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The kind of quality one can expect from a pair of art-school rejects.

Remember that guy in the tie-dye hoodie that sat across from you in whatever remedial class you happened to take after failing the 11th grade? Or what about that guy with the scarf and hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in weeks you sat next to on the bus? What could possibly tie these two entities together? The answer being their love for neo-psychedelic post-industrial garage band Ween.

Forever adored by jobless-hippies for senseless marijuana advocacy, and by pretentious hipsters for labeling telephone noises as "music", the sound of Ween can be easily described as "novelty". Of course, point this simple truth out on any music board for the self-righteous and one will receive a flood of replies on how their plebeian mind cannot handle true art.

Typical Ween subject matter


Sup broseph?

Much like other stalkers of "musicians", Ween fans tend to be unwashed males within the 13-25 age range, who hold the belief that marijuana is both "enlightening" and "counter-cultural". It is also highly suspected that the majority of them were conceived in the bathroom at Phish concerts.

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