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This is not war porn
As being into war-porn includes the risk of the discovery and subsequent shunning by your pacifist friends, it is often cleverly disguised in packaging like this.

For many people, War Porn is the next best thing to having your dirtpipe spackled by a sweat-soaked, rock hard man in uniform. Closeted hawks who secretly dream of the scratchy caress of a real soldier under the hot desert sun, climaxing explosively as ordinance goes off just beyond the next dune with danger all around, like to support our troops by salivating over ghoulish photos of severed limbs, dead bodies, and expensive military equipment.

"War Porn" can be anything from a picture of two nude men enjoying anal sex with their heads doctored to look like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to a smuggled video of men masturbating in a circle in Abu Ghraib. Chances are, if you were that kid with every kind of BB Gun sold at the local department store, you're off juicing yourself to some picture of a rocket launcher even as you read this.

War Porn, to be fair, has also been known to depict women dressed in military uniforms, often posing with guns or knives, but these women are usually from the bottom of the barrel and built like Jesse Ventura.

More often than not, a photoshopped picture of a nude bin Laden with a skyscraper in his rectum is just an excuse to view another man's pendulously swinging nutsack.

Sauces of War Pr0n

A clear example of IDF war porn.

The Israeli Defense Force is one of the worlds foremost sauces of war porn. Thanks to mandatory military service, more hot women can be found in uniform here than any other armed force on the planet.

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