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They were accused because they looked different
No, they look like every other piece of trailer trash I have ever seen.

The West Memphis Three (should be the West Memphis 4) are three boys from West Memphis Arkansas who put their hometown on the map when they decided to kill three eight year old boys because they thought they were being cool and OMG SATANIC! The fourth one was Eddie Vedder who after seeing a movie about it, came to the conclusions that these guys must be innocent because they listen to Metallica and wear all black. Later at least 100 celebrities would jump on the bandwagon dumping massive amounts of money into their defense fund.

The Crime

Three Eight year old boy were murdered in West Memphis. They were beaten, cut and one of them was castrated. Seeing as these were 8 year olds, people got pretty pissed and started looking for who done it. Originally police thought that two junkies did it but dropped it because it didn't pan out. Later some dipshit emo kids would go around telling everyone and their mother about how they did it, thus proving they were IRL internet tough guys. Their shenanigans would get them party v&.

The Three

Soooooo Goth

Damien Echols

I was thinking the state is already going to kill me what else could they do, then I got raped


—Echols, on life in Prison

By far the coolest kid ever, ringleader of the bunch and most likely a pedophile (why else would an 18 year old man want to hang out with high school kids and strip down dead nude 8 year olds?). Besides his love for raping and killing kids, Damien enjoyed normal wholesome teen activities like arson and stomping dogs to death.[1] [2] Throughout the trial and the aftermath he was unable to keep his story straight and wanted everything both ways. During the trial he denied being a Wiccan or a Satanist and after the trial him and his fan boys tried to explain the guilty verdict away as him being persecuted for being Wiccan. He even went so far as to claim that he changed his name to Damien not because he saw The Omen but because he was a fan of Saint Damien. It is also interesting to note that Damien was also put in a mental hospital after getting arrested for breaking into a trailer park and claiming he was going to sacrifice his unborn child.

Jason Baldwin

If you are going to kill three kids, don't post your address on facebook
Jason Baldwin


—Jason Baldwin, when asked if he thought Damien was capable of doing that crime

This dumb shit would have gotten away with it if he did not put the fucking knife in the lake behind his house. Save that, he was actually the smartest of the bunch and did not take the stand during the trial. Feel free to tell him about this article

Jessie Misskelley Jr.

Too dumb for murder

Jessie was the one who got them all put away. After being questioned for 15 Minutes, he confessed and threw his friends under the bus with him. He was also the first person to use how dumb he is as an explanation as to why he could not have committed the murder. He was tested and found to have an IQ of 72 (two points above retarded) which pretty much makes him retarded. He either did his best on the IQ test (still making him retarded) or he purposely tried to fail it and couldn't even do that right, still making him retarded but in the genius range b Arkansas standards. The defense would have worked if it were in any state that had a literacy rate of over 10%. His Lawyers' (those are law talkin' guys in case you are from Arkansas) entire defense was that his confession was false and a product of coercion; the problem with that being that Misskelley not only confessed to the cops but to the guards in prison AND people in prison AFTER the trial. It is understandable that one would confess while getting the shit beaten out of them by cops, but why would an innocent person confess to a crime AFTER a trial? Oh yeah he fucking did it...

The Movies

If you look close you can see the AIDS on the corner of his mouth

Paradise Lost: The Robbin Hood Hill Murders

A fairly straightforward documentary about how faggotry and white trash stricken West Memphis Arkansas is. In short Paradise Lost one was just heavily edited file footage.

Paradise Lost 2: some stupid shit

The second one should have just been called Paradise Lost:They Did Not Do it and is more of a Michael Moore style documentary with nothing but cherry picked facts and made up shit. The movie goes to great lengths to paint Mark Byers (the father of one of the children) as the real killer and is complete with a wealth of footage showing an Oxycontin and alcohol fueled mind ranting on about nonsensical shit.

Paradise Lost 3:Free at last

Just a remake of part two with more made up shit that contradicts earlier made up shit, but it does not stop them from using all of it. In part three they blame a different father but we know this time they got it right.At the end of this one they get out and like most bullshit documentaries there is no happy ending.

The Aftermath

Surprisingly most of the defense claims came up after they had already been convicted making it all the more reason why you should hire a jew lawyer and not some white trash retard that keeps a Tom Clancy book with him in the trial.

The case attracted the usual group of serial killer groupies that all had to tear down their Manson and Bundy shrines to make room for the newest coolest killers. The typical claim is that the three were picked up because the wore all black and listened to Metallica. The fucktards forget that only one of them wore "all black" and this happened in 1993, making dressing in all black and listening to Metallica the norm, it would not make you some type of social outcast. It is also bullshit because, lets be honest, were the Columbine kids, Jeff Weise, John Sharkey, and Jasmine Richardson also persecuted because they wore all black? Or was it because they killed a bunch of people? And is that really a stretch? Any person that ever thought wearing all black is some form of social rebellion should be put in jail.

The defense even tried the classic "blame it on the mysterious black man defense" and had people testify that they saw some mysterious black man covered in blood, shit and mud come into a fast food restaurant use the bathroom where he shit himself only to leave shortly after. This raised more questions like,why would someone go into a bathroom to shit themselves? Why bother making something like that up? And does anyone think for a second that the police in Arkansas would not jump on the opportunity to arrest a black guy for an acutal reason if given the chance?

The three were eventually released, teaching everyone a valuable lesson, if you are going to kill someone dress in all black, confess and then write Pearl Jam about how innocent you are.

A look into claims made by the defense and the prosecutors over the years

Defense Prosecutors
The knife found in Baldwin's backyard that matches the wounds

did not belong to Baldwin or Echols, honest! The police must have planted it there!

The WM3 did it
Mark Byers had a knife that could have done it The WM3 did it
Terry Hobbs had a knife that could have done it The WM3 did it
No knife was used, animals mutilated the body, but Mark Byers and Terry Hobbs had knives so one of them did it. The WM3 did it
Because of the way the bodies were mutilated it had of been

a rage killing carried out by someone who knew the victims .

The WM3 did it
Some black guy was seen, HE did it. The WM3 did it
Because of the way the crime was carried out it had to of been

a sophisticated criminal.

The WM3 did it
The WM3 have each other as alibis, they could not have done it. Why would three guys accused of murder lie? The WM3 did it

The Search for the Real Killers

How to Troll People that think they are innocent

  • Tell them the WM3 are guilty
  • Suggest that money be raised to find the "real" killers, not to pay the lawyers for the West Memphis three
  • Say they should raise money for the victims families and clarify that by victims you mean the boys that were killed not the boys who did the killing
  • Now that the WM3 are free ask them to start another group that is focused on clearing the Columbine shooters and how they too wore all black and are probably innocent.
  • Argue that Damien Echols was a Wiccan and had every right to sacrifice those boys because of religious freedom.
  • Tell them to STFU about Misskelly's confession that it was not used against the other two in court.
  • Say that if Misskelly is so retarded as they claim then why is it such a surprise that he got minor details wrong in his confession. Argue that a retarded man has a hard time telling the difference between noon and midnight on a watch.
  • Tell them that in the 90s dressing in all black was the most fashionable thing you could do and that Metallica was at its height of fame so "they" were not different.
  • Point out that only one of them wore all black and he was only arrested because his friend ratted on him, the police did not round up people they did not like.
  • Join a "Free the WM3" forum and act shocked that they are glorifying the killers and that you thought the WM3 was bout the victims.
  • Tell them that Miskelley's Jailhouse confession was given to a man that was set free shortly after hearing the confession and had nothing to gain by testifying in court about it.
  • Ask for some sort of proof that the three dressed in all black.
  • Say that the West Memphis Three are good Christians and it would not be possible to commit the crime.

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