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On the 14th of June, 2008 the following was posted to /b/, and cancer was cured for almost two hours. Nevar forget.

The Story


Alright /b/, I'm inspired by the thread from half an hour ago with the guy asking if he should pursue eternal happiness with his sister or not. That one got mysteriously 404'd so these trufax get a new thread.

A little background: white, middle class family on the west coast of the US, two kids born two years apart. My younger sister was just young enough for me to be OMFG PROTECTIVE of her, but not so young that she wasn't in any of my social circles. We saw each other in school, even had a class together in high school, most of my friends tried to get in her pants, that sort of shit.

Growing up we were Bonnie and fucking Clyde. She was sort of tomboyish owing to her desire to emulate big bro, and we always hunted rocks and caught lizards and shit together. She hardly touched her dolls unless there were other girls over; she much preferred to play legos with me.

Puberty was intensely awkward as we both hit it around the same time, since bitches hit that shit early. In my memory, it was like a switch flipped overnight and we went from wrasslin' in the lake with each other to afraid to look at each other. I was horrified because when I looked at other girls, I saw tits and ass, but when I looked at my sister I saw all of those things x9000, but I also saw my best friend. I could tell she felt the same way. It was pretty awkward for a couple of years.

Eventually she had a couple of boyfriends and I had a couple of girlfriends, and that seemed to sort of ease the tension. Thank god, because it was unbearable. We tried to avoid each other after getting home from school, because if we started talking to each other we'd just go on and on until one of us realized we were two pubescent teens sitting on the couch watching X Files in our PJs and freak out.

I remember one specific incident when we passed each other in the upstairs hall, she was in her workout clothes about to go to basketball practice. I don't think she could even drive yet, but the training bra strapped across her A- chest was visible through the ragged white shirt.

I made some quip about the junior high girls basketball team's abysmal record at the time, and she shoved me against the wall like she used to do, playfully acting like she would fight me, "What was that? Say it to my FACE!" I laughed and pushed her back and we got into a pushing match right there in the hall. It ended up with me having her pinned against the wall (2 years older, much bigger), both of us laughing, when I saw a change move across her face.

She instantly went from laughter to a full blush, and broke eye contact. As soon as I realized, I did the same thing and let her go. She nervously fiddled with her scrunchy (spelling?) and mumbled something about being late as she slinked off. I felt fucking terrible, but I had the most ridiculous raging erection I'd ever had. I went straight to our shared bathroom and took care of business while thinking about her workout bra and her shorts with the flipped waistband. I couldn't look at her for days, and vice versa.

She had to have been 14 or 15 at the time. No more incidents happened for a year or so, except for the unbearable sexual tension every single night when we got home, until "the incident".

She was 16, I remember because Dad had just given her first shitty Honda of a long line of shitty Hondas. I was 18, it was the summer right before I was going to graduate my senior year. I know we were still in school so it had to have been April or May. She had a friend that had been her BFF most of that school year, who was smoking fucking hot. She used to stay over with my sister all the time and drive me fucking nuts. It was a blessing and a curse because she would distract me from the crush on my equally as hot sister, but it would always be in the context of hanging out with my sister. They would sit at the kitchen table on friendster (memoriezzz) in those cotton shorts where the girls always roll the elastic waistband to make them even shorter, and they have text on the ass like GO TEAM and shit like that, you fuckers know what I'm talking about. I'd make it a point to go get OJ like 10 times an hour just so I could ogle them both, and to let her friend stare at me back, which she did all the time. The tension between me and the friend got to the point to where even my sister would joke about it, while trying to hide the fact that she was furious.

Anyways, one night two of my friends and my sister and this girl were all swimming at the pool in my backyard.

Time for some bad internet-story-porn tropes, meet the cast:

Me: Typical skinny white kid, a little toned from basketball but not stacked or anything. 18.

Sister: Short, short brown hair, skinny from basketball and swimming, not bony skinny from not eating. Negligible tits, tanned once or twice a week. 16.

Friend: also 16, slightly bigger tits but a little less than a handful, red hair shoulder length, a little scene, also skinny, played sports with sister similar frame. A little paler (redhead).

My two friends: doesn't fucking matter.

Both of them had ridiculous bikinis that only rich disaffected parents let their daughters wear. We'd spent most of the night with us doing cannonballs and trying to be impressive, and the girls in the shallow end talking and trying not to get their hair wet. It's funny because you could tell my tomboy sister wanted to do flips and shit with the boys, but she was trying to be girly with her friend. It ended up with me playing footsies with the friend, and my sister almost hooking up with one of my guy friends who I probably would have murdered the next day, had the night turned out differently. At like 1am my sister and her friend went upstairs to her room, being careful to show their male targets their asses as they slowly got out of the pool and sashayed inside. Both of my friends left about an hour later after some GTA3.

It was just me in the living room, still in just my swimsuit, playing GTA3, when the friend walks downstairs to get a glass of water. The clothes she was sleeping in were not an upgrade from the bikini as far as covering her shit up.

So there I am with no shirt one, playing GTA in the dark, and there she is in "shorts" that make a mockery of the term, and one of those sheer pastel spaghetti tops. I watched her nips visibly harden as she walked over to me. I almost made an ass of myself right there but I tried to keep my cool and pretend like I was concentrating on the videogame. She sat down on the couch about a cushion down and tried to make small talk about the game. After 10 or 15 minutes it was clear that my sister was already asleep or otherwise occupied, and it was just us down there on the couch. Finally, mercifully, I died and had an excuse to shut off the PS2 without looking like I was trying too hard. I walked over to turn the console off and then sat back down on the couch, this time right next to hear. Ballsy, but I felt like such a player and she ate it up. I won't bore you anon, in 10 minutes she was on my lap and I had one hand under the tank top and one massaging her ass, making out like teenagers. Her shorts had ridden up to the point that they were basically panties. I had a handful of flawless tight ass with nothing in the way, and she was cramming her tongue down my throat in a way that said she hadn't done this much before, if at all.

Finally she just took her shirt off and milky teen globes came into full view. I started sucking on the one I wasn't massaging and she about lost her goddamn mind. I concluded that I definitely had more experience than her at this point, and decided to take control. The crotch of her shirts was stretched so tight it was a breeze to slip a finger under. She almost burnt my fucking finger when I slipped in Any anon out there who's got laid in middle or high school knows what I'm talking about. They've just never been as hot since high school. After barely a minute of fingering her she had lost her composure to the point where she was could no longer neck or make out with me, and this was a problem for me. She was obviously ready so I lifted her off and stood up, and took off my swim shorts. She just looked at me like a deer in headlights for a moment, then took the cue and jumped out of hers. Just a tiny wisp of red around her vag. She was giving me the look, some of you have seen it before, "I don't know what to do next, but I want it". I was about to burst right there so I decided to just go for it instead of eating her out like I normally would with a chick this naive (nb4 pussy, nice guys finish last).

So she's on the couch and I'm looming above her, just dripping. I gently spread her legs while fingering her pussy ever so slightly, and get in position. I lean in to kiss her because as previously stated I am a pussy and a nice guy, and sink in. She lets out a moan that is way too loud. My parents are in a different part of the house but there's no way my sister didn't hear it. I'm caught between paralyzing fear and being balls deep in an absurdly tight, dripping teen pussy that belongs to a girl who seriously wants it. I have to hold it there for a sec to not just bust my night right there, but I am but a man and there was only one choice: I started pounding this chick. She is completely oblivious to the fact that there may be other people, anywhere, on the entire planet, and just starts moaning big time. I try to put my hand over her mouth for a while but she just pushes it aside and is letting everyone know that she is enjoying getting fucked. My fear finally gives way to finding it really fucking hot, and I start giving it to her even harder. After a while (probably way too short, let’s be honest), she starts shaking and saying "oh my god, oh my god" really high pitched. I've always lost it when watching my girl cum, still do, and I just let it go right there. No condom, two teenagers, hope she's on the pill, just flooded her pussy. Eyes closed, I fell against her and we both just breathed heavily on each other for a while. We stayed like that for maybe 30 seconds when we both bolted upright, because we heard a muffled "holy shit" from the stairs. It was my sister, in her PJs, and she had just watched me drop a load in her best friend.

I looked up and thought my life was ruined. I could not read the expression on her face. Without even knowing what I was doing I pulled out and ran up to her, hands out, saying shit like "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, we didn't mean to wake you up, it's ok". You guys have to remember, all the sexual tension of the past 5-6 years aside, I loved her. It was dark and I couldn't read her, and I didn't know if she was crying or what, I was afraid she might be embarrassed for walking in on us, or upset because she didn't know how to feel seeing me with someone else.

I finally get close enough to see her face in the dark, and she was not crying. She was not mortified. She may have been embarrassed, but it wouldn't matter because she was not looking at my face. Only then did I realize the ridiculousness of what I'd done, because she was staring straight at my dick. And it was still hard, the way I wished it still would do after a fuck now that I'm older, and. not to be too poetic, but it was gleaming in the goddamn moonlight from her best friend's pussy. The same best friend who had followed me to the foot of the stairs to try and apologize/explain, and was now behind me realizing like I just had, that my sister was staring down my cock.

Alright now I need to make up fake names for the sake of the dialog. Sister is "Susan", friend is "Anne", I'm "David", of course.

No one spoke for the longest 5 seconds of my life, when Anne walked past me and put her arm around Susan to comfort her.

"Oh my God, Susan, it's ok, no one's embarrassed, I'm so sorry, I didn't want you to find out like this."

Susan broke her gaze on my dong, which I now tried to awkwardly hide, to look at her best friend. She spoke in a daze.

"I.. it's ok, I'm not mad or anything Anne, it's just..."

Anne interrupted, she seriously look like she might get misty.

"I know, I know, it's just, I know how you feel about him, and..."

My sister practically yelled out "what?!" to cut her off and turned even redder, which I did not think was possible. Anne turned red too after she realized what the fuck she had just said and covered her mouth in horror. Shock slowly registered on my face too as I realized the implications of what had just happened. I stuttered out, "Susan, what do you mean, what is she talking about?"

Susan was shock still, did not know what to do. I looked over at Anne for support and I saw something complex move across her face. More complex than you would normally see in a 16 year old girl.

At the time I could only see the surface, but after our discussions later, her expression and body language made so much sense. Anne was realizing that she really liked me, the dude that she had just boned, but not as much as she loved her best friend, my sister. So just as much as her teen body wanted me, deep down she knew that Susan wanted me even more, and in a different, deeper, way. She felt like the home-wrecker, the mistress, and that was not her intent. She had nothing but good intentions for both of us, and wanted Susan to be happy too. It was a simple, almost childlike move, but Anne did what she thought was right: she reached forward, grabbed each of our hands in hers, and brought them together. She clasped Susan's hand in mine, looked at me with nothing but love, and then started whispering to Susan: "It's ok Susan, I know. I've known for a long time, and it's ok... it's ok."

Susan looked at me expectantly, not even in an erotic way, like two lovers reuniting. I put my free hand through her short messy hair, stepped forward, and brought her face to mine.

We kissed. She was on her tip toes, leaning into me. I broke the handhold and wrapped my arm around her back, pulling her into me. She was so small. My arm reached the entire way around her back. The kiss was such a sharp contrast to the inexperienced, lustful kisses with Anne earlier.

I stumbled back from the stair well with her in my arms, partly from the inertia of her attacking me, partly from weak legs from the moment. I felt my naked ass hit the back of the couch I had just fucked Anne on, and I was leaning against the top of it with Susan leaning against me. I mean, fully on me, the precum from my naked boner soaking through her tank top. I remember thinking that she had to have felt it, right before my suspicions were confirmed and she started rubbing her stomach against my dick. She was really attacking me now, almost desperate. I'm not too tough to admit that I was the same way, pawing at her back feeling the same release of 16 years of repression. It started out as an expression of love, but soon enough the need, the release, and just the passion of it, became sexual. I grabbed a handful of my 16 year old sister's ass and lifted her up on me while she reached down between us searching for my dick.

At this point I opened my eyes to look around, see if I wanted to move us to the other side of the couch or if there was somewhere else. Up until now I'd been lost in the release and had my eyes closed as we stumbled across the room in our embrace. When I opened my eyes to stand up and walk around the couch, I saw Anne.

I'd completely forgotten about her. She was right behind my sister, not at the landing where we'd left her. The look in her face was primal. I scanned down her body and she had one hand on her own pussy, rubbing it while she stared slackjaw at us. She was looming over us so much that I couldn't stand up unless she moved. I broke the kiss to speak, while my sister buried herself in my neck and squeezed the head of my cock desperately.

"Anne... we need to...", I said while making a motion with my neck to the couch behind me. She snapped out of her daze when I spoke and looked up at me. The sentence clearly didn't register, but I think she realized at that point that the situation had escalated. I wasn't really prepared for her not to move, so I stood there for a second trying not to yell out as my sister continued to get her hands slippery with my pre-cum, but I really wasn't expecting Anne to step forward and pull her off of me.

Susan was shocked, I could tell she was confused and furious, but that changed to just confused as Anne put her arms around her and pulled Susan's shorts to the floor. Susan was limp as Anne lifted her feet out of the tiny puddles of shorts on the floor. Anne stood up and looked over at me like a dog in heat, and practically pushed Susan back on me. Now I felt the heat of my sister's body pressing against my dripping cock, with Anne fingering herself obscenely maybe a foot away.

She was already in my arms from Anne forcing her into me, but we were both just staring at each other with our mouths agape, knowing that we were about to cross a boundary. It wasn't more than a few seconds, but that was too long for Anne.

She didn't even look at me, just at my dick, and said, "Pick her up." I did it reflexively out of nervousness and the tone of her voice. Susan's dripping vagina was know on my abdomen right above my dick as we leaned against the back of the couch and I held her narrow ass in both hands. Anne reached forward and grabbed my slippery cock with one hand, and Susan's waist with the other. She positioned me while holding the base of my shaft, and pulled my sister down onto me. Susan whimpered and moaned into my chest I slid into her hot folds. She was so wet the juice was trickling down onto my balls, and Anne's hands, right from the insertion. My knees buckled and I almost fell to the floor right there. The feeling of finally entering the love of my life juxtaposed with the emotionless, completely lustful act of another girl pumping my dick while I was sheathed in Susan's vagina was too much. I turned my head down to hers and kissed her again, as I lifted her ass up to pump her again. There was moisture on her cheek.

Anne let go and sat down on the floor to finger herself with no pretenses. One hand was rubbing her cunt needfully and the other was squeezing one of her milky tits. She was moaning a little too, but not as much as Susan. We broke our kiss so she could get her knees on the back of the couch and leverage them to really start pumping me. Every time she slammed back down on my shaft it was like entering for the first time. She was tighter even than Anne, and although I knew she'd been with at least one guy before (I know because I ran him off afterwards), her tightness gave it away that she had not been with many. I remember a pang of regret for not being there for her to be her first, but it was washed away by what I felt being with her now. She had her arms around my neck, tight enough to hurt me but neither of us cared, just whimpering my name in my ear over and over again.

She abruptly locked up and drew in a sharp breath. I stopped fucking her to see if she was okay, maybe I'd hurt her or something. Eyes closed and head buried in my shoulder, she squeezed my neck and just started shaking, building up to an uncontrollable shudder, and letting out a soft high pitched moan that would come to be her trademark.

I don't know why I wasn't coming already. Her shivering subsided and she pulled back enough to look me in the eye. She'd obviously been crying, just a little. She put her hands on my shoulders and just looked straight at me, completely wrecked.

She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, soaking in the feeling of what may have been her first orgasm. She rocked her pelvis up unconsciously, and sank it slowly back down on me, savoring the post-orgasmic feeling of lingering on my cock. When she sank back down and reached the base, she just said "thank you". Eyes closed, head tilted back slightly, just savoring the ecstasy. When she said that, landing at the base of my cock, aftershocks pulsing up and down my dick, I let go.

Her eyes popped open when she felt the first jet. Both she and Anne gasped, Susan's gasp a little louder. I mumbled out her name and kicked my head back as the second wave flooded her pussy. Protection, pregnancy, all that shit was the farthest thing from our minds. She was already hot before my spunk invaded her, and it just exacerbated the warmth. The tightness of her 16 year old pussy combined with her contractions in the aftershocks sent spurts on my own cum down across my balls. Her face tensed up like she was going to cry again and she wrapped her arms around my neck again. I was still shooting her up when she started moaning in my ear, "Oh David, fuck, I love you so much, I want it inside of me, I love you..."

Anne let out a little whimper too to let the room know that she was also having a defining moment on the floor. She scampered up, 16 year old limbs flailing awkwardly, and ran over to us while soaked in the embrace. She said something hurriedly, I didn't catch what it was but something about "so happy", and put her hands on either side of Susan's face.

At this point I wouldn't have flinched if the fucking Space Shuttle landed in my living room, after everything that just happened, so I took it in remarkable stride when Anne pulled my sister's face to hers and kissed her, with Susan's cum-filled pussy still wrapped around my dick. It was also not as shocking as it would have been any other time, when Susan put her hands in Anne's hair and started kissing her back.

They kept escalating, and I was too in awe to jump in just yet, to the point where Susan stumbled backwards off my dick and fell into a heap on the floor with Anne. My cock slapped against my abdomen when her pussy let go, and I sank to the floor too, exhausted. I was on the floor leaning against the couch while they groped at each other, their inexperience with being physical with the same sex no match for their passion and enthusiasm.

Anne was on top at this point, sucking on my sister's tiny tits, not really knowing what else to do, while Susan moved her hands up and down Anne's alabaster back, telling her things like, "Anne, I love you both so much, I never wanted to come between, I love you..."

Anne wasn't saying much in return with a full mouth, but every time Susan spoke to her she got wilder and wilder, finally taking a few fingers and ramming them inelegantly in Susan's cunt.

At this point I need to have a little sidebar, anon. It's always the little things that you remember in situations like these. I remember the passion and thing like what Susan said when we were revealing ourselves to each other that first time, but relatively scarce on some of the tiny details like sweat dripping of someone's forehead, or the way the clothes piled up. Here's a detail I will never forget though: When Anne first plunged her fingers into Susan, and Susan let out a moan telling Anne she loved her, a white glob fell out onto the tile floor. It's moments like that that made me take a step back from everything, and realize that the girl I had fucked earlier had just pushed a mound of my own cum out of my sister's pussy, as they attacked each other on the floor.

Anne mounted one of Susan's legs and started rubbing her slick slit back and forth while she continued to finger my sister. Susan was just riding the wave at this point, one hand rubbing her own tit while the other stroked up and down Anne's chest and abdomen. It's actually funny recounting this story now because of how inexperienced they were at being bisexual. It never even occurred to either of them to go down on each other, or to 69, or to get Anne into a position where Susan could finger her too. They were so young, and so excited, all they had in place of technique was just lust.

Susan started bucking around on the tile as she came again, hard enough to elicit concern from me as her head thrashed around perilously close to the tile, and Anne came again at the same time, juices visibly running down Susan's tanned thigh as she ground her pussy into my sister. It was maybe 7-8 feet from my position so I crawled over to try and hold Susan's head while she came (nb4 pussy, nice guys finish last), but they were winding down by the time I got over there. She looked up at me as I arrived, covered in sweat, and pulled me down to kiss her. I could feel Anne stroking my neck and back as we kissed.

Anne eventually got up and pushed me down on to the floor, where I rolled over on my back. Both of them curled up against me, one in each arm, and rested their heads in my shoulders.

We laid there for a while, cooling off on the cold tile, with them murmuring affection at each other and at me, until I could tell Susan was starting to drift off.


Shit is starting to wind down on the fap front, although there is a little more story left. Anne is the friend, by the way, red hair, shoulder length. Susan is my sister, brown hair, very short. If I accidentally got the made up names switched somewhere in the story I apologize, maybe once this as done we can do an edit after collation.

All I remember at this point is that we all went upstairs and slept together naked in Susan's bed. It seems perverse to end a story on /b/ with a bunch of people who care for each other fucking spooning, but that's exactly what happened. Me > Sister > Anne, all in a line together on the bed, exhausted. This all has bearing on what happened the next day because lest ye forget, we were all in high school and I fell asleep naked IN MY SISTER'S ROOM. I woke up in a panic.

I bolted up out of the bed where both of them lay asleep. In one of those once-in-a-lifetime morning after moments, I started panicking thinking about my parents. I stuck my head out of the door and crept down the hall to my room. I realized at this moment, in my nakedness, that all of our clothes were probably still downstairs. More panic. I ran into my room, grabbed some boxers, and checked the time. I don't remember exactly, but it was like 10am. I creeped downstairs and surveyed the room. Sure enough, our clothes were still on the floor. I was about to vomit from being so fucking nervous. Our house was set up so that you had to go like through the kitchen and down a hall by a separate dining room to get to the master bedroom. I sulked along the wall trying to ninja it up to see if my parents were still in bed. Their door was open.

They had to be up already. There's no way they could not have seen a bunch of fucking panties scattered across the living room. Completely defeated, I went to head back to Susan's room to tell them we were fucked and Anne needed to leave. As I went through the kitchen I noticed the light on the phone blinking.

We had one of those solid state combo phone/answering machine things. To communicate with the kids, my parents left messages (upper middle class enough to have our own pool, but me and Susan didn't get cells, go figure), and we were expected to check the machine all the time.

I dreaded hitting play. I expected it to be them calling us from the Psychologist or something. I manned up and hit play and then rested my head face down on the counter, defeated.

"One message, Friday, 9:30pm"

Holy shit, that was last night.

"David, we're going on a retreat with the church and won't be back until Sunday night. We told Susan already but I don't know if she's told you yet. Have fun and we will see you Sunday."

It was like the heavens parted. I ran upstairs and burst into Susan's room. She lay there wrapped up with Anne; they had pulled together after I'd left. Susan was bleary-eyed: "David, what's wrong?"

"Oh my God, Susan, I thought Mom and Dad were here, and we left all of our shit downstairs, and I was in here all night..."

She just smiled. Her smile instantly said many things:

A ) I know that they are gone. B ) It's cute that you are worried. C ) I'm okay with what happened last night, and I'm okay with right now.

And finally, /b/, the smile said "come here".

Needless to say, Saturday was spent with the three of us exploring each other like only teenagers can, Susan and Anne becoming more comfortable with each other's bodies, and my love for Susan and my nascent love for Anne growing and growing. In retrospect, that was one of the happiest weekends of my life. Nothing but respect and affection for each other, no jealousy, none of that shit.

The three of us stayed together for a while. The logistics became much easier because I went to college in the same town like 2-3 months later, and they could just come to my dorm. Anne fell away after a while, no hard feelings, she was just more in it for the sex than she was for the relationship. Susan and I still fucked her every now and then, even after that.

Time to wrap it up, /b/. I'm almost out of school. Susan goes to the same school. We are still together. We're in a weird spot right now where most kids would, you know, move in together or something after 4 years, but we don't want to. We don't want to move to Mexico or completely lose our other friends and shit. Only one other friend has ever found out, and she was cool with it after she saw that we weren't just OMG BONING. To this day, we are a circle of four.

I don't think either of us wants to remove ourselves from society just to be together, so I think we're just going to stay the way we are, but lead our lives. For a while after a few years and after Anne left, I definitely thought of her as my wife or whatever. Now it's more like she's my partner, but it's not exclusive or exclusively romantic. There's a guy in the picture right now that she's probably going to end up dating, and that's cool. I imagine we'll still be together even through that.

I have more crazy as stories, lots of them with Anne, but now you know what's up, and have some semblance of resolution. Sorry to end a story on /b/ with lovey dovey pussy shit but that's the way it goes.

Till next time /b/


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