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The Way of the Master (WOTM) is a Americunt-based Christian and Creationism evangelism ministry, founded in 2002 and headed by washed-up child actor Kirk Cameron, New Zealand-born snake-oil salesman Ray Comfort and religious side-show freak Todd Friel. The organization includes a TV show, radio broadcast, books, online school, small-group training courses, and a website.

Yes, they are professional Christfags and therefore lolcows. Using the most retarded arguments to prove their claims, and willing to lower themselves to any depth in order to gain fantards that will take part in their religious pyramid scheme.

What that Jesus-flavored infomercial is about...

Core Beliefs

Christianity (see main article)

They adhere to that wonderful conundrum that is full of mindless, brainwashed followers who spend their entire life in misery when they aren't spreading the gospel. And true to form, They believe that their religion is the only way of life and refuse to accept any other ways. As the rule of thumb goes, There is no 'conversation' with Christfags... they only convert. Hence any debate done with him, is really an attempt at turning you into a christfag. Upon first glance it appears that this is a result of an inability to cope with reality; however, the desire to drag anyone and everyone into their mire of shame, confusion and fairy-tales is not a desperate attempt at relating to other people, but part of a greater plan to gain more vote-swing, with which comes the insurance that their hare-brained nanny-laws will always pass unanimously. Especially in Utah Florida everywhere but Sweden.

Creationism (see main article)

WOTM adherents maintain the idea that two centuries of consistent scientific data by thousands of logical minds is wrong and that Earth and life were not created by a causal chain of events but by an infinitely knowing, loving and powerful--yet seemingly indecisive and possibly bipolar--deity in less than a week.

Wait a minute? WOTM? LWP? Wretched? WTF?

There is some confusion as to how Ray-gay and his bunch are organized. The following diagram will explain.


As you can see Living waters publications is the core of WOTM. And as such it is fragmented into smaller outreaches which serves as cash-cows for LWP.

Ambassador Alliances

The Ambassadors' Alliance is a global alliance of churches, para-church ministries, and individual Christians who share the common vision of fulfilling the Great Commission and inspiring in every Christian a God-glorifying passion to do the same. All members of the alliance—whether church, para-church ministry, or individual Christian—are committed to using the Law of God to help the unbeliever recognize their true spiritual condition and their need for the Savior, and to present the entirety of the gospel in a biblical way.

Deeper Conference

One of the many cash cows that LWP organizes so that they can sucker more people and do a mental circle jerk.

Transformed Conference

Same thing, though this one is more keyed to those who have started to see things a little more clearly. You could say it's the rinse cycle in the brainwashing machine.

School Of Biblical Evangelism

This is where they train moar of these Christfags to go forth and spread the gospel. Of course half the time, they will use the good person test and end up being told to go forth and multiply themselves.

Way of the master

The most known outreach of LWP. In fact you think "way of the master" you no longer think 70's kung fu films with kick ass martial artists, you think now of a small New-zealander with a 70's pornstar mustache that is more likely to get intellectually ass-kicked by even a retard.

It was divided in TV and radio components, until they sold the radio show concept to familynet and then it became Wretched.


Wretched radio and TV are the offshoots of what was once WOTM radio. Familynet bought the concept and it's the same old shit, with the same host. It is believed that the only purpose it truly serves is to give Todd Friel a job.


Kirk Cameron

This is what happens when child stars find religion, it's like they had a massive dose of fail injected in their brain.

Kirk Cameron is a former child star who used to play Mike Seaver on 80's sitcom Growing Pains where he claims to have converted from Atheism at age 17. One of his first acts as a righteous born again Christian was to get his co-star and on-screen love interest Julie McCullough fired solely because he didn't like the fact that she had posed in Playboy. After the 80's have passed and in order to retain some of the glory of his past as a teen heartthrob he decided to target the Christfag market, thus getting the best of both worlds.

Some argue that he became an evangelist in order to to prove that he is not gay. If this is the case, he has failed to an almost unheard of degree, as pretty much every televangelists career ends with footage leaking of them strutting around a Bangkok nightclub in six inch heels, leading around a 13 year old boy with 'cumsponge' written on his forehead by a leash.

He also starred in plenty of direct-to-video productions where you can now find in dollar stores, Wal-mart discount bins and swap meets. Most All of the movies he has made are so bad that not even MST3K would want to touch it.

He claims he used to be a devout atheist, until he asked himself "What if I am wrong?" Today he is an ardent apologist, defending the faith with the most retarded arguments, and wanting a pet crocoduck.

"What Washed-Up Kid Actors End Up As... EPIC FAIL!!"

Ray Comfort

Ray is about to nibble in the most Homo-erotic way on what he thinks is the "Atheist Nightmare".

Ray Comfort is a Christian minister and evangelist. Comfort, who has no formal training in anything except in bullshiting, started Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master and has written a number of books that He and Kirk peddles in Jesus-flavored infomercials. But remember, they are not doing it for the money.

No, how can someone not "Be in it for the money" when they have written so many books on how to bug the shit out of everyone and have shows and use the internet to push their lies? The defense rests.

"How does this douchebag live with himself?".

Todd "Freakishly tall" Friel

Ray and Kirk found him frozen in the arctic, next to that dinosaur that leveled Tokyo.

Todd Friel He is an American radio and television host, Christian commentator, evangelist, and former washed up stand-up comedian. He used to host Way of the master radio where his douchebaggery flourished in two hour long verbal diarrhea. He now hosts a more appropriately named show called "Wretched". He's also the proof you CAN stack shit that high.

He serves as the "Comedic enforcement" of WOTM, a pet troll if you will. He has been used as a drama-generator, ambushing Atheists and other unbelievers with the usual garbage that WOTM has been prone to spit over the years.

Todd is trying to sell you something

Others WOTM pawns

Here is a list of people affiliated in one way or another with either Way of the master/Living Waters ministry/"Wretched". These folks use the techniques pimped by Ray Comfort and will try to sell his gospel tracts, videos and other gimmicks.

Also, when dealing with such individuals, one should consider that their training in their backgrounds supplements their "evangelism" (Example: Todd friel as a comedian or Tony's Law enforcement background). This can help in avoiding pitfalls while maximizing the lulz.


A pawn of "wretched" radio, most of her videos are just applications of the good person test via fishing for sinners and just other asinine methods of evangelism, while pushing the various products that living waters ministries peddles for all the Christfags of the world.


Another pawn. He uses the "fishing" approach as well. He uses open-air preaching, which is serious business. Lawman worked for 20 years as a deputy in the LA County Sheriff's Department with the latter part of that career as a chaplain to the law enforcement community. This, more than likely can be reflected in the way he assumes that he has authority over you.

He's also one of their instructors. Lawman heads up the evangelism training conducted by Way of the Master through their "Ambassadors Academies", which is a preacher farm.


Mark Spence is the dean of the way of the master School of biblical evangelism which is a distinctly unique course in that it's entire focus is driven by personal evangelism.

He's also trained in being an illusionist, which more than likely helped with the flim-flam business of evangelism. .

If you talk about how WOTM is about making money out of bullshit he will say that you do not know what you're talking about.


Hip Hop is the Sound jockey at Wretched Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio). Alot of the slime you'll find comes from Hip Hop's labor in sifting through the web and editing the dirt he finds for each 50 minute program.


EZ is the General Manager of Way of the Master / Living Waters ministries. He's the force behind the crass commercialization of way of the master. Ray comfort couldn't have sold his cheezy shit on his own. He needed someone with skills in marketing, and marketing he did.


If you've ever wondered who makes Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron look so good on their TV series, while being so full of fail, he's the one that people should blame.

But let us give credit where credit is due, it takes alot of skill for a man to be able to take Ray Comfort and be able to actually make him watchable for more than ten seconds.


Brainiac is the living breathing mass of theological knowledge that answers the really tough questions on "Wretched Radio" (formerly Way of the Master Radio) and "Wretched TV". As hard as it is to believe, situations actually occur on the program where the host, Todd Friel, doesn't know the answer. Brainiac is always there to save the day and teach us something about Church history, Reformed theology, conference happenings, or Mark Driscoll's latest escapade.

Tricks and Fail

Like most evangelists, they have their tricks and their tell-tale arguments. WOTM specializes in gimmicks that can be best summed up as "Bumper-sticker theology". It is targeted at people who are of low-education and intelligence, which can be reflected in the majority of their fantards.

Good Person Test(see main article)

The Good Person Test (GPT), is a gimmick used by many Christfags to try and attempt conversion of a non-christfag into the flock. It uses a series of trick questions that merely waste your time and push their religion on you. It's a sales pitch and not playing along can give them a case of butthurt.

Banana Argument

The banana argument is the most well known example of WOTM's of fail when it comes to being educated and just having any coherent thoughts. They claimed that this variation on the argument from design, saying that some things are the way they are because they were designed especially for our pleasure and comfort.

Banana Argument: FAIL

The conclusion: obviously the banana was designed by "Almighty God" for the benefit of human beings. Many also wonder if this is true, then the banana is also God's way to promote dildos and buttplugs since it looks like it's "designed" to do this as well.

The real nightmare is that there may be people in the world who would be convinced by the argument! Even though the banana, as we know it, is the product of agriculture, not the imagination of some fucktard. A month later, Ray made another video explaining that God made coconuts to punish the Haitians for making a deal with Satan.

Open-Air Preaching

Open air preaching or street preaching is the act of pushing religion to crowds of people in open places. WOTM specializes in that area, thus breeding among evangelicals a mass population of Chronic Troll Syndrome.


WOTM is known to try and silence critics on youtube. Their most common method is to disable ratings and banhammer all those who would post critique on their videos, be it by jest, or by logic. They will even go as far as to disable comments after a while in order to keep their fantards happy.

Of course this only adds to the lulz as bypassing youtube censors is as easy as downloading the video, uploading it, and matching the tags on the original, thus allowing free speech to prevail.

"Origin In School"

Dumbass, lies and videotape

This latest stunt done by them, shows just how much Ray comfort is willing to sink to any dept to push his twisted ideology on the younger generation. Learning that the book is now public domain, Comfort and his stooges decided to vandalize Charles Darwin's work "The Origins of the species" with an introduction written by Comfort himself. This stunt is sponsored with the help of these organizations:

- Campus Crusade For Christ (Anti-student organization)

- Answers in Genesis (Anti-science and education)

- Alliance Defense fund (Lawyers. Anti-humanity)

In their own words:

This special 280-page edition not only contains an abridged Origin of Species but also has a 50-page Introduction that reveals the dangerous fruit of evolution, Hitler's undeniable connections to the theory, Darwin's racism, and his disdain for women. It counters the claim that creationists are "anti-science" by citing numerous scientists who believed that God created the universe — scientists such as Einstein, Newton, Copernicus, Bacon, Faraday, Pasteur, and Kepler.

This "introduction" has been retrieved. It can be viewed here. It is highly recommended that you get a barf bucket before reading this.

Also retrieved is a list of schools that are confirmed targets by this endeavor.

Universities in the United States

Princeton University (NJ)

Harvard University (MA)

Yale University (CT)

Stanford University (CA)

University of Pennsylvania (PA)

California Institute of Technology (CA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Duke University (NC)

Columbia University (NY)

University of Chicago (IL)

Dartmouth College (NH)

Washington University in St. Louis (MO)

Cornell University (NY)

Brown University (RI)

Northwestern University (IL)

Johns Hopkins University (MD)

Rice University (TX)

Emory University (GA)

Vanderbilt University (TN)

Notre Dame (IN)

University of California - Berkeley (CA)

Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

University of Virginia (VA)

Georgetown University (DC)

University of California—Los Angeles (CA)

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (MI)

University of Southern California (CA) We have this one.

University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (NC)

Tufts University (MA)

Wake Forest University (NC)

Lehigh University (PA)

Brandeis University (MA)

College of William and Mary (VA)

New York University (NY)

University of Rochester (NY)

Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)

Boston College (MA)

University of Wisconsin—Madison (WI)

University of California—San Diego (CA)

University of Illinois—Urbana - Champaign (IL)

Case Western Reserve University (OH)

University of Washington (WA)

University of California—Davis (CA)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)

University of Texas—Austin (TX)

University of California—Santa Barbara (CA)

University of California—Irvine (CA)

Penn State University—University Park (PA)

University of Florida (FL)

Syracuse University (NY)

Universities in Canada

Ottawa University -

Carleton University -

Queen's University -

University of Toronto -

York University -

McMaster University -

Guelph University -

Brock University -

U of Western Ontario -

Concordia University -

McGill University -

U of New Brunswick -

Memorial U of Newfoundland -

Dalhousie University -

University of Manitoba -

U of Saskatchewan -

University of Alberta -

University of Calgary -

Simon Fraser University -

U of British Columbia -

University of Victoria -


WOTM, like many ministries of it's ilk, makes money from the fantards they have. In fact they make over 9000 when it comes to the greenbacks. It's proof again that there is a sucker born-again every day.

Since WOTM/Living waters is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization, it's easy to know how much money they make since it's public information. You can view them all at these locations;

In 2006 Living Waters Publications sold 4.5 million dollars worth of merchandise that only cost the organization 1.9 million (a 137% markup). Living waters also took in $736,472 in donations. This gave the org a net revenue of 3.3 million to be added to the 1.4 million it had in the bank at the beginning of the year.

The expenditures for 2006 list fund raising receiving 1.2%, program services receiving 24.5%, and managerial and general receiving 74.1% of the 3 million spent. If you are running a nonprofit and only 24% of your expenditures are going to the programs and services the org was created to address, and 74% are going to Managerial and General expenses,you're doin' it wrong.

Further information can be read here, it is well detailed.

Drama Generation

One should note that trying to attack WOTM directly is pointless. First, these guys are attention whores and second, they mention in their training manuals how to handle hecklers.

The best drama to gain however is from their adepts who are not too swift and can be a huge load of lulz, since they do not look at the founders of WOTM with a critical eye, or their ideology for that matter.

The best drama generating techniques are;

  • Remind them that they are taking their money to make stupid shit (like their show) instead of feeding the poor or helping the homeless.
  • Parody their videos. (WOTM is known to be anti-lulz).
  • Make videos series that prove that Ray and Kirk's arguments are full of Fail
  • Deny the existence of God.
  • Tell them that the Good person test is just a sales pitch and you're not buying.
  • Question the veracity of the bible.
  • Question their motives.

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