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White Nerd's Burden, or otherwise referred to as White Pedantic's Burden, and even White Nerd Privledge is a phenomena regarding the rise of oblivious white male cultural flaunting and imposition ever since the tubes got started. In short, it's the reason why on the internet you'll very much see comments about how someone doesn't like anime and boast about how European Martial Arts kicks the shit out of everything with a chalkboard of theoretical nonsense and numbers.

About White Nerd's Burden

White Nerd's Burden is essentially the kind of faggotry that ostracized and vindictive amoral nerds engage in, hoping to replicate events from such computer sci fi classics such as Hackers, The Matrix, and Deus Ex, by turning to the internet as an escape from being their youth peer populace's whipping boys and omega dogs. However, much like their shit society that will eventually see Judgement Day turn out like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger all combined, they'll instead turn to bullying, ostracizing, and belittling anything that comes their way out of pure jaded paranoia and bullshit values said society still has instilled into them, ie be cocksuckers playing the same game as everyone else.

Those under the influence of White Nerd's Burden are often secretive, but they are always bitter, cynical, and hypocrites who claim good things about themselves but are always unsavory and insultingly disgusting out of touch human beings. Likewise, they claim themselves as the "last smart people on Earth", and act like they and the internet are "one", as if the entire networks of tubes is their playground. Often, they will look at the world as if it was written by William Gibson, thinking that they're a badass against "the system" controlled by "old money" and "Japanese Zaibatsus", when reality often is a hard brick wall waiting for them to collide into. Moreover, they will pride themselves as the example of the underdog, while they are nothing but rats fighting over whatever bit of food falls into their sewer of a world. However, despite what is being said here, none of them are script kiddies and only care about the hardware aspect of computers for PC Gaming and dick measuring purposes.

American History W.N.B.

  • 1994 - Internet becomes public access through phone service providers
  • April 20th, 1999 - Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shoot up Columbine High and amass a great high score, but miss everyone who bullied them by a grade year. FBI uncovers their Doom fansite with their pussyfoot outrage at society plastered everywhere on it. Unbeknownst to anyone, these two would provide a template for pathetic white nerds helped fermented by a shit society. From this point on, the term nerd is also caustically denied by said internet dwellers and dies from its original leet interpretation of it from Revenge of the Nerds.
  • September 11th, 2001 - America is brought to its knees because of 9/11. Everyone goes to harbor hatred and discrimination against arabs, while ignoring Rambo III's plotpoint of joining forces with the Afgans to "stop the commies".
  • Post 9/11 - Over the course of several years, America begins to lose its shit, humbled by the fact that all of the war in Iraq hasn't done shit for them. Rage Against the Machine is proven right in that US media draws the line between "entertainment and war" with the US military pushing propaganda in video games and movies, and that "rebel reverse psychology consumerism" exists with nerds flocking to this shit in droves and associating it with their monies and attitudes. White Nerds get asshurt and start insulting other races and cultures for not being as fucked up as theirs. To this day, like with the rest of their brethren, still denies slaughtering many a Native and Nigra and stealing their land and rights from them.
  • Early 2000s - Anime takes the reigns because Nickelodeon was too busy being "by kids, for kids" and that 100% of Murica always thought animation was for kids and toddlers for mindless distractions. Thanks to weeaboos, hardcore anime fans, and general cultural dissonance and typical White America cultural cherrypicking, Anime pisses off and weirds out many a cocksucker. White Nerds in droves get to Japbashing for many, but not entirely wholesome, or intelligent, reasons.
  • Post 2000s - Many a fatheaded and bigoted faggot's dreams, whether it be irl and online, of a future with jetpacks, flying cars, and advanced tech for the masses, never comes to life because of it being primarily in the veins of the White Man's Dreams in the 1950s. Neither does the future of a cyberpunk totalitarian consumerist world come about, because people are more materialistic and stupid than they are given.
  • Post 2008 economic crash - Murica gets fucked in teh ass with a real estate bubble thanks to Florida; in addition to this, colleges and universities ramp up the college tuition to help fund the football teams and frats to bring in more money with media coverage by ESPN and fanwhoring. White Nerds continue to bitch and moan about how intelligent they are compared to the rest of the world and masturbate to RedLetterMedia and Mystery Science Theatre 3000; in other news, grass grows and the sky is blue.

Types of White Nerd's Burden

What White Nerds will parade around to make themselves feel better and "look cool"

  • Anything that Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins says about religion and science
  • Facts
  • 4chan
  • Memes
  • Being Cancer (what they don't see)
  • Donald Trump (we don't get it either but apparently they enjoy riding the cock the "gung ho patriotism" way)
  • South Park
  • Edginess
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica itself (regarding underage b& and the other end of hypocrites)
  • Western Fantasy
  • Hardcore Sci Fi
  • Hardcore video gaming
  • US Military hardware and armaments ("DO YOU SUCK DICKS")
  • US Military influence and global presence ("ARE YOU A FEEDER FUCKER")
  • Console wars
  • "Manliness" (as if to make up for the lack of it)
  • Snark, sarcasm, wit
  • Fame

Things White Nerds don't like and will do

  • Truth (give them any of this and they'll degenerate into a mess of whining and "amusement" to coddle their asshurt)
  • Blacks
  • Jews (hoping to be as edge as ED and the 4chan)
  • Edginess (for the more "sophisticated" types)
  • Sports (never the fans or the funders, oh no)
  • People who aren't like them
  • Being called "nerds" or "geeks"
  • Being reminded of forever being betas (not even omega is a good enough term for them)
  • Anything about the animes
  • "Normal people"

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