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Sock puppet for Lj-favicon.png captain-pinhead, a meth-addicted, inbred gerbil who learned to scamper across the keyboard in a way that sometimes forms words.

Trolling Techniques As Developed By Lj-favicon.png weekly-slayings

  • Post endless reams of meth-babble to your blog. Be sure it is incomprehensible and at least sixteen pages long, so no one but other junkie gerbils will read it. When done, spend five or ten minutes humping the walls of your Habitrail, then pass out.
  • When no one comments on your journal, visit stranger's journals and post portions of your rodent ramblings as replies to their entries. When banned, carefully groom your tail with your teeth till it's nice and clean, then pass out.
  • When you've been banned from all the private journals you can find, visit random communities and share your babble with them. Don't be afraid to go off topic -- most communities want to hear your opinion on how to dig a decent burrow or when it's the best time to filch cheese. When they ban you, stand on your hind legs and make high-pitched squeaky noises for a bit, make sure your tail is still clean, hump the walls again to stay in practice, then pass out.

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