibility, asserting that the Germans were able to accomplish it in a few years. This obviously made Vox a Nazi, (Because all reasonable people want to stuff undesirables in train cars) and therefore an enemy of all Jews, and since with Jews you lose, Vox is not allowed to be a mainstream intellectual now. Ever.

After spending epic days upsetting the net citizenry (particularly Atheists with Asperger's Syndrome), Vox reverts back to just a regular Eurofied Americunt - he likes to relax with video games, his NFL team, alcoholic beverages with little umbrellas in them and European soccer. At 04:28 on 4 February 2016, Vox successfully installed MediaWiki on his server, and thus Infogalactic was born. The site's main page continues to proudly announce this achievement as a memorial for ages to come.

Early life and career

Vox was born into an average white American family, a precocious child, he was able to figure out that women's rights are wrong by 5 years of age. His father did the science at MIT and before Vox could be retarded functionally and intellectually by the Minnesota state school system, his dad burst into the house and was like 'Yo homes to Bel Air!' The boost in money meant Vox could avoid schooling years interacting with the wonderful new people who immigrate to seek out a better life in the USA because they love what America stands for. Having enough money that he would now be financially secure for life, he became a Libertarian, since rich privileged white people know exactly how society needs to be run and have never had a chance to do this before. A good sprinter, Vox competed at Division 1 college level surrounded by other elite athletes. His first love though, was gaming, and after the daily rigours of study were over he went on to form a gaming company with a fellow mate from Minnesota. Post-college Vox also founded the industrial-techno band Psykosonik with Paul Sebastien in 1991 due to his love of dance music. Being a typical intelligent punk kid in his early 20s with a rich family, he also decided it was time to acquire the customary Porsche and drive it fast. As most successful mature adults do he spends most of his day posting on his blog, [[1]], referring to people who email him as ignorant morons, all while demanding every poster follow his dictatorial rules or face the Banhammer. This includes an absolute ban on making sense, questioning his insane conspiracy theories regarding Vaccines, The Fed and as of late dating. Doing any of these, along with debating in any way shape or form with his wife, will as result in your being denied the chance to participate in this stimulating intellectual discussion.

Worldnetdaily and the birth of trolling activism

Eventually, his love of gaming and improvements in computer technology led to a writing gig at Worldnetdaily, (run by his dad's old golfing buddy Joseph Farah) where he was to be surrounded by other privileged white people and their token minority supporters.

3 days after 9/11 occurred, Vox chose to write a political piece that basically was a rally cry to yield no more freedom when the ensuing response from the federal government got under way. It was well-received, and through it a political troll was born.

Being a through and through brash and wealthy Americunt, Vox did not give a fuck who his victims were or how he would logically demolish them. In 2002, he decided to weigh into the Greatest Love Story the world has ever seen by suggesting that the peace-loving Arabs who want to co-exist as fellow semite brethren next to the Jews in the historical region of their ancestors might want to reconsider their stance, as it would be common sense for their approach to be imitated and ratcheted up over 9000 times to acquire strategic balance. His considered thoughts on the issue led to a bunch of love letters being delivered to his inbox from the Council on American Islamic Relations. His beliefs on Muslims, however are not racism, because he in fact hates all minorities.

Vox Popoli

Plenty of libertarian nerds who sat in their mum's basement all day began to heart the edgy Vox and his super-edgy haircut. So much so that soon they were sending emails asking when he would start blogging. Vox thought it would be a good idea to spread the hate to all the libtards and neocons - he set up Vox Popoli, a play on the Latin term which suited his delusions of grandeur.

Typical Vox Popoli regulars showing how fucking insane they are

At first Vox didn't allow comments, worried about the vast stench of communication that freaks and losers would come to contribute to his posts. But he eventually snapped after weighing the upside of ego stroking to the downside of having to field substantive criticism. Over time, a development of regulars began to surface, who shielded Vox from any attack by shouting down critics with gales of NO U STFU and GTFO. A random mix of White Guys, Rich White Guys, Rich White Women, Creationists, Christfags, Southrons, Racist Americans AND Foreigners appear to make up his regulars, most of whom were drawn from the best and brightest of the readers of Worldnetdaily. These people promptly fastened their lips to Vox's balls, and have not come up for air in roughly 7 years.

Through some of the interactions Vox was able to deduce critical feedback from contributors.. JK, he believes that complete intractability is a beneficial trait and anyone who doesn't have complete moral certainty about what they do is a pussy. Also he has been known to support things like genocide and pedophilia in order to prove a point about his opponent inability to properly articulate their position on things. Most of his regulars gargled his balls triumphantly when he declared that he would murder every toddler in the world if God told him to because "lol, he's God".

Formerly a writer of novels, Vox realised that there was plenty to troll in the real world now that people were listening to him, and his fantasy realm of pretend could stay in the background while he tried to anger those who had become accustomed to acclaim from their fellow intellectual peers. He then proceeded to use every exposure in public to show people exactly why Libertarians will never be viable as a Third Party, acting like an insufferable Jackass, and sharing his insightful ideas with people who realized that voting for Democrats or Republicans is still better than giving power to a smug, fart smelling asshole.

The Irrational Atheist and The Return Of The Great Depression

As the 2000s decade moved into the last half, Vox deduced that Atheists were getting bolder and noisier all over the internets and figured being a Creationist fuckwad, it was Very Very Important that he fight the Battle of the Internets against anyone who would believe their is more than one belief system that is at all worthwhile. He wrote The Irrational Atheist, Winning himself 100 internets from the whole room full of neckbeards who actually give a fuck. Sensing their anger, a [lemonparty.org/ retarded Vox fanboy] rose to their whinging by baiting them even more on You Tube, which led to further butthurt as they tried to trash the videos in the ratings and the comments.

Atheist Whine

This is the kind of unfunny shit Vox' Retarded Fanboys think is Pwning their enemies. Srsly.


With the success of the Atheist Trolling Campaign of 2008, and with the global economy slowly devolving into what would become a Global Financial Crisis, Vox decided that he would next go after the elites and bankers who were hurting the economy, though he is doing nothing for it himself, having moved years ago to Italy to bounce up and down on hairy dago cock. With that, he produced The Return Of The Great Depression, a book documenting the extent of his paranoid Xenophobia, and how he anally craves a massive financial collapse that will hurt everyone but survivalist cranks like him. None other than Chuck Norris recommended the book to read, which is further proof that Chuck Norris became an old meme IRL decades ago.

Return of the Great Depression

Vox continues to declare victory over all comers, who eventually get tired of attempted to debate with morons and go read /b/ instead.

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