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Prepare your anus.

Vsauce is a series of YouTube channels that consists of "educational" content that you will never use in your daily life. The main YouTube channel, Vsauce, is hosted by a pedophile named Michael Stevens (AKA Michæl Stevens). He was a part of the YouTube account: Barely Political, until he decided to make content on his own. He is basically the Bill Nye of YouTube, but replace the wacky sound effects with unrelated subjects, utterly meaningless information, and Michael creeping you out by staring at you for 10 seconds every minute.

In ancient times, Michael produced more than just science faggotry. However, the shows were still irrelevant to anything at all. Some shows he had were: LÜT (showcases overpriced stuff you can buy on the internet which nobody actually buys), DONG (showcases either shitty obscure flash games, or completely pointless sites where it will only entertain you for a good solid minute), and IMG! (showcases a variety of pictures—seriously, that's all it is). Most of Michael's old shows were eventually shipped out to Vsauce2 and Vsauce3, since his fans are a bunch of aggressive Atheists that want more of scientific videos to shove down Christians' throats.




Vsauce2 is one of the three adaptations of Vsauce. The host of this account is Kevin Lieber, a mechanophile that pretentiously waves his arms around for no apparent reason. "His" content is solely dedicated to steal other people's videos and monetize them so he can afford to buy a razor to shave his ugly mustache. The videos contains 6 different shows. Some examples are: Mind Blow (showcases nothing but upcoming robots helping crippled people or useless inventions in the making), FAK (conveys misinformation about specific subjects), and a recent series of videos that are similar from Vsauce's videos, except for the fact that Kevin has no idea of what he is talking about.


A good drawing of Jake

Vsauce3 is the gaming channel of the Vsauce channels which is hosted by Jake Rope. This channel has little to no educational value, so having the word "Vsauce" in the username is misleading. Just like Kevin from Vsauce2, he has no idea of what he is talking about half the time when referencing different gaming series, or when he actually tries to please the nerds who want education. Vsauce3 also has 6 different shows, and some examples are: Game LÜT (same thing as LÜT from Vsauce1/Vsauce2, but is all about video games), Fact Surgery (listing facts of certain consoles, but really is only comparing the technical specs to other consoles with shitty stop-motion), and App All Knight (showcases cell phone apps, which is only a ploy to get more famous by referring back to Vsauce. Also, it is as stupid as the title is).


WeSauce is the equivalent to those shitty CoD communities that you see on YouTube. It is just BiDiPi (a series on Vsauce2 that rips off other people's hard work) from the Vsauce community. Really, there isn't anything more to be said about this redundant piece of material.

How To Make a Vsauce Video

  1. Pop out of the bottom.
  2. Instead of talking about the title of the video, briefly talk about irrelevant crap.
  3. Ask a philosophical question that actually relates to the title of the video.
  4. Add the same exact porn music that you use for every single one of your videos after said question.
  5. Instead of answering the question go on an extreme tangent and talk about either space, history, or other science related topics.
  6. Say: "and as always, thanks for watching".
  7. Violently squeeze an NES cartridge until liquid pours out of it.


An accurate parody of Vsauce

You'll have a tough time differentiating this guy
and Michael Stevens.

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