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the feds are on her ass!
Whitney is an incredibly beautiful example of proud, unrestricted womanhood.

Amy Lynn Lew, also known as Whitney Wisconsin, is your average 19-year-old girl on the internet. If you picked a day out of her busy life, you'd find a full schedule of activities and interests. These mainly revolve around praying in her place of worship, having completely consensual sex with her boyfriend, selling things to men on r/Atheism, and vehemently maintaining that she is totally, absolutely not a scammer, a prostitute or a sex worker.

The Clam Before Time

Amy Lew is from Ladysmith, Wisconsin, where she was not the victim of any sexual assault, whatsoever, because even pedophiles have standards. She is naturally brunette, and has very distinguished features and mature breasts. When Whitney was a child, she was overweight and not very popular with other children, likely due to stealing their food. Years of being told how impossibly ugly she is due to her Benjamin Button disease and inability to stop eating for even a second embittered her. She began to resent her shapely, blonde classmates who clearly had actual futures that didn't involve shoving fruit in their vaginas before answering the door for pizza delivery men, licking cum-flavored panties or riding dildos dressed up as Harley Quinn. When she entered high school, she blossomed into a beautiful butterfly, swelling with confidence and changing her priorities to reflect what really matters in life. She claims to have been bullied in high school due to her weight, but clearly anyone who encountered her could think of other reasons.

After all the years of people being meanies, she decided to do something about it.

Whitney's Rise to Shame

Recently she has made a bit of a splash around the internet with a controversial video, in which she masturbates in an Oakwood Mall bathroom (in Eau Claire, WI) while wearing a playboy bunny outfit, leaves the bathroom without washing her hands, then walks around the store asking men if the "perfume" on her fingers smells good. With such memorable reactions as, "What the Hell is that" and "Not great, not bad. I don't know, it smells weird", she totally got them you guys ha ha.

Hilariously, everyone except for an extremely old man said they either couldn't smell it, or it smelled bad, so the end result of her "prank" is basically people telling her that her own pussy stinks.

Achievementunlockedtrophy.gif ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED
15G- People You're Trying to Prank Tell You Your Pussy Stank

Whitney Wisconsin - Perfume.png

Congratulations, Whitney. You are officially the most Aryan that garbage can be.

Animal Abuse For Feminists 101

Tammy Lew is clearly so proud that her fat kid grew up to be a dogfucker.


In this feature, our fun-having heroine discusses a completely normal hobby while recommending it to other women based on the virtue of it being convenient. This list of dogfucker apologist commandments logical reasons, passed down from God himself, is conveniently numbered 1-10 so that even the challenged or confused individuals in her audience can follow her emoji-based, inane, babbling clusterfuck style of speech. She even took the time to write it down and tape it to her bathroom cabinet, to ensure that her valuable message could come through clearly and concisely. The venue she chose for this powerful and moving campaign for feminism is her bathroom floor.

10 Reasons It's Totally Cool To Fuck Your Dog

• Women in history have practiced it for pleasure. Documented for ancient Greece and Rome.
• Dog-tongues can reach places that are hard to reach otherwise.
• Nobody can get pregnant.
• You cannot get an STD. (However, dog-sperm-allergy can be seriously harmful.)
• It has been around since the beginning of time. From and since 2000BC: Cave paintings.
• Legal in some countries and states. Because of that: No reason to worry.
• Kink. Being submissive to a wolf. Something most people wouldn't do.
• Convenience. The dog is just there. No need to go out for sex.
They don't nag, nor complain. They are silent companions.
They are easy to train. That protects from unwanted humping in front of other people.

On November 30, 2016 she released more reasons to justify her hobby.

10 More Reasons It's Totally Cool To Fuck Your Dog

• You can have oral sex almost anywhere.
• Dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of pussy.
• They will protect you from harm.
• Dog knots can give you an entirely different experience.
• It's a turn-on.
• Dogs have a higher sex drive.
• The act itself isn't that crazy.
• A dog penis is like a human penis.
• In time people will open up to the act.
• You and your dog will share a special bond.

As a porn star, Whitney knows which things are okay to fuck.

Here she lists off 10 more reasons to fuck the family pet.

Bonus commentary from an expert on white people.

Pain Series: The Tale

Memoirs of a Masturbatory Prostitute

casually riding a dildo on my balcony


—When Whitney is asked "wrud gurl hmu fam" by one of her exotic boyfriends



— When asked about her preference of animal rape

it's so weird waking up on ur own tho
so silent



—Whitney on what it's like to wake up without her daily cumshot

Sorry about the long delays and absences At about 9 am apr 10 cops and detectives woke me up with loud banging on my door. they said their main concern was that I was prostituting myself out ( which is something I’d never do" and that they felt like I was being forced to do this “which im not” Im sure there are people getting stabbed and shot yet they came to my place to pretty much talk to me and lecture me I got charged with 2 misdemenors, bc of the smell test vids. I am working on getting a lawyer to have these charges dismissed. They took all of my electronical devices “tablet’, laptop, phone” to check them to make sure I was 18 when i started on here as well as my cash, and debit cards “ not sure why”“ I know i should be getting my cash back as well as my appliances after this is all over with, but that can take months, so i went and got new stuff to record and chat with. I am back regardless of what anyone may think.. masturbating on the internet is nasty blah blah blah… everyone masturbates . I hate that we live in a world where everything is so looked down on, when everyone does it. What I do with my body and self is my right. I do not belong to any country or state , I’m noones property. As far as the ” She scammed me “ thing goes. Everyone here in this sub knows that I do the best to do all requests, and if im allowed I even post them publicly. I have made vids sending people panties. drinking pee. doing custom sets. There are several people on here that are flat out lying. For instance somone said they sent 1000usd for me to come see them… where the hell that 1000 usd is at? I have no idea. This person blatantly lied just to look cool, and Im assuming most people making these claims are from r/trashy . Everyone knows im good to everyone here. I cannot help when people from other subs cum here just to troll, as this is a public sub, and will always be public. Im going to keep living life, and have a blast on this sub. I have alot of catching up to do. Also I have taken down alot of stuff. It will be readded back after my court date. and if anyone has all my vids please contact me Whitney


—Holy shit, what


Proof that con artists exist even in the adult industry, Whitney is a complete hack and fraud to her human victims. Just like with any woman, she will take your money and run if you buy into her charm and look past the petfucking. Once she has your Jew Golds, she will disappear into the voids of the Internet to rub her scent into your dollars and make more unfortunate men smell it.

She had blocked all of her contacts that ordered a private video from her in the vain hopes of you seeing pussy you'd rather see on a FREE porn video, and had removed every comment regarding said private video on her social sites. Soon enough, after they've forgotten about her, she will rise again and pilfer more hard earned paychecks from those horny Burger King employees that buy into her promise of e-sex.

This however, also comes with the forgetfulness a camwhore usually comes with, with no assistance from alcohol and crack: The Internet is forever (just like trollin' is...and it'd better be...huh? so let this one be baby!)


While Leafy was trying to come up with yet another idea for a shitty reaction video he stumbled upon a video of Whitney. After covering her dog fuckery Whitney fell in love with Leafy and even ate a fucking cricket for him. Leafy then responded by making another shitty CSGO surf montage, which then landed him on Kuntstar's Drama Alert to confess his love and secret wish to fuck Whitney and her dogs.

World of Whorecraft: Wrath of the Whitney

Whitney is now determined to retaliate due to this article.
One of our e-detectives over at EDF uncovered her nefarious plot to destroy free speech.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Whitney Wisconsin - Taking Down ED.png

She is clearly determined.

BRB, Prison


In May of 2015, the authorities ordered Whitney to appear before court after having discovered Whitneys amateur porn films in April. Due to Whitney being a no-show they handed out an arrest warrant for her in November of 2016, and she is currently on the run. Her boyfriend also received charges for filming it but as he had already been extradited from Florida for possession and manufacture of child pornography...lol...they just simply further raped his ass.

It's Whitney, Bitch

Spoiler: This is not entirely porn.
Even if we had hundreds of thousands of researchers working nonstop, 24/7, to find all the mind-numbingly boring dildosit pictures or blurry shots of her Orangutan-like, National Geographic titties, the Sun will have blown up and destroyed us all before that could be accomplished.

I Can't Fap to This About missing Pics
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