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Official logo of wc3forum.tk

Wc3forum.tk (The most unpopular mass of shit on the internets) is a piece of shit forum on the Internets. It used to be about Warcraft but now it's not, thanks to Blizzard's incompetence in game balance. Nowadays, it's a forum that has everything yet is about nothing. The forum's official greeting to incoming n00bz is "YOU POSTED ONCE GOOD JOB FAG".


That's some ownage

Originated at least 100 years ago after iopq, a renowned japofag, got pissed that blizzard closed his in-game account for trolling on the battle.net forums. Knowing that the Internet Is Serious Business he went on bitching on his own forum how this, like, sucked balls and stuff. The original forum doesn't exist anymore thanks to the incompetence of the host who forgot to pay, because he's a WoW-addicted whore. The aforementioned japofag happened to be a horrible admin. When the chance came, his powers had been taken away and he is kept under strict control.

Sometime in the early existence of the forum, an idiot admin had the cool idea of setting up a party system, that is, every group of posters was assigned to the Nazi, Communist and Red Army parties. The concept lasted one week before dissipating into oblivion, but it created enough mess on the forum that a reset was necessary.

On December 9th 2004 a major drama happened which resulted in the break-up of the forum into two forums when the even more incompetent host permabanned two of the forum's posters for no real reason, which resulted in one admin's gloating about victory across the internets. Not willing to surrender to juvenile assholes, these two posters are now the only root admins of the new forum who don't ban for the lulz, at least, not always.

On November 14th 2005 a competing group of faggots from the battle.net forum started their own competing forum, which resulted in an invasion of said forum and a legendary spam of tubgirl has been unleashed on it, until the admins admitted defeat and resigned to obscurity.

In A.D. 2005, eWar was beginning. War! December 6th, even more faggots got sick of the faggotry of the battle.net forums. Either oblivious to the fact that an "Alternative battle.net forum" already exists or inexplicable hatred towards us (probably because wc3forum.tk has WAY better trolls than them), instead of migrating to wc3forum.tk, they started their own competing forum, with a contingent gayer than a San Francisco pride parade and Elton John combined. This activity has brought new life to the forums, just like Microsoft, wc3forum.tk had to stomp out every little bit of competition as soon as reconaissance reports arrive.

Amused by the fact that the competing forum is about to be wiped on day 1 of its existence, two noble heroes, Iehova and REAL.SCARY, embarked on an epic crusade of search and destroy. Upon arrival and a short introduction thread of each hero, the code to nuke the competing forum has been told, and the spam avalanche began. Spam of this magnitude was epic in proportions, legendary in gory quality and extremely rare in persistence. Upon half an hour of uninterrupted spamming of goatse, gore images and the pain series, the first counterattack began. An account was banned. Of course, trolls of this magnitude are only fueled by bans and the spamming has increased even further.

The physical limitation of the forum was the only thing that stopped the two heroes and, while REAL.SCARY resigned from the spamming, the lonely crusader Iehova continued with his nefarious acts until the total pwnage of said forum the sleeping incompetent piece of shit admin removed it from existence and therefore declared his ultimate faggotry - his forum got wiped on day 1 of its existence. Champagne bottles were opened and the victory celebrated across the internets as a record was broken - shortest amount of time a forum got spammed to oblivion in internets history.

2006 has begun and the eWar is coming to an end. After multiple spam attacks by Iehova as well as infiltration and trolling by Walka on the piece of shit wannabe forums, the forum is now stagnating and is dying slowly and very painfully. Nowadays, the only posts made on these forums are made by the french canadian faggot CAPSLOCKON and the stupid 13 years old emo fag DemonDestroyer. If another spam attack was to be launched on the forum, they would be completely annihilated and the little activity there is at the moment would cease.

The eWar is at the very least stopped for now as the forum members are busy with much more serious business.

It seems that as of Wednesday January 11th the forum has found a new Sorry_sir. Yes, in fact, the faggotry of Stainless has even went beyond Sorry_sir's. He went on an extreme alternating capitals spamming session and thus pissing off Iehova as well as the rest of the shitty forum. Shortly after he was nominated as the new Sorry_sir, Stainless was banned by the nazi-jew Iehova.

There seems to be a new trend as of Thursday January 12th, the forum members seem to be making a bunch of threads calling out and insulting Agh, better known as FAGH. The faggot that previously attempted to troll the forums by telling everyone that he was like 100 years old is now being shown what the meaning of sheer power is, he is getting totally owned by every single member of the forum. However, that trend has been raped dead by the internets.

July 8th 2010: These forums are now a shadow of their former glory, there reside some of the nerdiest, fattest, grossest, smelliest, and ugliest basement dwellers of the whole internet. The posters, whom I can clearly count on my hands, have been clinging on to this massive piece of shit forum for the past 7 years possibly hoping that the golden age would come back. However, there is no such thing. As time goes the forum only gets closer and closer to its demise, though the 5 posters have so little of a life that you might think they'll still be there in 2020.

Population and features

Feel the magic, XY/XX.

This shitty forum contains all kinds of posters, from fatass Republicans to skinny jews, going through lurkers, manbeasts, dumb greeks, and french faggots.

If a new member walks in with a dissenting opinion from the rest of the herd, he's immediately ostracized. New members are talked about in an unloving and unfriendly matter. Not only that, but there are idiots who just spam things thinking they are the height of humour, when in reality they add nothing to the forum and instead detract from it. Such people fail to realize they aren't respected and thus are doomed to a life of mediocrity and failure.

The Chameleon

The chameleon in all its glory.

Main Article: Chameleon

Started from an image from the Internets this meme was made by BUFF., a newer user. Taking up the legacy of the now olde "no u" craze, chameleon signifies the redirection of the argument toward the poster that posted it in the first place.


Prima: "Wow, all your posts are shit"
Secunda: "Chameleon"

The posting of the image is not needed, unless used for purposes of spreading the meme. Current targets that must be spammed with Chameleon include YTMND and 4chan.

Another version of a googled chameleon has been popular, that doesn't contain the word Hypocrite!, but its usage is encouraged at the forum because it goatses the page on 1024x768 resolution.

The newest image in creation in memelabs is an image that says Chameleon! instead of Hypocrite! It is meant to be introduced after the meme is worn out on the particular site or media outlet for at least a hundred years. Its development is super-secret and it's going to be largely labeled as unfunny by the ostracizing eyes of the interweb.


A typical forum japofag, after an eDrama, and apparently Kirk Cameron.
  • Iehova/bot - an elitist russian-Jew who denies his inferior genes despite the fact he lives in Israel, which makes him either a Jew or a Arab, because that's all Israel has. A renowned pervert, known for his love for bondage, piss porn, bukkake and everything else only a fucked up piece of shit would consider watching. Enjoys whoring the last post of every thread for ePenis size.
  • Rofle - a dumbfuck greek faggot who thinks he's a nazi because of his FUHRER prefix. His RL name makes him automatically gay. Currently going to highschool. Expect another Columbine soon. Known for his "Shut up jew" spam towards Iehova/bot.
  • iopq - The same japofag from the olde forum, he's kept on a leash due to his incompetence and inability to admin a forum. No one knows the real reason why he was made admin in the first place. Known for his failure at life and unbearable ugliness. Goes to a public college and plans a trip to Japan after getting his degree in japofag sciences. It is speculated that he may be a Jew, however that cannot be confirmed nor denied.
  • InvalidSyntax - a kid who goes to college. The height of his life was having a tub of lard as a prom date. Known for posting huge lists of porn passwords.
  • Mutamonster - Notorious Liberal and LARP'er. Doesn't post anymore because his dad hates him and broke his college money fund. Boo hoo.
Sleeping on carpets is cool on wc3forum.tk

Famous posters

A typical french canadian forum resident.
  • Zexy/ness - a big, dumb, emo, Republican fatass. His only virtue is his hatred towards sandniggers. Currently known for trolling the Protest Warrior forum. He is the founder of clan Lies, "The best troll clan ever", was Elven-Z's right hand and famous around the forum for pwning Happiness.
  • Walka - the aforementioned french faggot in the logo. Does not go to school. Has played WoW at least 100 years. Knowing that the Internet Is Serious Business, he takes genuine pride in playing WoW. He is the epitome of a basement dwelling nerd, as he leaves the house once every 3 weeks for vitamin D, or else a IRL death might occur (to the infinite joy of everyone else on the forum, internets and world). Claims to be able to control all the girls over the internets with his accent and awesome voice. Likes Anime and Hentai, also publicly admits to jacking off to it. In one word: Loser.
  • TFT - Some fag from Greenland, or some shit.
  • SnowPlow - Professional antisemite and polish faggot. Suprisingly intelligent, capable of verbal warfare. Known as the forum Kitty, because his avatar and signatures consist of a bunch of cats he probably lives with and performs oral sex on.
  • Anouymous - The cancer that's killing the forum. Incessant bitching about Jews and their human sacrifices to Satan. Capable of writing hilarious Erotica stories. Convinced that Iehova/bot is the chief chemical weapon engineer for the Illuminati. He is the eSlave of Happiness.
  • Stainless - A flaming retard. The height of his posts included "iehova needs to die", after being trolled into the ground about perversion. Known for his animosity towards Iehova/bot. Incapable of intellectual discussion, in case of verbal pwnage, will say "Shut up jew" or any variation of "STFU", not realizing that the Internet Is Serious Business.
This guy is REAL.SCARY.
  • REAL.SCARY - Someone who is real scary. This poster manages to both intimidate and incite lulz among forum residents with his facial expressions, ALLCAPS gibberish and frequent mentioning of rape, pillage, murder, racial jokes and crusaders. Famous for making a comic starring himself and the forum posters, which is now lost in the internets.
  • Drayen - also known as the "4v4 RT pro", this french canadian's faggotry and frenchness is detected from miles away. Normally too busy to play Warcraft, this faggot occasionally stumbles upon the forum spilling out useless garbage, like a overcompressed .jpg file showing his internet pride. Known for photoshopping his own picture to look like a noobelf. Conclusion: faggot.
  • LordBafford - lord of sussex, Bafford has ruled his kingdom well over the years. His subjects are loyal and do his bidding. He also has quite the fetish for waffles and generally babbles incoherantly from tiem to time.
  • Brik - a spaniard pedophile philosopher. Has an inferiority complex which gives him the need to prove he's better than everyone else at life. Has connections with the opposite sex and posted several of them for masturbatory justice. One of the few non-virgins on the forum.
  • Happiness (Fappenis) - the saddest man ever to inhabit the forum and the internets. Known as a Something Awful whore, he is permanently attached to Lowtax's flaccid penis. His ambiguity regarding the seriousness of the internets has left the forum in confusion whether he is a goth, emo or just a faggot. He no longer posts on the forum due to extreme pwnage by Zexy, to which he has replied with nothing but "OH OKAY".
He probably has an LJ but that cannot be confirmed or denied. A walking testosterone vein.
  • LivV - a punk wannabe, known for posting around the forum like a 16 year old girl, which is not far from the truth. His heterosexuality has not been confirmed, due to pictures of him in make-up, blue hair and other faggotty periphenalia.
  • MADHATTAR - "the 1337 nigger choker", otherwise known as an emo in disguise who thinks racism over the internets is cool. Dumped by his hot girlfriend because she already had one pussy which was enough, apparently. After the RL drama he did what every forum resident would do - Instead of taking RL vengeance, he took his vengeance across the internets, spamming tubgirl despite the ability to do so IRL.
Internet - 1
Life - 0
  • Arron "DarkChrono" Norwell - Probably the only person on the forum who still cares about Warcraft. A manager at a Warcraft progamer clan. The reason why he hasn't changed his name yet eludes the entire forum.
  • Stupid "sorry_sir" Sandnigger - The biggest faggot to ever step foot on the forum. He joined the forum because the faggot we know as Kalypso was advertising the forum on the battle.net wc3 gendis. At least 100 years ago, during iopq's reign as admin of the forum, Sorry_sir was hated by EVERY SINGLE MEMBER. Iopq, being the incompetent admin that he is, would simply not ban Sorry_sir even though the whole forum wanted him banned. Right now, Sorry_sir is permanently banned from the forums and will hopefully never be unbanned.
  • Jacknstock

Unrest in Paradise, Lollercausts and Internet Dramas

Why do the posters continue to rebel against the Internets like faggots? The reason eludes the internets. Is it because they're all faggots? Is it because their parents slap the shit out of them because of how ugly they are? Seriously, every single poster here is a faggot except for two who are Iopq and SnowPlow. The rest of the posters are basement dwelling nerds

Embrace the Zexyness™

The dumbest poster on this forum, and perhaps the face of this earth, is Zexy.

God he is so fucking fat and his girlfriend is ugly and he comes into this forum to gloat about it? What he should be doing is trying to kill himself because of how miserable his life is. There was also a quote he said as if he was the coolest guy on the Internet once. It went something like "I would take the side of everyone on this forum against any other Internet Fag (yes even Walka)" or some shit like that. Can you get any gayer? Seriously, this fucking rebel wannabe needs to kill himself and stop wasting excess amounts of food to feed himself and his girlfriend because the fact of the matter is: he's a fucking douche bag.

There’s also other faggots such as Brik. He's such a dumbass who comes onto this forum to get attention and posts pictures of himself thinking everyone is homosexual like himself and believes that we want to look at his bullshit pictures. He'll probably counter the argument with bullshit like "You're just jealous" or something along the lines of that shit. He thinks he is the coolest mother fucker on this board and everyone should bow down before him when at night he bow downs before his father and sucks his dick clean.

Also, another faggot who posts is Iehova. He's ugly, dumb, and socially inept. The worst part is that he comes onto this forum and thinks he's "the shit" because he rules over those who are equally stupid. He thinks he's some Nazi and thinks he's the toughest shit ever because of his beliefs. What a faggot. He might as well kill yourself you loser shit because you're doing nothing for this world except wasting its precious resources.

Fuhrer or a greek faggot? No one knows

The last mother fucker on this board is quite possibly the stupidest one, too. ROFLE. Who does this guy think he is? Fucking cracker. As if being the stupidest guy on this forum isn't enough, he proves it furthermore with his bullshit posts. He probably fails school too. Keep living in your parent’s house man, maybe they'll leave their life savings of $1000.00 to you when they die.

These are the top 4 faggots that embody this forum. They think they are the toughest shits ever when in reality they are some fucking losers who need to suck a dick to cease their sexual desires. They need to do the world a favor and kill themselves.

Everyone hates Walka. Why Walka?

Because he's pretty much the finest example of why the people of America hate the French. He's obnoxious, annoying and won't stop his misplaced shenanigans.

He spams in all capital letters in inapportune times. He spams about World of Warcraft secretly hoping that we'll find something funny about it. He tries to share his excitement about a game that has been already been done before, but better, many times.

Out of any posters on this forum the one who matured the least and changed the least is Walka. Many have redefined the purpose of this forum and started to choose activities that keep the forum alive by bringing news events and comical videos to the board. Walka keeps on enjoying spamming without a reason like a little kid who never ceases to be amazed by peek-a-boo.

What is the solution to this problem? Walka must be permabanned.

They cancelled Over There

A wild SANDNIG appeared!

It's super effective!
Critical hit!
SANDNIG is now paralyzed!
SANDNIG fainted!
USMC gets 140 XP points!
USMC is now level 86!

What do you want to do with your life?

I'll finish getting my degree in engineering, wasting four years of my life learning a bunch of junk science, to barely get a chance at applying for a decent job. After working 9-5 everyday for the next ten years, going through a mid-life crisis, and sucking the corporate tit for a $.012 raise, my job will be outsourced to some anonymous fuckball in Bangladesh. I'll be forced to take a job at Save Mart, working for some young black guy, who has 200 year old racial grudge.

He'll make me work weekends.

My wife will leave me for a younger man because after 20 years in a high stress working enviornment, impotence will likely set in. I'll retire a broken, lonely man, and die in obscurity. My kids will buy me the cheapest coffin available, and grow to hate eachother because I left one of them a bigger inheritance cheque.

But make no mistake, my Headstone will read:

Iehova WAS a Jew


As arrogant as it may sound, I don't think a botfly larva could survive on me.

My showers are hot and long and I keep the doors closed. Quite often I have to abruptly finish my shower session before I pass out, because there is too much water in the air and too little oxygen. With all that water and soap, that little airhole they use will be plugged in no time, and they'll probably try to escape, only to be burned by water that makes baby skin boil.

That pretty much goes for all living creatures. I set mousetraps outside and kill the mice, I set regular traps outside and kill squirrels. I kill all insects, arachnids, and other arthropods on sight. Birds are unsafe from my unholy advance as I climb trees, destroy their nests and drown their young or crush their eggs. I spray ridiculous amounts of industrial strength antibacterials and keep the house clean. Even dust mites cannot escape me, for I leave no place unsterilized.

I slam wasps from the skies and crush them. My leg hair tangles mosquitos into oblivion as they struggle to escape my hand of doom. My skin is supersensitive; No non microscopic creature can touch me without my awareness.

Indeed, the only place where unwanted life exists on my property is the trash.

What about doggies and kitties you say?

Do not worry friends, for as we speak I am working on a solution. The neighborhoods will be filled with "Lost Pet" posters. They shall pay the ultimate price for crapping on my lawn.


You're a faggot nerd anouymous

Ways to troll wc3forum.tk

The only way to troll wc3forum is to behave like a normal person. Since the entire board consists of basement dwelling nerds, they treat normal behavior as trolling and will shun the offender right away.

Note: Several posters attempt to troll the forum claiming they have lives. Such statement is false and should be dismissed just as quickly.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Any ED user that tried to fit it on the forum either failed or got bored or moved on to other things, like picking up women.

Jewish conspiracy to close down the forum

After doing 9/11, Jews conspired to destroy the forum. Because ROFLE was emo about not fitting in with the guido crowd, he decided to make a poll that would decide the fate of the forum. Then, Jews rigged the poll and poisoned Jushchenko causing the erasure of the old forum.

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