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Weebl can mean:

  1. Defined in the dictionary as an interjection. Similar in meaning to fuck, though more childish and nerdy.
  2. A toy for Jews and Russians, similar to a scaled down punch-me clown.
  3. Weebl (Jonti Picking irl); a britfag known to make unfunny flash animations and posting them on his own site. Such classics from Weebl include Badger, Magical Trevor, Kenya and Get On My Horse.
  • Weebl and Bob, one of the most popular flash cartoons made by said britfag. The flash cartoon itself is known to people who produce conscious thought on their own as an ongoing parade of online, rancid, and unfunny offenses to humour as a whole. If the internets were ordinary radio, Weebl and Bob would be the local commercial segments.

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