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Info non-talk.png WickedPrincess is still being stalked by the mysterious Troll gang! Now excuse me while I prepare her straitjacket.
MY EYES!!!11!11...MY EYES...!!11!!!!!11

WickedPrincess is the resident fuck job of the Britney Spears IMDb Board. While not stating the same bullshit over and over about how everyone is a sick fuck because they are wishing death on her fictitious husband and her babies, she's making more people hate her by flaming anyone who calls her out on her bullshit as a "backstabber". WickedPrincess also enjoys spinning fascinating and edifying stories about herself and her beached-whale husband. She also says she supports her family with her lavish job as a shampoo girl and that she's so rich she was almost exempt from Health Insurance because she made too much money, thereby making her not only one of the greatest attention whore fucktards on the internet, but also a giant cyberhole of lulz.

In theory, WickedPrincess would be the mortal enemy of Chris Crocker.

In the Beginning

Need I say more?

WickedPrincess started out like every other respectable IMDb fucktard when she began to mess around with the message boards. At first, she was your typical Hot Topic gothtard, but then she met Jackthetripper, a user from the Flavor of Love boards, who quickly recognized her potential. At first, she accused anyone who got into an argument with her of being her ex-boyfriend "Dean", who somehow died a miraculous e-death. Some argue she invented Dean because the idea of anyone going out with WickedPrincess is both lulzy and kind of sickening. Soon thereafter, Wicked began to post her Xanga Profile everywhere on teh internets as a way of whoring herself because she was officially "single". She also sent her friend WTF911 (Lamest Troll Evar) to attack enemies of hers while he would also get his jollies by trolling the Flavor of Love boards. But this was only the beginning of WickedPrincess. There was only moar to come.

The Britney Spears Board

WickedPrincess's hot husband.

It was here that WickedPrincess would make herself well known. She proclaimed that Britney Spears sucked, and attacked anyone who disagreed with super-Christian homophobia laser beams, even though she claimed to be bisexual on her Xanga profile like all good attention whores do. The entire board wound up hating her for this, especially since she was so stupid she sometimes flamed people who agreed with her. After a few months, Wicked's notoriety led to users dedicating hate threads to her and trolling her whenever possible. Wicked began to cry that she was going to take them all to e-court. Presently she has found a new home on the Jamie Lynn Spears board.

Ways to Tell it's a WickedPrincess

Right back at ya!

Because WickedPrincess changes her name to something "Wiccan" or "Goth" sounding every five fucking minutes, there is often no way to tell where she may be. Here are, however, some warning signs that you may be talking to WickedPrincess:

  • Claims to make $9,001k a year at her job. When you point out that there's no way a shampoo girl keeps more than 20k from her pimp, she blatantly accuses you of being Damien;
  • She claims on her MySpace page to be a post-grad cosmetologist. So she got her B.A. and then went and got a Masters in cosmetology?
  • Says that her fat husband's penis is bigger than 8 inches, when we all know that it is really 4 inches, and has been missing for years under his gut. She also claims he can go "all night long."
  • Constantly moans about people trolling her and threatening her life, then turning around and starting threads about them, presumably to goad them into pawning her IRL;
  • She also creates multiple accounts on any given message board site and then claims that the admin is "banning" her because she can't remember all of her different passwords;
  • Fails it (it is grammar and writing) so badly that it's noticeable even on the IMDb boards, which ought to be worth some kind of medal;
  • Uses a classy .sig of Chucky from the Child's Play series giving the finger;
  • Claims that the only way people know of her fake rape story is because stalkers hacked her Xanga account when she is the n00b that told everybody. She relates the rape tale on almost every site she posts to elicit sympathy for herself;
  • Constantly checks this page and tries to edit it, but fails miserably as usual.
  • She threatens FBI and local police prosecution to anyone who she says is "cyber-bullying" her. She also posts her enemies' IP addresses in an attempt to intimidate them;
  • Claims her father is a computer genius who lives 4-6 hours (depends on the post) away and who constantly has to clean her computer of the spyware and imaginary hackers;
  • Claims to posses a Genius-level IQ, but does not know what IQ stands for.
  • Has to create fake friends to defend her on the boards. Also creates enemies to fight with.


Turns out WickedPrincess doesn't have any kids or a husband. In fact, she lied about EVERYTHING - this was confirmed by her loser boyfriend Shawn, who is no longer with her. This all came to light back in December 2009 when he came on to tell everyone the truth. So in the end we were right all along. It wasn't as shocking as it was hilarious. Mortified, she tried to do damage control by saying that she was just posing as her friend for shits and gigs. When asked why she would do such a pointless stupid thing all she could say was that she did it to just mess with us. Lol, ok.

She still haunts the boards once in awhile, she just refuses to post. I would too if I looked like a complete dickhead for lying about my whole life. Seriously, near the end she was pregnant with baby #3, living in a $250,000 home, coming close to celebrating her 5th(?) year of married bliss with her hubby who was hung like a horse, having sex at least three times a day everyday, and living in Florida because she had to flee from her IMDB stalkers....................wow. The pics of her fictional home, kids, and husband on her Myspace are now set to private for obvious reasons.

Various Aliases

  • Rayhnei
  • Iradessa
  • devilishdoll696
  • XcherryXlipsX
  • AmethystEyes
  • devilishdoll606
  • LeverseDeCerise
  • SweetNSassy42
  • IcePrincess726
  • MommyToTwoAngels
  • ShadowCat07
  • zombieKONGER
  • SexOnTheBeach86
  • kissmykitty86
  • sexykitty696
  • WickedPrincess696
  • rubyredlips696
  • IcePrincess726
  • signs onto talk-sports.net as "anonymous legend"
  • Perfect Imitation 2010
  • darlingmess

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