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Typical vultures before an attack.

The Vulture Attack is a form of Flame War. More accurately, it is a meta-Flame War. After a Flame War has begun to die down, Vulture Attacks begin. The Vulture Attack is usually started by somebody who was late to the Flame War, but, occasionally, it is started by somebody who was waiting to see who'd lose.

  1. A flame war has just died down, Prima has been thoroughly pwnt.
  2. Just before everybody moves on, Secunda appears and berates Prima for losing the flame war.
  3. Prima has to defend their loss, often by saying that they didn't really lose, and that it was all just a bit of fun, and that they weren't actually upset at losing.
  4. Secunda feels the need to continue the completely frivolous battle, confusing this for salting the earth on behalf of the original flame warriors.
  5. Secunda never manages to actually win, but it sure does piss off Prima something chronic.

This is the favorite attack of GerbilSage, for he is too crappy to start his own flame wars.

A vulture is also a unit that noobs build on island maps.