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iSight webcam from Apple.
Typical Camwhore photo.

noun. A device used by fugly people to show off their small penises and bad haircuts.

Camwhores need webcams to survive. Also often a sign of internet disease. There are 3 things that make a webcam more valuable than others:
1. Auto-high-contrast
2. Wide-angle lenses that both increase boob size and shrink waistline
3. Slow shutter speeds for an acne erasing blur effect

It's notable that for normal people, all three of these are bad things. Even (no, especially) #2, which exaggerates everyone's worst points under normal use (hint; why do you think professional photographers go the other way and use long, narrow-angle telephoto lenses when they're shooting models?).

Webcams go hand in hand with pirated copies of Photoshop, which are used to crank the contrast even higher than the camera can handle and to airbrush any blemishes.

Since almost every laptop now comes with a webcam, that could be remotely turned on, it's also good for spying on your ex-girlfriends, or fapping to the nubile teenagers of your school district.

Webcam Sites

There are many websites dedicated to helping these ego maniacs get their faces shown for the world to see. All of them are part of the cancer that is killing the big truck known as the internets.

Caming for the money.

Fucking with Camfgts

Trolling Chatroulette.

Trolling these fugly mofos is a lot easier than you might think. While they give off the image that they are strong, beautiful, and charasmatic people; they are, in fact, lonely fgts who need to be put back in their place. This can be done by calling them fat or by making references to ther obvious character flaws that they feel self-conscious about.

Nope, not even that can hide acne.

Another piece of shit that the cam spawned was the "public webcam". These are really boring but are great for watching drunk fights in public and bars. They can also be used for great justice as seen here.

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