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Info non-talk.png Warez-BB is run by incompetent fucking morons so any bans you may get can be undone by deleting cookies. Which is good because they hand them out like fucking candybars...

Warez-BB or also pronounced as Warez-BeBanned and re-banned is a shitty file sharing and forum website. The entire forum section is locked off from the public so the feds won't come down on them. At the heart of warez-bb is it's members, who spend their lives posting in the forum's "off-topic" section, which is basically a shitload of faggotry that can corrupt one's mind more than rape. Anyone who has a high post count in warez-bb automatically becomes a moderator because the upper staff there can't be fucked to monitor the staff and are just jews looking for advertising money (srsly, they make over 90,000 a year and spend only about 500 of it on servers. Jews.). Legend has it that posting on Warez-BB systematically decreases your penis size until it becomes a black hole.

The servers are always down, at least a few hours every day, because the admins are always too busy sucking nigger cocks. Hacked and DDoS'd over 9000 times since it started becoming popular, the servers deserve to have it's ass raepd, due to the ammount of AIDS and fail.

The forum's Off-Topic, and it's many other forums and sub-forums dedicated to anything else than sharing warez are a piece of shit. The typical threads that the staff and it's e-penis suckers approve are 100% generic threads like "What OS are you using?", "What is the best antivirus?", "What is your favorite music?", etc. If you post anything else, you're banned, specially if it is a touchy subject. Most of the time off-topics gets filled with topics "fan clubs" and spamming with lolz just to increase post count.

Also, the forum itself is running phpBB2, which is the main reason h4x0rZ fuck and expl0tit this site daily. Apparently the admins pay developers cock-suckers to code their own scripts and put them in the shitty forum, because without these scripts the site would be nothing than a piece of shit.


It all started when a guy named Mamoune Lahlou A.K.A GRIZZLY was peeing next to some guy in a bathroom stall somewhere. They were arguing about ninja eggs and spartan shields, and how a ninja could beat a pirate.


Warez-BB[1] was started in mid 2004 as a small forum by Grizzly and merged with ProjectW which was also started by Grizzly too, and then Warez-BB was again started fresh by a group of friends and later sold to Coolqueer. With the help of his friends (moderators), they began advertising straight away across the internet. The forum site normally uses Rapidshare and HotFile for its file sharing. It contains 7 main categories:

The website recently achieved reaching 3,500,000 members earlier this year; seeing as the vast majority of these are throwaway accounts created solely to steal the hard work and intellectual property of others, this is hardly a milestone. It has partnership websites such as a blog site, a news site and its own internet radio called the Wadio. The forums have over 16,500,000 threads, most of which contain viruses and I am Butthurt.

The Staff/Moderators

Nobody cares about these people, and nobody should. The staff are pretty evil. Make a double post and expect to be banned. But here are the bastards anyway: .Hardcock, asshomo, bexx-beer, BosmouZ, Bounce, ChillcockRE, Clamidia, CoolAsIcehole., dreadedfearofrape, edi67, SeXtreme ExecutioneR, hecos, 1xaris, biza, RandomGay, deadfuck, Squirtman, Benzo, Konegfagsegay, Nel, J-Cokk, LinuxTransvestite, liondown-next-to-mah, Mighty_Marvelous, nzindiboy, Texas Homosexual™, TheWbbPedophile, THE PROCTOLOGIST (we couldn't notice it if it wasnt CAPS), thepointedpenis, xxpainisxx, xxTamzynmycock<3xx and last but by far the leaset boring, the Husband and wife team, Thrill (admin) & Clarinda (Elite Mod). What a pair of stupid retards but Thrill often talks of him and his husbands wifes (Clarinda) amazing sex life. Sold out to save their arses and now relay information to the "Authorities" for future immunity.

Notable Members

Scan1: A well known member who attempts to pimp his open source software at every opportunity in a despite effort to lure members away from high end Proprietary Software , Hes like a priest in a whore house.

Sequiter: Some fuckhole who spams on every thread with his famous lines from warezbb and thinks they're funny.

Amil Goul: Another well known member for his posting style which often involves posting things that resemble spam but by the forum's rules, do not count as spam. He has been long since banned but has returned under the name Piolo Piscaul. He is also the only AzN member and likes to confuse other users by posting in moonspeak.

Rohin: Rohin, KingRohin and many other alias' is a member best known for his frequent banning and returning under new names and IP address'. Much like Amil Goul, he posts spam, but does get banned almost everytime. He was mentioned something about oven mits, a bottle, two french men and dog doing something to his ass.

Cassadee: The second most known spammer in the style of Amil Goul and Rohin. He has no previous bans (that are known of) and has a total post count of over 4000 which he managed within 3 months. The average number of posts of a member who has only been a member for 3 months is normally 500-800 total posts. His topics are filled with spam and advertisments. He will often change the topic title and content after 4 minutes to say "How long u spend on here?" or "whats ur most visited site after wbb?" to avoid banning. Though pictures and quote's have been given to moderators, he coninues to remain a member. It is often joked that he is "in bed" with one of the moderators and has total immunity from warnings and banning. He's secretly gary the retard undercover as wendy the fucktard. He is also known for being the first Troll to contract AIDS from a monkey. He is currently under the username of "Falling Down"

Jeebus: Is a well respected member most known for activity in off topic. Like the rest of the fucktards who post on warez-bb, he is worthless to society and therefore should be buttraped thoroughly. Jeebus also has his own fan club. he is also known for his love of child pornography.

N3XuS.eXe: Known for his shitty witty comments and iPhone jailbreaking expertise, and in general is a MacFag.

SlushBunny: Best known for showing of shemales through his avatar and sig.

wo_Ot: MacFag who constantly professes his gay love for Steve Jobs; what you don't want {AppleProduct} YOU CANT AFFORD IT !!!!!!1111!!1!one

Clusterbomb: The only nerdcore rapper/FOSSFag on this board. Fuckers be hatin.

soelaiman: An Islam-O-Facist that will behead anyone who posts Mohammed cartoons but thinks that hanging women for adultery is A-OK.

am11398666: Liverpool sucks balls. They really do.

John Edwards He's a douche. Warez-bb knows it, we all know it. That fucking douche.

Butts McKracken: Also known as "butts". No words needed to describe this member. Because this guy is a self confessed batty boy who loves making love with sheep

Kayne West He's a gay fish with cassadee.

IdGiT Some idiot fag who leeches stuff off other sites and post them of on W-bb.

annandale Usually seen sucking cocks of the CEOs of Rapidshare as a result always defending the fact that failshare is the best hosting site in the world.

BosmouZ Basically an irl version of bender.

::iGGG::: Another fucking Indian who copies other wankers topics and puts his own links which mostly contain viruses, then advertises his shitty uploads in his sig whilst has nothing better to do but to imerse in conversations with faggots and niggers.

Pacha1 The troll sensor of warez-bb who feeds on steroids.

The Racist Spammer (Thunderfoot/Rootbrianr) Another fucking big nosed fucking jewbag who trolls on offtopic with his anti-Islamic pictures off ED, and spamming every fucking thread with them. This causes members, such as Zybraxia, to .go off in a rage and make useless topics that get binned upon posting

chonda Holds the record for most bans on warez-bb evar although thats not very hard to accomplish. this fag can be found trolling in the football threads a die hard scouser who hates manu fans as they're all gloryhunting gobshites.

Toothless Some faggot who uploads all his games full with viruses, spyware and crapware to Megaupload. Also all his topics are so fucking messed up which no human being can understand. Fucking moron

Choppaholik Some fucking nigger who is just coward and scared that some one would rape him .. LOL . He and his uploads suck ass ! All his uploads are just leeched from torrents .. LOSER .. Ignore this Wigger

.:[email protected]$€£B:. This Pakistani wigger is just fit for trolling and leeching ! Asshole uploads .. He remote uploads without any sense .. just copy paste like shman [ME] .. Go fuck your shit asshole ..

JAYZZY No more shit please .. You go and fuck your own country not others dicks.. This guy doesn't know anything about scene .. Another stupid leecher and fucking retarded Islam-O-Facist .. Thank god he has stopped uploading .. or else we have to still eat up his own shit .. Go fuck yourself and others dick..

Silent.Hunter This faggot is rapidleecher .. He got no source , nothing .. Just leech from rlslog ..Never download his shit .. His uploads always contains his cum , viruses , spyware and hist shit .. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Shaanig or Shaani or shit ..Lets talk about this asshole .. Basically he is shemale . He encoded his own ass using his sister's server .. He is a loser . All his encodes are just copied and ripped.. Never download or visit his ass licking site .. He is just a black person and fucks other ass for replies on his own threads.. LOSER ! FUCK you and your mum ! Go and encode your mum ..Whore!!!

Cloud_Shadow Is another motherfucker who just leechess shit from another sites and posts them on Warez-BB. He also thinks he's cool but he's nothing than a fucking moron !!!!!!

:Daddy: This faggot has nothing to do apart from making new accounts everyday and coming back to off topic and spamming with his useless shit thinking he's funny, when he's just a real faggot. He claims his posts are about lifestyle such as how to eat peanut butter, how many dogs you have to avoid getting banned, but the motherfucker is just a pure fail troll. He is just a black person who blames on his brother, cousin and his dogs for using his ip address to troll. He has convinced some of the offtopic whores that he's on a holiday to Turkey whilst he can hide under new Mr Bean usernames and troll.

:RobotB9: Is just one and only son of a bitch who has ruined Warez-BB. Ever since he has become a moderator, he likes to show off with his bigot talks and banning anyone he doesn't like. RobotB9 is a disgrace to Warez-BB. Warez-BB would be much better and fun place if this asshole dies.

ZEROON1 Some fucking indian with a small dick who is a donkey fucker amd spams on offtopic with his random thoughts. He is married to a fat ugly indian dog with one troll child. He has once complained about his wife getting upset about not getting a blowjob when he's just spamming on Warez-BB

Die-Schweig Another fucking douche whos just a school kid failing to impress whores. He often makes threads in offtopic about how to ask a strange girl, where to take her for dinner, how to make her suck hard. He also loves sucking Obama's ass, that's why he would go on a rampage if you say anything against the ugly bigot nigger.

VIPs & Donators

This is probably the most restricted section in the entire forum, where all spammers suck each others cock. Except if there is another secret section such as Staff and Admins where all pedos have their own private sex. Only way to become VIP is to become a offtopic/whore and be banned at least 100 times, now come again and start spamming again!!! It is also reported that in this restricted section, all gays sell their shit. You can even find drug dealers in there, that's why it's restricted. So feds won't come and reap their vagina!!!


Info non-talk.png This section needs moar lulz!!!!!!!

Wadio is their own official radio which nobody listens and nobody should. The reason why waaaaadio sucks is because pedobear haunts the entire site and thats why all 13 year old fucks run away and nobody of them gives a shit ! And the entire page of their site SUCKS. Totally awfull design man...!!!

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