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Whiskey + whisk = this
Ah, that wonderful, peaceful feeling you get the morning after bingeing.

Whiskey is alcohol for cuntry folk. Also known as firewater to Primitives, whiskey is the reason the South was a little slow on getting rid of things like slavery. Oops, sorry black persons, we'll make it up to you by listening to you bitch about racism for the next 3 centuries.

Whiskey is usually a one-time thing, since after drinking it you'll get so hammered that you'll never drink again. Except for all those other times before when you drank it, but those don't count because you stopped drinking afterwards every time.


  1. Getting girls drunk and getting laid by hot bitches.
  2. Getting yourself drunk and getting laid by ugly bitches.
  3. Driving drunk and killing people who had it coming.
  4. Excusing away your sluttiness by calling drunken foreplay rape.


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