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WIRED is a magazine started in the early 90s about then-cutting edge technology such as the interwebz and nerdy non-mainstream subcultures like programmers, l33t haxx0rs, and weird festivals. Nowadays it's a heavily-page-reduced, thin-ass magazine, and online blog that's mostly about lamestream pop culture trends, like Movies, autist shit and interviewing the latest movie stars and indie bands.

Oh, and they also have a website.

What Went Wrong?


In 2006 the corporate cockmongerate Condé Nast bought up Wired magazine and immediately began trashing the fuck out of it. Yet another cautionary tale in dot.com sellout, the clueless corporate idiots at Condé Nast had no fucking idea what they had even bought, let alone what to do with it.

What's In Wired?

Wired articles can be broken down into four major categories...


At this point the majority of the articles you see on Wired are bought and paid for by other companies. Their shill shit is so blatantly obvious that they often don't even attempt to try and hide the fact that the entire article was written by a third party marketing ad agency that's just outright hosing the readers over with consumerist crap. Below are a few of the major contract companies which often have their dick so far up Wired's ass they can give them a simultaneous blowjob along with their advertising ass fuck. Many of these companies have been known to buy up to five articles PER DAY, which often results in the most hilariously reaching mediocrity imaginable.


Rather than write articles about new and cutting edge technology, Wired spends most of its "me time" writing the most vapidly insipid bullshit imaginable. Often covering completely trivial and/or nonsensical topics that no one in their right mind would ever even dream of giving a fuck about, these are WIRED's bread and butter and they slather it up thicker than Paula Deen's butterball ass cheeks! The primary reason WIRED is reduced to this drivel is because they often can't risk posting about any technology product or project that's in direct competition with their sponsored shill shit. Doing so would mean a loss of corporate butt buddies and WIRED's become more than a little "addicted" to getting continually fucked up the butt.

Women's Issues

In recent years they decided that the company didn't have enough "diversity" on its staff of writers and so they set out to hire on a slew of legbearded social justice retards to help "even things out". This of course has gone over AMAZINGLY with Wired's readership...


In Serial Experiments Lain, one of the most erotic weeaboo sex fantasies, the WIRED is an inexplicable version of the internet that somehow enters the real world and everyone's mind. It makes this lolita a god and she meets a person who thinks he's god and she erases everyone's memory of her in their minds and shit. And there are these FBI dudes trying to stop her, or something. Teh fan sites are interesting and confusing, just like the mind fuck that is the JAPANIME.

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