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Warriors for Innocence (WFI) is a loose organization of volunteers that attempt to clean up the internetz of CP and child predators. In other words they are just like Perverted Justice but with less lulz. They employ salt the earth tactics to persecute people they perceive as child molesters as well as molesters and their enablers. Anyone this fanatical to so blindly pursue their beliefs is simply asking for it. The leader of this group appears to be Sues who cites her industry and profession as an Internet Monster Hunter. Either someone is stupid enough to pay her for what she does or else she is suffering from severe rectal cranial inversion.

Notable Targets



Strikethrough was the name given to a lulzy event that pitted WFI against Livejournal that had all the precision of an Americunt bombing campaign.

The WFI was enlisted to help clean up the obviously pro-pedophile content that was and still is LiveJournal. Their attack consisted of massive complaints to Six Apart while simultaneously going to advertisers on the site and telling them they should yank their support so as to not be viewed as pro-child rape.

Being that they were caught off-guard Six Apart rashly banned thousands of users thanks to new unannounced policy changes brought on by the attack. The bans were handed out based on certain keywords that were deemed offensive. This resulted in the banning of some literature groups, as well as rape and incest survivors groups. You know, victims WFI wants to protect.

The community understandably reacts badly to this Nazi-esque oppression and Six Apart says fuck it and sells LiveJournal. The new owners say 'We love child molestation' and reverse all the draconian policies that Six Apart had established and reinstated the users.


Pedobear approves of Amazon.

Sues apparently got the tampon in the wrong hole recently and went on a rage about Amazon.com because they dared to provide books described as pro-pedophile propaganda. WFI is urging visitors to boycott Amazon and Kindle which provide these books and refuse to pull them citing censorship sucks issues.

WFI on the otherhand, claims that it has nothing to do with censorship and free speech. Rather it is the first step of child predators going mainstream and becoming accepted by society like those damned fags. It is easy to see the direct correlation between what two consenting adults do and what a pedophile does to a victim.

In the past three years since they've started their boycott, Amazon has added a whopping sixty-four pro-pedophile propaganda books to its repertoire.

Theories on the Voraciousness of WFI

Sues repays Pedobear shooting her down.

Reading the WFI home blog is the look into a mind of a rabid pitbull that simply will not let go of your genitalia no matter how much you cry and beg after it's latched on. This kind of animated hatred can be explained by only a couple theories.

  • Sues was more likely than not introduced to innocent love by Pedobear at a tender age. Knowing how glorious and beautiful the touch of Pedobear is, she must have decided at that very point that no one else should know his touch. Thus, she began her crusade to abolish any others from knowing his sweet, sweet love.
  • Sues was viciously shot down by Pedobear and/or her father and thus feels rejected while all the cool kids were off getting raped.
  • Sues and the contributors are child molesters themselves. What better way to distract attention from yourself than by BAW'ing loudly about someone else?
    • Reading through the WFI Blog you'll find quite a few helpful tips on finding and grooming prospective lovers cleverly disguised as advice for parents to identify molesters.
    • They also have their comments closed off to private and require screening. It is stated that the 'monsters' will be deleted and not see the light of day. Or instead they could be getting stockpiled for later reference and use.
    • They seem to be able to 'find' pedophile communities on the internet with relative ease. Though it would be easy if you had them all bookmarked ahead of time.

Corporate Accountability Program

Touted as a place to hold companies responsible for pedophile activity, it appears to have fallen into inactivity over a year ago or so. It is unclear why, but a guess would be that pro-child raping corporate activists might have sacrificed them to their pro-pedophilia god. We shall never know.

Their former duties were reviewing ToS and ToU among various community oriented websites and using them to get anything involving child sex stricken from the site. This also includes rape and child abuse survivors. They also have taken it upon themselves to inform advertisers if their ads appear on these "pro-pedophilia" sites with of course no context as to the content.

Important Points

We stand between evil and the innocent. We can no longer stay silent or passive - no longer do nothing.


—Would someone get these assholes an editor?

If your child is molested, there's a 90-95% chance it was done by someone you know, not by a stranger.


—You don't want your kids learning about sex from strangers, molest them today!

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.


—We believe that with our publicity campaigns we can hit 1 in 2 and 1 in 4 respectively. Never give up.

1 in 5 children are solicited sexually while on the internet.


—Bull-fucking-shit. That number has to be way the fuck higher.

Has our society sunk so low as to accept child molesters who rape our children? Have we no morals left? Do we really value our children so little?


—Six million children die a year from starvation and I just got done jacking off to 2girls1cup. So to answer your questions; Yes. No. Yes.

Suggested Trolling Techniques

  • Introduce them to /b/.
  • Introduce them to Anontalk.
  • Introduce them to Wikipedia - specifically this page.
  • Suggest that if kids under 18 are innocent and vulnerable, they probably shouldn't be tried as adults when they accidently kill someone.
  • Remind them that 'old age' used to be mid-twenties, and that families used to get started in the early to mid teens.
  • Point out that if they were intelligent they would be subtly coaxing their enemy out and then destroying him, not carpet bombing the entire area they might be in.
  • Suggest that being pro-choice would reduce the number of children to be raped in the world.
  • Ask them what happens when kids rape other kids.


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