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Ebaum actually didn't create this at all, he stole it and the entire site right out from under its previous owner, Evelyn Baumsfeld.
In case you ever forget which sites suck.

A watermark is a mark added to an image by websites who don't own the copyright on that image or have any right to claim it as their own. This is done purely to be a tremendous asshole by inconveniently forcing anyone else who wants to use the image to either find the watermark-free image that was originally stolen by the site, or to try and remove it in Photoshop. Normally, butthurt TARTlets or Ebaum whores will use this to protect their "art" or "work."

The trick is to find the image that was previously stolen. Yes, usually watermark whores steal images, put their goatse watermark on it and write journal entries on how someone always steals "their" work. The sad thing is, people usually believe them until a hardcore internet gangster like yourself ninja-kicks their internet ass and shows them the original stolen pictures (or just points out their art really does suck). This usually turns into decent drama.

How to be a Watermark Whore

Image with the original overlayed. Note the watermark, cause it's my talent!!
  • Steal/borrow an image, either from the library or a good artist who has a lot of pics and doesn't care what you do
  • Use shoop and send up your "talented" logo, usually around 50% opacity
  • Save it and upload it to your site (cause you worked so hard to layer the watermark!)
  • Pat yourself on the back, you smart person!

How Does I Add Watermark?

The pic is protected and looks like shit now too.
I totally can't wait to make this my background! That watermark is sweet!
You totally can't see the windows background now! Original!
Another trace / watermark job in progress

Now you can protect your shitty modified windows background!
It totally doesn't make it look shitty!

It's hard to remove watermarks. But usually watermarks are on shitty pictures. And it's kind of for movies. Moving on..

Sites that Use Watermarks

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