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Obvious shoop is obvious.
Korean what
wat teh fuk...
What is this i dont even

What (alternatives below) is a valid response to an overly lengthy journal entry, comment or black person. Also used in response to an entry, question, comment, forum post, etc. that is just completely un-fucking-believably stupid. WHAT is always a worthwhile addition to any conversation, demonstrating one's superior intellect and mastery of the English language. Whenever you find yourself in a situation on the internets where your opinion really matters, what is for you! It also apparently originates from the Something Awful forums, specifically FYAD. Something Awful invents everything, kind of like Al Gore and blacks. The use of what is, of course, a bannable offense on Something Awful nowadays.

Contrary to popular opinion, they speak English in What.


Correct Usage

  • what - a very general use of the term. Can denote confusion, surprise, excitement or rage.

  • WHAT - using caps often implies emphasis and emotion.

  • wait what - denotes confusion, used when the thread or conversation shifts topic too quickly.

  • wat - used to denote the deepest confusion, only when something is so absurd and off-base that a stunned sounding "what" is corrupted into a simple sound because of the amount of retardation that has affected the mind. This is generally used when you cannot understand OP or when they are being completely non-sequitur. For instance:

Speaker 1: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Speaker 2: wat

  • wat ¯\(°_o)/¯ - Same as "wat," but shows that the poster is a newfag.

  • lolwut - a reference an image macro consisting of the Biting Pear of Salamanca with the text LOL WUT added, often humorously denoting confusion at something ridiculous.

  • wut - can denote confusion and sluggish response, probably also from retardation

  • WUT - denotes emphasis on confusion

  • what is this i dont even - used only when something is terrible, inappropriate or so bad that it requires remarking. Unlike "wat," this is used when the OP makes sense, but is completely wrong or stupid.

Incorrect Usage

  • What
  • /Wat
  • What.
  • What!
  • What?
  • Whut (with or without ./!/?)
  • Wot
  • Wha?
  • w@ (W + at)
  • w^ (W + hat)
  • What is this? I don't even know


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  • Huh?
  • WWWWH (What? Who? When? Where? How?)

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Opposite Usage

An excessively small post answered by a verbose, profoudly lengthy response.

  • xxdeadinmyselfxx: yesterday i was at the store.
  • IIJonasBrotherFanFANII: Well might I say, old pal, upon reading your message I was met with a combination of both surprise and quite a tingling sensation below the left ear. Why is this you might ask? I was infected with herpes... on the ear. Yes on the ear. "Why is this?" you might ask, good sir. In 2006 I was experimenting with a very good, moral friend and a nondetachable artifact imitating the human male's reproductive organ and my friend... I'll call him Bill, because that was his name, decided it would be fun to blindfold me and make me think his own disease-ridden reproductive organ was our experimenting device. He then proceeded to ram the whole thing in my ear. Barely a near death experience! Ha! As you see this unfortunate case hasn't affected my sense of humor yet. Clearly the friend wasn't as good as I thought, heh! Till next time, I'll keep you posted good sir... if the STDs don't kill me by then! Hah! Or was that in bad taste? If so, sorry, I did not intend this by any means.


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Why is this pic in this article it has nothing to do wi-... What.

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