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A "W" hat.

W-Hat was a well known Something Awful goon group situated in Second Lifes Baku sim, which is essentially their own private sim. There, they engage in something that baffles the administrators of the game and strikes fear in other residents' hearts: fun. On a side note, Baku sim is really cheap to live in due to the W-hats driving its virtual real estate into the ground.


Back in the prehistoric ages of SL, when giant bugs roamed the metaverse and ate fucking everything, our lord Plastic Duck descended into the world and said: "Fuck you niggers, this sucks." Some other stuff happened and Baku was eventually built. He proclaimed that this was good, and that there were lulz to be had.

Goons filed in and built marvelous creations, from flaming WTC towers, to completely theming the sim after some Zelda game. Some split off into separate griefer groups like Voted 5, lead by Plastic Duck, wielding lolcubes and other weaponry of doom. They were banned from W-hat, as they had violated its non-griefing commandments. Disregard that the voted 5 aka "mall rats" still are part of W-hat and they still grief. The voted 5 also called "Fab Five" embark in legendary quests of ass banditry.


W-Hat mostly sits around in its own sim and creates daily controversy. They have gotten into a pissing match with former "reporter" Prokofy Neva, and have constructed massive effigies to mock her. However, some of their best minds were banned during a Linden Lab banfest, so they are somewhat more quiet.


W-Hat finally bit the dust in 2011 after it's members started losing interest.

The group became inactive and faded into obscurity as its members grew up. In 2011 the owner of the group and land was quietly banned from Second Life.


Official statement of the group's death

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