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All mudkip dolls are made in prison by this woman.

Wang Jiao, sometimes called Wang Jew, is a sick fuck, who made a video of a kitten being crushed, and circulated it throughout teh internets. The video and many other videos showed animals (rabbits, toads, Mudkips, etc.) being crushed and were sold on many different websites for sick fucks. In the videos, Jiao, dressed in sexy black stockings, would often caress the animals before smashing their brains all over the floor. The main video that was spreading among video sites was the one with a cat being crushed under a set of high heels. The video was about 5 minutes long and was quickly pulled from many websites (original video mirror). Sick fucks everywhere have fapped to the video.

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Finding Wang Jiao

When the video became old fap material for the creepy old men, police tried to track down the woman. Her main website ( was registered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (aka The Kitten Killer of Hangzhou). She was also tracked by an ugly pair of heels that were bought on eBay. She was found in her house eating a dead mudkip and was identified as Wang Jiao, a 37-year-old nurse at the Luobei People’s Hospital in Luobei County.

During her statement Wang said she is divorced, depressed and having trouble figuring out what to do with her life. She said her despondence led to the cruelty against the kitten. She also said that her behavior had caused much hilarity and profit, especially with her daughter who is a Furfag.

"I furiously crush everything to do with you and me."


—Message found on Wang Jiao's QQ.

"Suddenly hundreds of people are on my QQ and cursing me. What's the problem if I crush cats? It's a type of experience. You wouldn't understand."


—Wang Jiao being a dumbass


Wang Jiao and her camera man were sent to prison for at least 100 years to make Mudkip dolls for children.


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