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WONDERDAWG DINGO is a fat, balding, middle aged gay furfag from the middle of Pennsylvania who, since his inglorious arrival to the furry fandom over two years ago, has proceeded to pursue any underage ass he can find, while spreading copious amounts of drama wherever he goes. Dingo belongs to the special category of furries who can't come without wearing a shit-filled diaper.

The Story

He's coming for you.

On a bright mid-winter's morning, the sun shone down upon a cave by the edge of a local lake. And from it, WONDERDAWG awakened for the very first time. Sniffing the air in derision, hr ventured forth, blinking, into the morning sun, and followed by his deformed rat Theodore (supposedly a poodle) to add his own distinct flavor to the already malodorous furry fandom. Bellowing "FEE, FII, FO, FUM" this underpriveledged miscreant strode forth, seeking to lay siege to any and all underaged members of the furry fandom. Which in fact, is most of them. Be careful or he'll sic its vicious attack poodle on you.

Butt slave.
I have the power. The PFA told me so.

Pursuit of Love

Dingo's first playground was Anthrocon 2010, where he covered himself in the uniform of a typical furry, and proceeded to coerce into bed anyone who was oblivious to his blubbering mumblings of gossip and lies. Failing that, he proceeded to stalk the halls, looking for any Justin Bieber lookalikes to romance with all due enthusiasm.

Denied of underage ass, Dingo returned in abject defeat to the confines of his cave. He then proceeded to lure in another furry, whom he mercilessly courted. His attempt, however, was in vain and his dingo cock was left dry as a bone. But then again, would you want someone who looks and acts like this?

Continued life of Failure

After said furry predictably fled from him in a fit of horror at the thought of being groped, bent over, and covered in diapers, Dingo proceeded to begin a never ending rant to any one ignorant or caring enough to listen to his bullshit. Which sadly, usually ended in THINGS THAT CAN NOT BE UNSEEN.

Then, at the end of 2010, he traveled abroad to a furry shindig to celebrate the start of another year, whereupon Dingo failed again at romance. His classic technique of luring a fellow fur into his clutches failed once again. Or rather, he stormed the shower in which the furry was attempting to clean himself off. Fearing the spread of AIDS from dingo cock, the fur fled, and in a stunning defeat for Dingo, became lovers with one of Wonderdawg Dingo's previous rape victims, which further enraged him, and even to this day Dingo continues to spouts hatred about it.

Returning to his home, Dingo then conspired to obtain a LEGAL HARASSMENT SHIELDING DEVICE, also known as a Protection from Abuse. After obtaining it, however, it was instead able to have him arrested not once, but twice for baiting the bull.

Where Are They Now

When Dingo's furry lovers left Pennsylvania after having had enough of his shenanigans, he was left without a dead horse to whip. So now, Wonderdawg spends all his time lurking, and plotting revenge for the day when he may rise to victory over all the baby furs and Justin Bieber lookalikes in the world.


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