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Typical picture of Wizzy

A marvelously witless fellow, Lj-favicon.png Wizzy can be found in the wonderful world of LJ FAILING AT ENGLISH.

Having been around on LJ since THE YEAR OF OUR FAGGOT BC, Wizzy is no stranger to drama. He once got into a very long thread after kissing a long-tongued snake-girl. It seems that some took offense at his extramarital affairs and decided to push the all powerful BALETE button, sending this whining wannabe wordsrapist into a world of woe.

Lately, he takes out his frustrations in a community that he created by mixing up a potion of liberals and neo-cons. He calls it Lj-favicon.png right_left08. His strange liberal views will have you waltzing in a world of wordraped weirdness.

If you want Wizzy to become whacked out, just use the letter "W" a LOT.