We bought bread together

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TL;DR: Rough summary of this article.

One fine day during the summer of 2011, a disappointingly (albeit unsurprisingly) overlooked event took place: a momentarily lulzy thread surfaced on one of 4chan's many low traffic and typically bland SFW boards, /fit/. Reportedly, the OP who managed to distract many /fit/ regulars from their debates over whether they find squatz or oatz to be more preferable for an entire five minutes, had not actually misclicked in attempts to navigate to /adv/, but rather had not found a proper answer to his question there. Supposedly this misguided anon (henceforth known as "breadman") had suffered the same results after also making this post to the TL;DR bawwwfest that is /r9k/, as the thread was seen to have surfaced there at some point as well.

One man, his sexual frustration, and unrelated baked goods

So what exactly was so baffling about what breadman asked /fit/? Here is his original toast post:


As you can see, breadman's quest for dating advice itself was not the target of lulz, but rather its odd wording. Following it was quite possibly the most activity that any single /fit/ thread has ever seen: an orgy of some few hundred baffled reaction images along with quoting the "we bought bread" part. To save previewing this madness itself, here is an accurate summary of the average reader's reactions as noted throughout the entire thread...


Which of the following does not fit in the story?

a) >she crossed her legs and kept them shut

b) >she trembled a bit though her legs

c) >protested but very weakly, allowed me to keep touching her

d) >blushed when I look at her, cover her face in embarrassment

e) >we brought bread together but she didn't eat it because she wants to eat it later


—Some anon's response to breadman

Was she sexually aroused? Did she ever eat the bread?

And probably never will.

Unfortunately, we may never discover the final answer to questions such as this. The factor that this bread thread has been sighted across multiple boards could mean that it is a simple copypasta, possibly once with a legit origin but now used in an entirely fictional manner. It could also be, as was pointed out by several /fit/ commenters, that breadman is simply a lonely aspie who doesn't understand wimmenz other than what the internet tells him and has likely long been turned down by the apparently shy girl who clearly was afraid of potential raep (or possibly just had a severe gluten allergy). One thing is for certain, however: this is now, and likely will forever be, the most interesting thread that has emerged from /fit/, and as such, breadman shall not be forgotten.